Sunday, 19 June 2016


Slate is presenting a series of articles called "Tomorrow’s Test." It is a series on White Genocide; how to accelerate it, exacerbate it, and enforce it in our public schools. An animated infographic demonstrates how White communities have been invaded and how fewer White children enjoy the privilege of being among their own people. Were the infographic showcasing the White displacement of Amerindians in the 18th Century or the Han displacement of Tibetans, it would conclude with a guilt-soaked plea for reparations or justice. But since we’re talking about White families, the infographic concludes with a demand to stamp out the remaining White communities.

Whitaker’s Mantra has taken much flak over the years for calling what’s happening to us “genocide.” This series and presentation confirms that the institutional media, mainstream academia, and public policy decision makers are absolutely thinking and acting in terms of explicit genocide. There’s no organic accident of migration and transition going on here. The ivy league academics are maliciously targeting homogeneous White communities, school districts, neighborhoods, and even families for racial diversification by any means necessary.

A key performance metric of theirs is how many White children remain among their own, with an animated arrow and info-bubble asking how we remove White children from White communities and schools. The first article in the series is a chilling reminder that these very powerful people absolutely are out to actively disinherit our children.
"Right now, schools and school systems across the country are confronting a question that our society at large will need to answer in the coming years: Do Americans have the will and understanding to build a more inclusive, and less deeply segregated, nation? In many parts of America—urban, rural, and suburban—that will require a radical upending of the status quo."
It’s one thing to submit to a “progressive stack” where Whites and males go to the back of the line to be dynamically silenced and actively ignored in favor of Privilege Groups targeted for special treatment when one’s at a voluntary political rally. But what parent in her right mind would subject her own child to such treatment in something as vital as education?
"As public school students diversify, qualities such as empathy, self-awareness, open-mindedness, and understanding are more important than ever in our teachers—just as they will be for all of us in an increasingly diverse society. Teachers will need to have the capacity to serve not just as instructors but also as cultural brokers and social leaders, aware of their own biases, empathetic when confronting difference, comfortable with change."
In other words, the teachers will increasingly become UN Secretary Generals rather than educators in classrooms which are model United Nations conferences. Instead of teaching about logarithms and participles, they’ll be managing a byzantine web of cultural conflicts and linguistic obstacles. There’s no way that adding all of this complexity and conflict can’t be detrimental to the host population, but that’s a feature rather than a flaw in their model, helping to “close the gap” in education.
"There’s a second, even more complicated trial confronting America’s rapidly diversifying schools: How can we create integrated school communities at a time when many white parents, long accustomed to various forms of privilege and preference, fear their children being in the minority, and when schools already struggle to meet the needs of diverse students and learners?"
A non-genocidal approach would, of course, be a commitment to resolve the chronic issues in non-White school districts before attempting to assimilate Whites. Despite there not being a shred of evidence for lasting long-term improvement in diverse school districts, the social engineers are hellbent on cramming the White kids in there as soon as possible, even if it’s blatantly obvious that it’s to their detriment. And they struggle to understand why so many White parents are hesitant to trust these people with their children?

The series highlights several children in public schools, reliably omitting the White “segregationist” perspective. It also leaves out the biggest story about the changing face of education; the capacity for Internet-driven homeschooling programs to empower families and collectives to entirely side-step both public and private school institutions altogether. The devolution revolution renders this whole social engineering scheme obsolete, as parents are being empowered to educate their children more effectively at home than in the public institutions.

The decline and fall of the White race in the United States is not the foregone conclusion these people presume it to be. Trends reverse. Backlashes build. Black Swan events flip the table over. But even if Whites are destined to become a minority within the United States, there is a large and constantly growing set of technology-enabled workarounds to the social engineering schemes of educators stuck in twentieth century patterns of thinking about race, about education, and about technology.


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