"Suck on it White boy."

by Peter Anderson

Pope Dildo the First has spoken! It's Easter time so the world's billion or so Catholics expect the floppy-eared Argentinian prelate to chirp up with something around this time. But this year, with his traditional Easter message delivered at a mass in Rome's St. Peter's Square, he has outdone himself.

With Easter so close to the latest terrorist atrocity in a Catholic country, he inevitably had something to say about how to defeat the evils of terrorism. But be sure, not a single anti-terrrorism expert anywhere in the world was taking notes.


Can I ask you a question?
Have you ever had that sickening feeling, deep down inside, as if some inner voice was trying to warn you that something is wrong?
It almost feels like the harder you try to push it away the louder it gets, gnawing away at your conscience.
And even if you try to ignore it… you can’t.


Brussels: energy from atomization.
by Colin Liddell

The Establishment is the Management, and the Management think they can manage things. After all, they have plenty of resources at their command, from the mass media and the financial system to the security services. All they lack really is a coherent view of how the World works and what's round the corner, as their guiding principle has always been The Blind Leading the Blind.

So, how are things working out?

Brussels, which came a few months – or was it weeks? – after Paris was pretty bad. We can expect tourist numbers to dip for a while. But the Management is not overly concerned.


Andy's alma mater, whose campus was recently battered by a vicious pro-Trump hate chalking.
In his latest "Nameless" podcast, Emory University alumni Andy Nowicki expresses his solemn solidarity with those brave "Emoroid" undergrads, whose precious aural senses were viciously assaulted by the vandalistic rampage of a pro-Trump hate-chalker earlier this week.



Admit it.
Deep down you're afraid.
You've seen the video clips, the pictures, the headlines...
Millions of refugees are coming to Western countries.

Your city, your community, your neighbourhood.
Something just doesn't seem right about all of this.
It's an exodus affecting not only Europe but all Western countries alike.
And even though you want to believe that everything will be fine, you still wonder... When will it end and what are the real causes?

Well, we’re going to dive into the facts and give you the real truth you’re not being told. 
Here are the 16 reasons the African migrant crisis will not end anytime soon:


Mjolnir Magazine
60 pages
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Reviewed by
Colin Liddell

The Alt-Right is largely an internet phenomenon, so it is heartening to see that it is moving beyond that mercurial but evanescent realm, and out into what is still referred to as "the real world," with people meeting, groups being formed, and trees being cut down and turned into books, journals, and magazines, like the latest edition of Mjolnir.

This is Dave Yorkshire’s meta-political cultural venture, which aims to pull together art, poetry, fiction, and more from the broad spectrum of the Alt-Right.


In his thought-provoking article “The Rise of Anti-Western Christianity,” Matthew Roberts boldly tackles a subject which has become a source of vexing, contentious, and at times bitter debate among the various factions which make up the contemporary alternative Right.

Indeed, the discussion which played out in the comment section accompanying Roberts’ piece at AltRight is illustrative, in that it reflects the typical trajectory of the rancorous back-and-forth one commonly overhears among those who, while sharing a common sense of disgust with the Zeitgeist’s relentless ideological war on whiteness, have differing outlooks regarding the Christian religion and its supposed culpability in this course of events.


What exactly is Alt-Rightism? The simplest answer is "common sense and reality recognition ahead of other people." In times of slow change the time gap may be rather wide, but, in more chaotic and fast-changing times, that gap rapidly narrows, as demonstrated by the sharp learning curve that people like Viktor Orban are on. 

A couple of years ago, he was arresting Richard Spencer in Budapest and last year he was allowing hordes of migrants to pass through his country on their way North, an act for which he should be eternally blamed. But, with Hungary in the front-line of the migrant crisis and with the EU constantly trying to stab him in the back, he has developed an almost Alt-Right consciousness about the situation in Europe, as revealed by this speech given on the 15th of March to mark the 168th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.


One argument for hereditarianism is that, around the world, mixed-race populations have IQs, or other standardized test scores, that are intermediate between the two races they are a mixture of.
Of course it’s messy, and we’re relying on subjective classification, but subjective classification is usually the same as best-fit genetic cluster anyway, and of course some populations of blacks could be genetically more intelligent than other populations, just as some populations of whites can be more intelligent than other populations of whites, and even some populations of blacks can be more intelligent than some populations of whites.


Voting with her breasts?
by Colin Liddell

You are what you are, the apple falls close to the tree, etc., so there's no point LARPing too hard to be that which you can't be.

In the case of Europeans, we tend to be a chivalrous and gallant people, disposed to treat woman with every consideration and courtesy. We feel bad when we see them deprived of opportunities or pushed down in any way. Good, bad, or suicidal – this is just how we roll. The possible explanations are fascinating, but this is not the article for that, except to say these characteristics are pretty much ingrained and unlikely to change anytime soon.


