Wednesday, 1 June 2016


"My huge liberal brain is putting a massive strain on my delicate neck"

by Daniel Barge

When it comes to Hollywood smugness, the real A-lister is George Clooney – ever ready to dispense liberal leftist polyannas and moral highgrounding with an aura of smarm and conceit. Key to this act of smug superiority is to constantly signal how benighted everyone else is who doesn’t share his views, and how much he is on the “right side of history,” which is basically the Liberal Leftist version of “Gott mit uns.”

To people like this, Donald Trump is something of a challenge because he suggests that the great nebulous “Liberal Intelligence” that supposedly rules the universe – and drives it ever onwards towards the sunlit uplands of desegregated bathroom Nirvana, etc. – may have a few surprises in the pipeline for us all. In fact, Trump becoming President may even prompt some liberals to doubt the omnipotence of this ultimate force for universal good and the best of all possible worlds.

Faced with such qualms generated by the Donald, uber-liberals like Cloony tend to double down and reassert their faith in the “historical inevitability” of the coming Liberal World Utopia, as we see at a recent press conference in Cannes:

So, what is the substance of Clooney’s “current year” insistence that Trump will never be President? Does Clooney know something that the rest of us don’t? Let’s sift his words of wisdom for the grains of gold they must undoubtedly contain:
"There's not going to be a President Donald Trump...a-h-h-hum...That's not going to happen ...[checks notes]...Uh, it’s not going to happen because we're not going to be...use... F-fear is not going to be something that we're[checks notes again]...that's gonna be...what drives our country. We're not gonna be scared of Muslims, or, or immigrants, or woman."
Nothing much in that verbal sludge.

He then goes on to blame the rise of Trump on the media not asking tough questions, blatantly ignoring the fact that Trump has been demonized and compared to Hitler by the mainstream media from day one.

It’s clear that Clooney has nothing to back up his assertion that Trump won’t be President, except for an evident dislike, false assertions, and a bit of stuttering.

But luckily liberalism doesn’t depend on mere words and ideas to safeguard its hold on the minds of its faithful. It never has. This should be apparent from how retarded its arguments are, how brittle its certainty is, and the hysteria with which it tries to block out opposing viewpoints. As we say on the Alt-Right: “When their ideas touch our ideas, their ideas die.” The fear and hysteria of the Left is warranted.

So, how does liberalism sell itself to its audience? Essentially it’s all a pose, which also explains why the ideology is so attractive to members of the Thespian class – those vacuous vessels of other people’s words. Actors simply wouldn't be drawn to an ideology that wasn't dependent on their particular skill set.

This is why smugness is so intrinsic to liberalism. Because smugness allows one to affect a pose of knowing certainty, without all the bother of having to actually know anything.

"Look how deep I'm pretending to be."
Once you’ve mastered the basic body language that allows you to convey your smugness, then you are well on the way to being a successful liberal. Among the key elements of that body language are (1) the half-stifled chortle, (2) the smug smile, (3) the sarcastically raised eyebrow (4) the eye-roll, and (5) the all-important hand-under-the-chin gesture. The latter in particular was performed to perfection by Clooney in Cannes, even while he was muffing up his lines and otherwise sounding like an imbecile.

The hand-under-the-chin gesture sends out a number of distinct signals. One is that the person using it is weary of all the stupidity that he, as a particularly enlightened individual, has to wade through in his day-to-day life – the poor dear! The other is that the person’s brain is so brilliant and big that it places an inordinate strain on his feeble neck, and therefore needs additional support.

Having signalled that one’s brain is truly massive in this way, what need is there for actual words and sensible arguments to actually demonstrate it?


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