Orlando's Pulse Nightclub on an average night.

by Colin Liddell

Being Alt-Right means being more or less right all the time. I'm not saying we knew where and when what happened would happen, but we definitely knew that it would happen—to such an extent that I was actually somewhat bored when I heard the news that an Islamic gunman had gone into a gay club in Orlando and gunned everybody down. More worryingly, what we know we still know, and something like it will definitely happen again. Maybe quite soon. Right now those attending the European Football Championships in France have to be more than just a little concerned.

But, rather than dwelling on how right we are, what about the other side? What was the large, amorphous blob that is the Non-Alt-Right thinking? It's not like Orlando was the first time an "unexploded Muslim" suddenly went off in a public place.

No doubt those in the Non-Alt-Right were thinking something along these lines:
"Too bad about those previous incidents, but I think we’ve now taken the correct measures—removing discriminatory immigration controls and promoting feminist and transgender rights—to ensure this Islamic radicalism thing is on a downward slope, and that our values will prevail. After all, who wouldn’t want to be us, except a bunch of nasty Islamophobic racists?"
I’m pretty sure a version of this inner monologue even echoed through the great collective skull of the Cuckservative movement, perhaps with a discordant undertow of "Muh Israel!"

But not only did we in the Alt-Right know that this was going to happen. We also knew exactly how the debate over this incident would unfold. This is why we could have articles like this one up in next to no time.

NAXALT, dude.
The fact is that when events like Orlando happen, Liberals, Leftists, Cuckservatives, and even Libertarians have nowhere else to go other than to double down on narratives that are rendered idiotic by their unwillingness to offend racial and cultural groups.

We knew that they would attempt to turn it into a debate on gun control and homophobia. We also knew that lashings of NAXALT would be rubbed into the wounds of the dead and the dying—"Not all Muslims are like that...unfair to judge people by the actions of others...Donald Trump helped create this climate of hate and violence, bleat, bleat, bleat!" Talk about shit-covered straw men! We also saw, with stifled yawns, the appearance of references to us "deserving" this for having invaded their lands, alongside equally retarded references to us deserving this for not invading their lands.

Although there is a degree of superficial variety among these Non-Alt-Right positions, they all essentially come together around a central point of “Why can’t we all just get along and go shopping?” with the only real difference being whether we get to the big multicultural shopping mall through inviting or through invading the world. The Alt-Right by contrast is more interested in burning that mall to the ground, while realizing it will burn to the ground anyway.

Alt-Righters can fight these kinds of battles in our sleep and with one hand tied behind our back, while our various opponents are forced to tie themselves into torturous knots in order to stop their deeply flawed narratives from collapsing. This means that we also have plenty of intellectual resources left over to dig deeper and look behind and beyond the sad shadowplay of conventional narratives that passes for intellectual debate in the wake of terrorist outrages like this.

Even our own narratives, convenient as they are for triggering the Non-Alt-Right, must not be held sacrosanct—which is where I am going with this.

Right now, many on the Alt-Right will be out there in the shitposting trenches, hitting wave after wave of normies and leftists with the narrative that "the religion of peace" is responsible for this and that Trump was right all along. But while we are slaughtering them on that front, we should also be looking to open up yet more fronts against them. Blaming Islam and mocking the Liberals and Cuckservatives who forlornly make excuses for it, is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is time we went beyond that. A good place to start is the Islamic attitude to homosexuality.

Most of us no doubt believe that Islam “hates fags” more than the Westboro Baptist Church, with the big difference being that it is prepared to do a lot more than just hold up placards. Internet footage of ISIS sending homosexuals to the ground floor of tall buildings without the aid of an elevator has served to reinforce this perception. But the most interesting fact is that the Islam is not even that inherently anti-homosexual.

Bacha boy — Taliban compliant, apparently..
In any Islamic society, homosexual practices abound. Even Afghanistan with its Taliban has its bacha boys. Such third world "homosexual liberalism" is even implicitly backed up in the Koran, which has plenty of blood and fire for the infidel and apostate, but only a vague reference or two to the Biblical story of Lot to cover the sin of homosexuality. Why should we be surprised by this? After all, Islamic societies are also renowned for various forms of bestiality—no doubt another side effect of the gender apartheid that is practised by Muslims and Third Worlders in general.

The Orlando massacre did not occur because Islam is diametrically opposed to butt-fuckery and has clear thought-out reasons and Koranic passages denouncing it. No, Islam’s homophobia is simply an illusion caused by widespread Islamic brutality against almost anything that walks, breathes, lives, and fucks (without express permission from Mullahs to do so). Rather than an actual position, Islamic homophobia is simply the low-grade variety that wells up in societies where a lot of forcible ass sex between men happens, in other words it is homophobia of the Jamaican or prison variety, rather than homophobia of the moral or intellectual kind.

This moral and intellectual deficiency on this key issue also raises questions about the nature of Islam itself. So, what exactly is it?

The first penny that needs to drop is that Islam is both a religion and not a religion. On one level, it is a religion with a re-purposed moon god, a heaven, some rules, and cultural ties to a large segment of humanity. But this is just the hood of the car and not the engine.

The real moving parts are a kind of power system or group strategy that various low-status groups—deracinated masses, global underclasses, etc.—can tap into to create transitory simulacra of tribal warrior bands. Islam exists where the downtrodden of history exist, which is why it grew most strongly in the vast shapeless zone between Europe and the Himalayas, that served as the heel print for the boot of history. Its archetype is the rape gang or the Taharrush mob. This is its origin, its DNA, and the point at which it always interfaces with other cultures.

Islam, in its essence, is a way for the low and contemptible to thump their chests and get a bit of collective respect—or simply fear—that they couldn't get any other way. For this reason, it is especially toxic when it enters Western societies, where low-functioning Muslims rub up against high-functioning non-Muslims, and where they feel their inferiority with the sharpness of vinegar on whip lashes.

The actual contents of this or that verse of the Koran are not that pertinent to any of this. What is pertinent is that Islam has an aura of sanctimonious violence and is a tribalizing mechanism that operates through purity spirals that also place few moral demands on the members—a beta uprising in distilled form.

Taharrush = Islam = Beta Uprising
As we see with our own home-grown fanatics—SJWs—there is even a gruesome symbiosis between how loathsome someone is as an individual and the way they offset this sump pit of self-worth with low-cost moral fanaticism.

Once it reaches a certain point, however, the participants start to lose sight of any dangers to themselves as individuals and become capable of the most self-destructive acts, whether that is executing gays until the police decide to take you out or living alone with a series of cats.

In a certain sense all ideologies are meaningless, especially when they become culturally and racially detached from their roots. But what is meaningful—or at least mechanical—is the way that some of them, like Islamism, Leftism, Liberalism, or Cuckservatism, operate as psychological systems, colonizing the brains of the weak-minded and hypnotising them into various forms of idiocy and insanity.

Not all Muslims are like Omar Mateen. That’s quite true, but it’s also breathtakingly meaningless in that it doesn't even address the real issues, which are twofold:
  1. The fact that we have created a vacuous anti-civilizational space called "The West" that is devoid of unifying values.
  2. In creating this negative space, we have neglected the necessary hygiene, with the result that it has become polluted and infested with the dregs of other lower but still 'positive' civilizations like Islam.
It is this which creates the toxicity that we saw in Orlando, and which we will keep seeing, until we either purify our anti-civilizational space—making our vacuum airtight—or until we fill it with a positive civilization, either our own or an alien one.


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