The following is a film review and analysis I composed for The Last Ditch in 2007. I am reposting it here to set the stage for my upcoming reconsideration of Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, to be published during Holy Week.

Rudy Youngblood as Jaguar Paw in Gibson's "Apocalypto"

Mel Gibson's latest movie, Apocalypto, is at the end of its run in theaters. Opening in early December, the film achieved a modest success, raking in nothing close to what The Passion of the Christ made, but still earning somewhere close to Braveheart's overall gross.What makes that modest success extraordinary is the fact that Gibson has essentially become a

persona non grata in the film industry since his run-in with a Jewish policeman who arrested him for drunken driving in August 2006. If Passion didn't alienate Gibson from Hollywood's largely Jewish movers and shakers, including the distributors — the men who made Gibson rich and famous, and are now eager to unmake him — then his drunken anti-Semitic tirade on the occasion of his arrest, widely broadcast across the nation afterwards, surely did.

Yet for all that, and much to the consternation of his detractors, Gibson is still clearly hot stuff at the box office. That is proven by the fact that he can write, direct, and produce a film such as Apocalypto, and can turn it into a moneymaker, even though it features no known movie stars and is an odd, eccentric, exceedingly grim meditation on the demise of the Mayan Empire just before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century, done entirely in an ancient Indian dialect with subtitles.


Film critics, nearly all of whom are cultural liberals, have turned sharply against Gibson since 2004's The Passion Of The Christ; in fact, they have been leery of him since 2000, when he came out with The Patriot, a Revolutionary War epic with an unmistakable pro-gun ownership message. Yet the majority somewhat grudgingly gave high marks to Apocalypto, noting its aesthetic boldness and visual flair.

Of course they added the caveat that the film is a luridly, gratuitously, fetishistically gory and violent affair. (Sound familiar, Passion fans?) And a few have opined that Gibson's portrayal of the Mayans as bloodthirsty savages is "culturally insensitive" and all that. (After all, showing a non-white society in a manner that's not unambiguously positive is a very chancy thing, especially when you're already under suspicion for harboring hatecriminalist thoughts.) But most have elected not to take the underlying ideas of the film seriously at all, instead deciding to see it as a brainless action-adventure thrill-ride with interesting cinematography — a sort of Lethal Weapon 5 set in pre-Columbian Central America.

In fact, "Apocalypto" is clearly meant to be an allegory of our own society in its current state and under contemporary circumstances, as I shall attempt to demonstrate here.


The film, after all, begins by flashing, somewhat portentously, the well-known quote by Will Durant: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." We are then introduced to Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood), a young Indian brave living happily in the jungle with a nomadic tribe of hunter-gatherers. For better or for worse, Gibson idealizes this way of life, in much the same way Dances With Wolves glamorized (and whitewashed the faults of) the Plains Indians of North America. As in Dances with Wolves (1990), the so-called civilized people are the true savages, drunk with greed and imperialist dreams.

However, while "Dances" ran with the more typical theme of the white man as the source of wickedness and cruelty in the world, Apocalypto goes in a more unusual direction; here, red men are both the good guys and the bad guys.

Jaguar Paw and his people are invaded by other Indians, specifically sophisticated and militaristic Mayans from an urban setting, who rape, pillage, and engage in widespread slaughter before taking several men and women hostage, forcing them to trek the long distance back to the hub of Mayan civilization. The captives walk in chains, shouldering a long, heavy piece of wood, thus mirroring the scene in "The Passion" of Christ bearing his cross, whilst being harassed and whipped.

Cruel to be cruel, in the wrong measure: the perverse and bloodthirsty Mayans

This isn't exactly lighthearted fare, but through it all Gibson hasn't totally lost his goofy wit. When a tree almost falls on the taskmaster in charge of herding the natives along, the man screams, "I am walking here!" — a droll reference to Dustin Hoffman's famous angry declaration to the cabbie in Midnight Cowboy. I'm not sure what the idea was behind this homage, if there was an idea, but it's funny just the same.

As they march along on their trail of tears, the group passes a little girl with leprosy, who begs for food and is rebuffed by the soldiers who have engaged in the looting, pillaging, and enslaving up to this point. Then in an extraordinary cinematic moment, the girl's body is seemingly invaded by a spirit who pronounces the end of the wicked Mayan society in a deep, guttural voice. Another people will come, she says to the soldiers, and that will mean the end of the empire they serve. The proud military men are unnerved by this impromptu prophecy, and hurry their prisoners onward.

