Friday, 15 April 2016


There's such a thing as being too clever.

Well done, Ted Cruz and the RNC, and thanks for helping out the man who usually needs no help, Donald J. Trump.

After he squashed his two previous main opponents – Jeb "low energy" Bush and "Little" Marco – with cutting comments that eviscerated them and framed them as failures, Trump has been having trouble delivering the coup de grace to the cunning Canadian Cuban

His "Lying Ted" gibe, although true, was a bit too generic to really be cutting. Calling a politician dishonest, after all, is akin to calling water wet. When I heard that one, I thought, "um, yeh, but bit of a misfire," and that seemed to be borne out by Cruz's upward trajectory, which has also benefitted from the "anybody but Trump" camp having no other options. 

But the unchaste haste of the RNC and Party Establishment to get into bed with Ted in Colorado, where they helped engineer a "voterless victory" to deny Trump delegates, has backfired. The latest polls show a break in the recent trend of Cruz closing in on Trump. Before Colorado, Cruz had narrowed the gap to a few percentage points in some polls, but now the gap is opening up again and, I predict, will open up even more as the perception of what happened in Colorado filters through into subsequent polls. 

The reason, of course, is that in politics there is lying and there is lying – or kissing-the-ugly-baby-and-making-big-promises sort of dishonesty and pure undiluted evil dishonesty.

The level of chicanery revealed by the Colorado Primary and Trump's refusal to go along with this casual stitch-up has highlighted the fact that Cruz – and those wanting him to win – are much more aligned with the second form of dishonesty than the first; and, when all is said and done, the "fuck the voters," tyranny kind of dishonesty bothers people a lot more than the simple, "honest" dishonesty of politics as well-meaning bullshit.

This helps to give new meaning to Trump's characterization of his rival as "Lying Ted." Cruz's dishonesty now looks a lot less generic and much more unique and special in a way that is capable of defining him in the same way that "low energy" and "little" came to define Bush and Rubio.

Now that Cruz has outed himself in this way, Trump's lame gibe of a few days ago, has suddenly grown a lot of legs and quite a few fangs as well.


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