Friday, 3 June 2016


(Anti)social media

by Colin Liddell

Those with an interest in the history of economics will be familiar with the Malthusian Trap. According to this theory, in the period before the Industrial Revolution, any advance in technology or new discovery failed to permanently improve living standards. This was because any gains produced were soon wiped out in greater population growth, whereupon living standards more-or-less fell back to where they were before the advance.

This model is interesting because it can be used to explain why positive factors fail to produce positive results, and – by inversion – why negative factors fail to produce negative results, including those cases where 'negative' results could ultimately produce positive results, as in a process of cyclical regeneration and rebirth. The prevention of these healthy 'negative' effects is the essence of the gruesome symbiosis between leftism and conservatism that has defined the last several decades.

Looking at the negative side, we can use this to analyse conservative tendencies that occur at a time when what is needed is something a lot more chaotic and violent, in short, a kind of "anti-revolution trap" whose mechanism resembles that of the Malthusian Anti-Affluence Trap.

Let’s examine the original Malthusian mechanism in greater detail. The Malthusian Trap has four main stages:
Part One can be a new tool or farming technique, or the discovery of new land or new crops. The increase in the food supply raises the standard of living by giving people more to eat, which can also equate with less time working or more time working on other, non-agricultural projects. But, without any system of birth control, this immediately leads to a surge in population with the result that poverty levels are re-established as overpopulation increases competition for finite resources and /or pushes people into marginal areas.

This pattern is eerily duplicated in our own Post-Malthusian society, where the elastic element is not the population-poverty continuum, but our ability to be outraged by or endure increasingly perverse forms of social organization – or Dysorganization.

It is no secret that the population of the West faces continuous outrages, attacks on its identity, constant undermining of its social norms (scab tissue), and threats to its very existence. These are all negative causes and should have extremely negative effects, leading to reaction and backlash on a massive scale. But, as we have seen over the last several decades, negative outcomes (mass riots and lynchings, insurrections and revolutions) have been thin on the ground. In short, things have been ticking along as if nothing untoward has happened.

This is down to the a kind of anti-revolution trap, analogous to the Malthusian anti-affluence trap. It too has four stages as well as a role for a technological breakthrough or other innovations:
Let us consider just what is meant by an outrage against society.

This can be anything that is worthy of mass outrage and which should produce it. An outrage would therefore be anything that constitutes a drastic change in living conditions or social or moral norms for the worse. Examples would include the destruction of communities, the move to reduce the wages (and thus force up the productivity) of working class males by pushing females into the workplace, mass immigration, Islamification, or the "normalization" of gross indecency as understood by all societies throughout history.

Nowadays we have to endure endless ethnic and racial displacement, constant attacks against our people, including mass rape in the cases of Germany, England, and Scandinavia, diminishing freedom, falling living standards, and the debasement of our traditional values. We are constantly told how beautiful a future without us will be.

The things we put up with.
These are all changes to the status quo that should make us intensely furious and lead to serious outbreaks of anger, rage, and violence, but which have only drawn a muted response and occasional grumble. This is because the system has constantly found some technological fix or other psychological innovation to pacify or control us, and to prevent negative effects having negative causes.

While our real living standards have gone down – less real wealth or the same wealth but for more work and stress – we have been distracted and hypnotized by a variety of innovations, which include television, pop music, pornography, social media, computer games, political correctness, White guilt, the growing availability of drugs, the diffusion of the political process, etc.

These various aspects of modernity can all be seen as mere signs of moral degradation – and it is true that they are – but this is merely to describe them, not to name their function, which is namely the prevention of negative results (riots, violent uprisings, chaos, etc.) from negative causes.

Here we see the same four-part pattern and disrupting function demonstrated by the Malthusian trap that prevents positive outcomes from positive developments.

These two four-part systems can be aligned in different ways. Like this:

Or like this, with both starting from invention/ innovation:

In the case of the Mathusian Trap, the main change made possible by the innovation is not an improvement in living conditions, but simply greater population density and therefore a society with greater in-built fragility – think about the effect of the potato on Ireland and the Irish, and its ultimate result when that coping mechanism broke down.

In the case of the Revolutionary Trap, the main change made possible by the innovation is not a decrease in dissatisfaction and greater social peace and harmony, but instead merely an increase in our capacity to soak up further abuses and therefore an increase in the ability of our elites to impose them on us. But here too greater fragility creeps built into the system.

Now, the next frontier in the Revolutionary Trap is greater accessibility of drugs – we have seen an accelerated push to legalize marijuana and other drugs – and the rise of 3-D virtual reality gaming and porn. What additional outrages on society will such breakthroughs and innovations allow our elites to impose on us, or is the fragile structure of control they have constructed about to implode, like an overpopulated land falling into a state of environmental breakdown and famine?

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