The little leper prophet

When they finally arrive at their destination after the arduous journey, the group is marched to the top of a huge pyramid-shaped temple, where it is clear what is to be the fate of the prisoners: human sacrifice. The high priest delivers a speech, defiantly refuting the notion that the Mayan empire is in decline. The gods will be appeased by the orgy of bloodletting that will take place, and that in turn will set things straight, he says. The people in attendance cheer, and they are enthralled, as the priest plunges his dagger into each prisoner, one by one, before cutting out his heart, then tossing the heart and the lifeless corpse to the bottom of the pyramid. Children under the pyramid battle for body-part souvenirs like modern-day baseball fans chasing foul balls. It is clear that hundreds, if not thousands, of people have already been slaughtered in this manner.

Just as it appears that Jaguar Paw is about to meet this awful fate, a miracle of sorts intervenes. I won't reveal much beyond that, except to say that the final hour of the movie is basically one long chase scene, and that Jaguar Paw manages, against impossible odds, to return to find his pregnant wife and young son, who have been hidden away in a precarious spot since Jaguar Paw was taken captive.

Near the end of the movie, we witness the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. It is clear that — in
accordance with the earlier-delivered prophecy — they are the force that will finish off the corrupt Mayan empire, stained as it has become with the blood of the innocent. At this point, however, Gibson hedges his bets. When Jaguar Paw's wife asks him whether he thinks they should greet the conquerors, he replies that they should instead return to the jungle, "to seek a new beginning."

Thus, where he could go to the extreme of political incorrectness, by unambiguously positioning the white men as the good guys, Gibson chooses instead to present things in a manner more equivocal but perhaps ponderable, too. The viewer gets the impression that while the old culture, that of the demon-worshipping Mayan pagans, was evil through and through, the coming ascendant one (i.e., the culture of the Spanish Catholics) might not be much better. And that the best thing to do is to escape from all would-be empires, with their arrogant claims upon us, and to dwell separately, live simply, and cultivate our own garden.


Since the movie is making a clear attempt at allegory (recall the Durant quote), it isn't hard to draw parallels to our own age and tease out Gibson's judgment upon the current clash of civilizations. The Mayans are the equivalent of the post-Christian, post-modern West, where we engage in our own form of ritual mass human sacrifice, namely abortion, out of deference to our own superstitions, namely hedonism and sexual license.

Our civilization is now under attack from the ascendant culture of militant Islam, and it is likely soon to fall. But we would be foolish to greet our conquerors on bended knee. Instead, we few who still cleave to the moral, spiritual, and aesthetic notions that made the West great, before the onslaught of modern decadence, ought to escape into our own proverbial jungle, in order to seek our own new beginning.

These parallels are at least somewhat problematical. Bad as we are in the West, we aren't exactly as cruel or as barbarous as the Mayans. In fact, one could argue that our problem isn't so much that we've grown too hard (the obvious hard-heartedness of abortion aside) but that we've grown too soft, flabby, effete, and degenerate. And the Muslims are still a ways away from dominating us and imposing sharia across the Western world.

Still, confronted with today's relentless "us vs. them" paradigm — "You are with us or you are with the terrorists!" as our own fearless leader proclaims; "We must slaughter the infidel wherever we find him!" as the Muslim fanatics retort — we may find it worthwhile to give some thought to a third way, of neither embracing our own debased culture nor surrendering to opportunistic invaders, but instead doing our best to restore what was lost... and start over.

Andy Nowicki, assistant editor of Alternative Right, is the author of eight books, including Under the NihilThe Columbine PilgrimConsidering Suicide, and Beauty and the Least. He occasionally updates his blog when the spirit moves him to do so. Visit his Soundcloud page.



"I Sing the Disembodied Electric"

I traveled with three companions, part of a Pan-European nationalist student group to Richard Spencer’s NPI conference by car from Toronto Canada.

I had not visited our Southern Neighbor since I was a little boy and my father would take me to Buffalo to visit his uncle. On this occasion I observed marked differences between the two countries, some of which I was only conceptually aware of; namely the ubiquitous presence of the military in people's lives, something that is so foregrounded in American society as to be institutionalized in a way Canadians cannot understand in our post-bellum, soft, socialist, multiculturalist dystopia. And, yes, Americans are significantly fatter on average. But there was also a marked religious element pervading their worldview, something altogether transcendent and not always rooted in institutions.


Silverman killing the audience was also a hoax.

With Trump moving in for the kill, Jewish and White liberal paranoia is running rampant. Liberals and Leftists clearly need the same kind of psychoanalytic treatment that Adorno and his Frankfurt School cronies dished up for American conservatives in the 1950s with The Authoritarian Personality. Not a day goes by without some new Hitler or Mussolini comparison being hurled at Trump and bouncing straight off. Meanwhile Bernie Sanders is spared any mention of Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, or any of the other psychopaths of Socialism.


