The Washington Elite’s Extraordinary Attempt to Stop Trump Winning

After penning my essay “Trump and the Metapolitics of Winning” on Trump’s phenomenal rise, I thought I’d approach the subject from the opposite side and focus on the forces arrayed against him, in particular the extraordinary anti-Trump media frenzy that has been raging for the last two or three months as Trump’s ultimate victory draws ever nearer. I must say that I have never in my life seen such a negative campaign waged in the Western media like the one we have just witnessed against Donald Trump. The fact that he is the Republican Front Runner and a candidate well able to give the GOP a 4-to-8-year reign just makes it all the more remarkable!

Not even Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden have had as much bad press as Trump has received in the last few months. It’s been so intense and the Washington elite’s panic has been so palpable that it’s clear that Trump is either the best Presidential candidate since JFK or is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Himself! The vast cabal organising against him is clear proof that here is an outsider candidate par excellence – not only that but an outsider candidate who can win, unlike Bernie Sanders, who looks set to be outsmarted by establishment hawk Hillary. So, let’s have a "butcher’s hook" at what’s been going on.

First – a quick glance at Bernie. The grandfatherly senator does not get much media coverage for various obvious and all-too-cynical reasons, but the old school, curmudgeonly Leftist message that he keeps banging away at, like a drum, is connecting, and not without effect. Hitting hard at economic inequality, Bernie has pushed Hillary a lot further left than she likes to be, so that, even if she wins, she will have stick to some of these positions.

Pointing unclearly to the future.
Bernie has a lot of hardcore supporters – especially online – including many somewhat annoying Cultural Marxists and SJWs. Oddly, I find myself not minding the guy. I have always liked Socialism within some common sense limits and with some caveats; something like the way it used to be in Scandinavia in the old days or my own wonderful Australia before things got out of hand with mass immigration and globalism. I even think Bernie may be able to pull off some of what he talks about. So while he trails Hillary by a fair bit, it’s not yet impossible that he could get the nom. He’s had some bad press from the Establishment, sure – mostly to bolster Hillary – but not much. Instead the media have focused their ammunition overwhelmingly on the The Donald, where the real threat lies.

At first, the Establishment thought he was a joke, then, when he started to really get going and showed his anti-globalist hand, they began to get worried, very worried. Could this guy go all the way? After New Hampshire and a slew of wins in various states, both North and South, the Establishment suddenly realised – “Oh Shit! This is for real!” The word came down from the Globalist Elite High Command, which no doubt resembles the head offices of SPECTRE, to “GET TRUMP!”

I followed the Huffington Post’s coverage for a whole month. It was in non-stop, full anti-Trump mode. They posted over 100 negative Trump articles in just two weeks. It was truly extraordinary – pure propaganda of Goebbels-grade toxicity. I got on the comments of their Facebook page and began to troll them a bit, as you do, dropping comments like, “Yet again another anti Trump piece,” “Did the Soros cheques clear?” or “I dare you to say ONE nice thing about Trump,” etc. They didn’t, but at least these comments got many likes and LOLs.

On this and various other Establishment organs and Leftie tag-alongs, I must have seen around one hundred articles just attacking Donald Trump’s hair. It may not be the World’s greatest hair cut or style, but the amount of column inches it has received is ridiculous. And, as some have pointed out, his hair is actually representative of the Golden Ratio, so love it or leave off Trump’s gossamer topping. The “Get Trump’s hair” meme has reached its limit.

Making combovers great again,
Then came the inevitable “Trump is Hitler” meme. What a doozy that was! This critique from The Left and the establishment now creaks every time they use it, but boy did they wheel this one out and give it a fresh coat of paint. Admittedly Trump had said a few harsh things about Mexicans, and he also set the cat amongst the pigeons when he floated a balloon about limiting Muslim travel to the US. One can imagine the red phones going off in the Establishment lairs with the repeated imperative “Get Trump!”

Ever obedient to their masters, the Western Media fired up the “Trump is Hitler” comparisons and went full blitzkrieg at it for two straight weeks. Pure BS, of course, but that mattered little to the Elite and the lemming Left, who act as their poodles. They all ran with it, causing a slight dent in the Donald’s armour. But in the latest case of diminishing returns, most people did not care. They can see what the Elite is doing and they have seen this trick done a hundred times before. So, the “Trump is Hitler” fascist groove thang slowly crawled off to die a farcical death amongst Alt Right memes comparing anyone who breathed air and drank water to the Fuhrer.

Then there is the Soros factor and the AIPAC appearance. Soros, sensing danger, “released the hounds” on the Chicago Rally, which had to be cancelled in a rather speculator way. The most upsetting thing about Chicago was that when the rally was cancelled virtually all on the Left – even the moderates – cheered in approval at the Stalinist methods of “shutting it down.” Can you imagine the hysteria if far right protesters had shut down a Bernie rally? We’d never stop hearing about anti-democratic fascism, but when they do it, it’s all kosher.

Leftists at the Chicago rally.
Speaking of kosher, Trump’s appearance at AIPAC, the organization that jealousy guards Israeli interests, was also a significant departure from the norms as he stated he would be ‘neutral’ on Israel – an extremely brave thing for a GOP candidate, especially a front runner, to publicly say. But after this some on the Left were even calling for or welcoming the idea of Trump being assassinated.


