An excellent video by "Libertarian philosopher" and egghead Stefan Molyneux, in which he explains how and why Donald Trump is succeeding and is doing so without tapping into his enormous fortune.

Trump has noticed that the Overton Window has been pushed so far to the Left by Cultural Marxists that he can effortlessly generate a media storm by making rather mild, common sense points in a slightly brash way – in other words by trolling and "triggering." The media overreaction then pushes attention to him and he is then able to brush away hysterical attempts at demonization, while also using the attention to drop in further common sense points and rhetorical questions, thus increasing the number of normal people in the target issue who agree with him. An antagonistic media, hungry for a story and a victim, is thus tricked into financing his campaign and pushing voters towards him by imploding their own strained and fake morality. For Trump's opponents, typical "cucked" US politicians, this is effectively ninja magic.

Molyneux also makes the point that there is no mystery to any of this, as it is all outlined in Trump's book The Art of the Deal, which, in the present situation, should probably be more accurately titled The Art of the Troll.

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