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Britain’s world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury is in trouble again after making some comments that (1) stated that Jews control the media and the banking system and (2) imply that they use this power to brainwash people into passively following the government. This, of course, also implies that Jews control the government.

The quote:
"The world has gone mad, there is no morals there is no loyalty there is no nothing. Everyone just do what you can, listen to the government follow everybody like sheep, be brainwashed by all the Zionist, Jewish people who own all the banks, all the papers all the TV stations. Be brainwashed by them all."
All these assertions are hard to prove absolutely, but a strong case can easily be made that Jews have an influence in media and finance extremely disproportionate to their small numbers, and that this in turn gives them undue influence on governments.

The question then is that, having such power, why wouldn’t they use it in a way that favoured their own ethnic interests? The answer, of course, is that there is no reason at all, and that using that influence for Jewish interests is only to be expected.

The problem of Jewish influence, however, is that it is always influence, and never, or seldom, direct power. As soon as it becomes direct power, it provokes a reaction that kills it. This is what happened to Rosa Luxemburg, Bela Kun, and the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic.

The dangers of over-egging the pudding: Leon, Rosa, and Bela
Even in the Soviet Union, the one case where Jewish power was most powerfully in the ascendant, it had to deny its Jewishness to such an extent that almost all of the prominent Jews ended up turning against each other and being removed from positions of power by someone less ethnically conflicted. The greatest Jew – as well as most vociferously self-denying one – Leon Trotsky, ended up with his skull wrapped around an ice pick.

Jewish "power" – if we must call it that – is always soft power, and soft power relies on deception, namely tricking people into believing things that serve the agenda of the group exerting the power. Key to this trickery is hiding the identity of the group exerting the power. But thanks to the internet and the death of the gatekeeper culture, and growing cynicism at the way the world works, it is becoming harder to pull this off.

Yes – as Lawrence Murray and Jonathan Peter Wilkinson observe – Zuckerburg can prioritize this story or that story in the news agenda, but this itself becomes the story, and adds to the pool of cynicism and suspicion about the exercise of soft power and the agendas of the various groups operating in the shadows.

No likes, got defriended...
Now this is the interesting point – the Jews are not the only group operating in the shadows, pouring soft power into the bloodstream of the world like a corrosive poison. There are other groups – non-Jewish business elites, faceless and raceless Eurocrats, the US military-industrial complex, those in the pay of the Saudis, etc., etc. – but the Jew, with his iconic form and viral possibilities, modeled on the medieval meme magic of the Catholic Church, stretched between Shakespeare's Shylock and Morrakiu’s Merchant Minute, is (((tailor)))-made as a hate figures for the unfocused fears that increasing manipulation of the world is producing.

While many groups are guilty of pulling the strings of soft power and distorting things to serve their nefarious agendas, the bad karma from this collective abuse of the system overwhelmingly flows back towards the Jew, the archetypal, convenient, and – as we see with Zuckerburg’s manipulative tendencies – none too innocent hate figure for the swirling rage of the masses at the way the world constantly tricks them.

Tyson Fury, coming from the trash-talking culture of the Irish Travellers, is a perfect vessel to give voice to these gathering sentiments, which are much more widespread than most care to admit.

What can the Jews do? Even if all acted with moral rectitude, complete transparency, and total integrity – and stopped their distorting pull on the political process and the cultural matrix – even then, it would perhaps be too late.

We now live in a world that, through its complexity, lack of ethnic unity, and multifarious levels of manipulation, is breeding mistrust, paranoia, and hatred on an industrial scale. But this same world also has, in its liberalizing way, removed the barriers for that paranoia and hatred to flow and coagulate where it will, and where will it flow to? Why, to the eternal scapegoat, of course.

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