Now, after all that negativity, let’s take a deep breath and calm down a little. I’d like to add a small caveat that I don’t think Donald Trump is perfect or beyond reasonable or constructive criticism. Like any candidate, even a fairly good one, he has made a few mistakes and snafus. But each time the Establishment has jumped on them like starving dogs on raw meat.

From watching speeches and interviews, Trump’s main flaw – and in a way also his appeal – is that he shoots from the hip and is loud and direct. He seem to just riff on things in a very open and candid way that inevitably throws up occasional openings for a hostile media to attack. His weak point is therefore tied up with his honesty. Think if there are any politicians that you can say that about.

His worst faux pas has undoubtedly been the one on abortion rights. Trump is pro-life but reluctantly accepts women’s right to have abortions – probably the best that most of us could do on such an awkward issue – but the interviewer that time, the cunning Chris Matthews, got him to say women should be “punished” for getting an abortion. Now, few knew what Trump meant by this, but the media predictably jumped all over this tasty titbit in the hope that they finally had a weapon to slay the golden-haired, soundbite-breathing dragon. At last, something beyond absurd comparisons with a long dead German Dictator and cheap shots at his hair!

Striking a pose and a chord.
Sanders and especially Hillary have also made countless silly comments and have pandered to extremist Leftist groups like Black Lives Matter, but the media has mostly ignored any of that to instead focus on their primary concern to “Get Trump.

Now, what effect has this all had? Well, recent polls show that Trump has not only survived the biggest negative media campaign in Western political history, but his numbers have actually gone up! It seems people really are onto the Globalist Elite and what they have been doing. They are tired of all the lies and endless bullshit. One day of this kind of media attention would have ruined the life of any other mere mortal, but Trump is made of sterner stuff. He is the master of palingenesis, the concept of rebirth or re-creation applied to philosophy, theology, politics, and biology. He’s the King of Rebirth and Renewal. Even his slogan “Let’s make America Great Again” evinces this, with its mythical palingenetic power that strikes a chord in a country and a world that instinctively feels that the USA has fallen from Grace.

The effect of this media blitzkrieg will probably be to make Trump a bit more cagey and cautious so as not to be caught with too many awkward quotes, but most of all the Donald simply won’t give a f**k because the key part of the metapolitics of winning is to not be seen to care. That is for “losers” – Trump’s ne plus ultra of insults. Quite simply, he’s going to win and he isn’t stopping until he does. He’s all in.

Cruz is still buzzing around like a blowfly, and he makes everyone nauseous, even his family it seems. And Kasich has clearly been told to just hang on in there, just to get Trump by sucking a bit of the wind out of his sails.

So, why this concerted effort, prolonged well beyond the point where it has clearly failed? Trump’s message is like a right-wing populist counterpart of Bernie Sanders, bu mixed with a unifying civic nationalism and topped off with deal-making savvy and pragmatic common sense.

Take a look at his great new op ed piece in the Wall Street Journal. Why can't the Left and even Left moderates see the good in Trump? Why do they seem to be the only ones swallowing the anti-Trump Establishment Propaganda? Can’t they think independently?

Outside The Bern-o-sphere, even the doyen of left-wing Australian intellectualism, John Pilger, has even come out and said Trump is a better candidate than the evil Shillary. Julian Assange, too, has noted that Hillary is worse, and supplied various hidden proofs. So, wake up folks.

Whilst travelling recently in Bail, Thailand, and Singapore I was amazed at the love for Donald Trump in the Asian and even Asian Muslim world. He was especially loved in Singapore, and I had many positive chats about US politics with locals in bookstores. They see something of the wise, tough, business-minded patriarch Lee Kuan Yew in The Donald. Not an unfair comparison, actually, as Lee totally did Make Singapore Great (Again).

Here, locally in Australia, many love Trump – smart pals, some right ones, even my dear old mother who told me she’s all for The Donald. I sent her the very clever video of “The Snake” and she totally got its powerful message. So, the appeal is cross cultural, cross generation, world-wide and international. The Republicans haven’t had a Candidate like this since Ronald Reagan!

Yet still the "Get Trump" meme persists, even here in Australia. On ABC (the Oz BBC and similarly Culturally Marxist) they have had a tremendous amount of anti-Trump coverage. But why? Here is a fairly decent bloke, very successful, a real character with drive, who is direct and has good ideas and intentions – and he is being dragged through the mud in the sane way that Qaddafi was dragged through the streets following Hillary's intervention in Libya. As I have said before, and shall again, I have never seen anything quite like it.

More than ever this is the time to support Trump and get out there on Facebook and other social media and let people know how great he is, how fun he is, and what a “breath of fresh air” he will be, as Bryan Cranston (aka Walter White) expressed it.

Don’t buy any of this bullshit the establishment have  hurled at him. He’s the Teflon Don. Take the GET TRUMP meme and flip it: GET TRUMPINTO THE WHITE HOUSE. Then we will have made real political change on a global scale against the banksters, globalists, geopolitical shit-stirrers, Saudis, and nefarious Washington lobbyists. And America will be on the path to greatness once again.


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