"Cruel to be kind," in the right measure.

by Buffalo Jenkins

Thanks to the wishful thinking of delusional simpletons and the perfidy of traitorous elites, our situation in the West has deteriorated greatly. Increasingly, we find ourselves in living situations of hardship and privation as we are increasingly "enriched" with alien dependents possessed of less than friendly attitudes towards us and our culture.


Contemporary Media seen from the Right

by Richard Wolstencroft
The short version: This is a hateful piece of crap from the Coen Brothers, riffing on old Hollywood.
The soulless cinematic siblings make three kinds of films: crime (which they do rather well), comedy (which they do rather poorly), and religious/metaphysical musings (which vary from so-so to poor). This, their latest effort, is a combination  of the latter two categories – a weak comedy with a bit off metaphysical nonsense thrown in. That's what you're in for with Hail, Caesar!


At the last Canadian federal election, Canadians expressed their will to "make a political change." Many felt that ten years of Conservative rule had been enough for them.

It wasn't that the country had been mismanaged or anything like that. They simply felt they needed "change" and Justin Trudeau, the flamboyant leader of the Liberals, represented just that. The Conservatives had applied a libertarian-inspired approach along the lines of "the less you hear about the federal government, the better things are," while Justin was more a "look at me" histrionic personality.


One of my perennial critiques of the Alternative Right is that alt righters do not focus enough on economic issues. Given that monied interests play a huge role in the cultural erosion of the West, this is rather troubling – and puzzling. What's even more puzzling, and pleasantly surprising, is that certain left-leaning thinkers have provided us with the analytical tools necessary to demolish neoliberal myths.


In election campaigns – especially ones as long as the US Presidential vote – a candidate's logo is extremely important, unless, of course, you happen to be Donald Trump, when you are effectively a walking logo (as well as master of memes).


Summary: Over the past 5 years, a variety of specific genes have been shown to influence IQ. Versions of these genes which lead to higher intelligence are consistently found to be more common in Whites than in Blacks. The difference between Asians and Whites is less clear. The consistency of these findings, which have been replicated across two genetic databases, makes an egalitarian view of racial intelligence differences implausible. This research also suggests that selection, instead of genetic drift, causes racial intelligence differences because IQ-related genes are more racially differentiated than most genes are. In fact, they are more racially differentiated than height related genes are, suggesting that selection for racial intelligence differences was stronger than selection for racial height differences.


When riding the slipstream of another vehicle, one must be mindful to refrain from getting carried away and ramming into that vehicle. With Donald Trump, some White Nationalist leaders have become like delusional "side pieces," so giddy about their man that they're keen on ruining the man and his marriage in order to have him exclusively for themselves. We must back off a bit, both to protect his campaign and to protect our own cause.


The origin of Patriarchy is the simple fact that men are stronger and more skilled at combat than women. In a strong and civilized state, physical strength, while still nice, is far less essential to survival. So, as civilization has advanced, and the rationale for Patriarchy has receded, ad hoc virtues were thought up to justify the status quo.

A portion of the Alt Right continues to believe in these ad hoc virtues. And many of these ad hoc virtues are true, just not true enough to justify Patriarchy. Let us look at few examples:
Women are so much less rational than men that, for the good of society, they should be denied all political and economic power.
Don’t be such a drama queen! I agree that, on average, men have slightly more logical minds than women. Researchers are divided on the existence of gender differences in intelligence, but even those who support the notion that men are smarter find that the gap is no more than 5 IQ points.


In his latest "Nameless" podcast, Andy Nowicki considers the numerous anomalies and weirdnesses surrounding Justice Antonin Scalia's recent sudden death on a remote Texas ranch owned by a billionaire oligarch last month.

Listen here, kooks and spooks: https://soundcloud.com/jnow1101/justice-scalias-bogus-journey


Washington Post: "Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of this secretive society of elite hunters"


The big day has come and gone.

In the run up to this plethora of primaries, the mainstream media pulled out all the stops to derail the Trump Train – we had pointed questions about retweeting quotes from Il Duce, attempts to link Trump to another Duke, and the ubiquitous Hitler comparisons, speaking of which, some Leftists even resorted to disease metaphors reminiscent of Nazi propaganda in their flailing attempts to do the Donald down.

But the MSM isn't what it used to be. Super Tuesday has played out rather well for Der Trumpenfuhrer, with victories in seven states and opposition to him in the Republican field still nicely split between ultimate lightweights Cruz and Rubio.


One of the non-genetic arguments used to explain racial IQ gaps is evnironmental stress. The idea being that blacks and Hispanics are more stressed than whites, and this releases stress hormones, which depresses IQ scores.