"Cruel to be kind," in the right measure.

by Buffalo Jenkins

Thanks to the wishful thinking of delusional simpletons and the perfidy of traitorous elites, our situation in the West has deteriorated greatly. Increasingly, we find ourselves in living situations of hardship and privation as we are increasingly "enriched" with alien dependents possessed of less than friendly attitudes towards us and our culture.

The only bright side of our current state of peril is that the disease may also create the preconditions of the cure. Hardship may be exactly what we now require to help us put an end to our longstanding lazy passivity. There's nothing like in-your-face peril to weed out weakness.

The time of running scared must end soon, and the time for crucial strategizing draws nigh.


SJWs like to believe we are in or entering a post Christian age, yet they behave like Puritans. Though they are Godless, they are unaware of the Christian morality that compels them, unrestrained from any discipline and reinterpreted as pure equality. They criminalize dissent, and impose mandatory “tolerance” for every wretchedly degenerate innovation. Any truth that is socially uncomfortable, or works against the ‘equality’ lie, must be made an untruth.

It's amazing really how rapidly we devolved from 'Let’s free the slaves' to 'We will jail you for using mean language'. There can be no brakes on this accelerated insanity, at least not until we've (finally!) reached that zone of perfect equality where everyone looks great despite being obese and everyone is prevented by law from any action that could hurt feelings.

However, we must take a reality check, and understand certain hard, undeniable facts of human existence.

To wit, the ability to stand fast in the face of cruelty, or to commit necessary cruelty, are unavoidable aspects of life. Modernity and luxury has divorced us from this experience. We have lived for some time now in a world where our meat is presented to us sans process, packaged neatly on a shelf like it popped out of the aether delighted to be eaten. All the necessary horrors regarding the meat’s production and slaughter is kept out of sight and thus out of mind. Cruelty is a part of daily life by the minute, or else we would perish.

That sort of behavior which we now call "bullying" is likewise unavoidable, necessary, as surely as is a tough skin. When there's more than two people in the room there is a competition, a hierarchy. You can't do anything or have any opinion without disagreement and attack from someone, somewhere.

The loss of the art of cruelty, even to the point where it is now an utterly alien thing, has taken place in large part due to long-standing peace and prosperity in our homelands. This is in itself fine - providing you can retain a disciplined life or martial preparedness. But it can have terrible effects upon a complacent population. The ancients knew this, and took radical steps to circumvent such an eventuality

In ancient Greece and Rome, an unwanted baby was usually left exposed to die. Gladiators, slaves, animals were slaughtered for entertainment at the Coliseum. If you had a legitimate beef with another man, it was extremely likely you could be expected to engage in combat, from friendly to deadly, under agreed conditions. The same went for nations, city states, and rival armies and religions. Enemy city states were commonly attacked, their populations slaughtered or enslaved. The best defense against such a fate usually entailed the maintenance of a ready offense.

Even medieval period Christianity was no stranger to the necessity of daily cruelty-acquaintance. In Morte D'Arthur, the King Arthur myth, an often overlooked passage features the ‘goodly’ Christian king disposing of all the recent born babies in his land in an attempt to exterminate his prophesied nemesis/son Mordred. The children were gathered, to the apparent only mild chagrin of the noble fathers - and set sail on a doomed ship (though Mordred alone survived).

The American founding fathers kept slaves, as did virtually everyone throughout all history. Imagine having someone bound to you, their life literally in your hands, to do your bidding in chores and duties, unto death! Some literally bound in shackles. It is hard to imagine of Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, but they were the same men who created that country and a great many other things besides. They were philosophers, innovators, inventors, statesmen, strategists. They did not shirk a duty to themselves to be forthright and proud. To be sure, they stove to be fair and valued liberty greatly; but though they sought to promote justice, they did not fall to pieces with altruism or meekness or unseemly guilt.

Tom and Ben's beliefs: Limited equality
tempered by necessary hierarchy.


Of course, this is not to say we should start exposing babies and enslaving our enemies again. Still, we have lost our way, and need to recover some of what has slipped through our fingers in recent times. Our contemporary weakness of thought has left us quite unable to even face basic reality. The basic facts of life have a cruelty we have hidden beneath increasing layers of lies. The small original lie begets many more, increasingly egregious ones. We have lost meaning. By retreating continually from cruelty we have retreated from true heroism. Compassion is great in small measure, but it's of no use to anyone to geld yourself out of pathetic vulnerability and guilt.

In the words of the Ragnar Redbeard's immortal work Might is Right:
"Mankind crieth out for kings and heroes. It demands a nobility — a nobility that cannot be hired with money, like slaves or beasts of burden. The world awaits the coming of mighty men of valor, great destroyers; destroyers of all that is vile, angels of death...We are tired to death of 'Equality.' Gods are at a discount, devils are in demand. He who would rule the coming age must be hard, cruel, and deliberately intrepid, for softness assails not successfully the idols of the multitude...In actual operation Nature is cruel and merciless to men, as to all other beings. Let a tribe of human animals live a rational life, Nature will smile upon them and their posterity; but let them attempt to organize an unnatural mode of existence an equality Elysium, and they will be punished even to the point of extermination."
Reality is real. And nature, red of tooth and claw, has turned her huntful eye upon us, and we will soon enough find ourselves on the run. But what happens then? Will they awaken something they should not have? Will the worm turn?

We must again learn to be cruel, in order to be kind.


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