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Star Wars Episode 7 is a big disappointment. The trailer only gave two segments of the movie away, so there's plenty still to see which is good. On one level it's a mildly diverting, two-hour-and-a-bit sci-fi movie that is not without some good moments and pacing. But really it's all rather soulless. And as Star Wars Episode 7 – one of the most hotly anticipated films in history of genre cinema – it feels like a huge let down.

The main problem is: the plot and the director.

This feels like Homer trying to be directed by well Brett Rattner or McG. It just does not work. The depth of the piece hinted at in the trailers is just missed. JJ Abrams is a mythological light weight – way out of his depths here. His Star Treks are forgettable – this is marginally better – but when you are saying that about Episode 7 – well, it’s just sad.

I feel the whole series and myth has been betrayed. It's like a gigantic and epic fuck-up in a way. Kylo Ren is the one thing that saves the daym and his First Order has a nice fascistic élan that alt right fans are bound to enjoy.

Many on the Right have been suspicious of the casting of John Boyega as Finn, seeing it as driven by PC. But he sort of fades into the background with other errors the film makes, and is no worse than Lando in Return of the Jedi, who was not that bad. If I know anything about these silly filmmakers making everyone related, I would guess he'll probably turn out to be Lando's son.

So, there – that's what I thought in general.

Who let the comic relief direct?
You will hear a lot of bullshit about this film – some love it and will just have a different aesthetic to me – but the general impression I am offering here is from a life-long fan of the series – one who even liked the prequels! I therefore believe it is generally valid.

It makes me feel sad. In fact, it even hurts for me to say these words here, so I'll leave the rest in mournful silence for now. Pain is part of life and so is fucked-up chances for a good Star Wars sequel. Thanks, Jar Jar Abrams!

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens
Directed by J.J. Abrams
Lucasfilm Ltd./ Bad Robot Productions

Richard Wolstencroft is a filmmaker, writer, events promoter, and founder and festival Director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. He has an interest in Right Wing, Conservative, and Fascist philosophy, politics, and history.


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