Monday, 18 April 2016


Looks like famed YouTube vlogger Stefan Molyneux has been visiting these pages and taking notes. In a short video posted by him recently he comments on the likelihood of a rape epidemic in Europe this summer and paraphrases the central idea of Colin Liddell's 2015 article "Racism and Sexism Viewed as Aristotlean Virtues."

"Hey Germany," Moly comments, "I've got a great idea. How about you find some Aristotlean mean somewhere between exterminating your own minorities and inviting very rapey minorities into your country to destroy Europe? just somewhere in the middle might be a great idea."

Aristotle, of course, defined every virtue as lying between two opposite vices – one of excess and one of deficiency – something that has an obvious application to how we view attitudes to race and racism. A healthy instinct to protect and perpetuate one's own group and heritage – typically defined as "racism" in contemporary discourse – is actually a virtue that lies between the two equally extreme poles of ethnomasochism ("inviting very rapey minorities into your country") and hyper-racism ("exterminating your own minorities"), the standard 1488, self-ghettoizing position favoured by certain LARPy and trollish elements of the Alt-Right.


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