Friday, 24 June 2016


The Lion’s been missing these many long years
In his absence the country has sunk to its knees
Its people, once proud, are brought down so low
by false-hearted villains who don’t seem to know
that Britain is great by its culture and race
not the influx of strangers and their dissonant ways
that have nothing to do with our land and our soil
the nation we built with our blood and our toil
and defended so bravely for a thousand years straight
This is the reason that Britain's called "Great"

The Lion’s been gone since the war that was fought
to save humankind from Hitler’s onslaught
He fought then so bravely and his power and roar
saved the whole world in that terrible war
But wounded in battle he soon disappeared
and no-one has seen him these many long years
In his absence the country has gone to the dogs
forgotten its pride, lost faith in its gods
The Lion himself is now held in great scorn
by those whom he saved before they were born

It's said that the Lion, he died long ago
But if that be the truth then why can’t they show
the bones of the beast, his claws and his teeth?
The death of the Lion's not a thing to believe!
Missing he may be, but rumors run rife
that the great beast’s been heard far off in the night
and some say his paw prints were recently seen
in the cities of Britain and its fields still so green
The fools who have ruled us, the people will spurn
and the Lion, revenged, to his den will return


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