Saturday, 25 June 2016


Well, you can't say they didn't try. Over the course of an anti-Brexit campaign based solely on scaring people with the prospect of losing money, the political establishment in Britain pulled out all of the dirty tricks that have worked so well for it in the past: vastly outspending the opposition, doing their best to gerrymander the voting, rallying the global plutocracy to aid them in their scaremongering, decrying the opposition as xenophobic morons and whipping up "anti-racist " persecutions against them, and even pouncing on the still-warm corpse of a murdered woman to make a final attempt to sour the public mood against nationalism. 

Even so, the public told them to get stuffed. Should this not be taken as evidence that the British people, after all this time, have still not descended to the state of homo economicus? A race long assumed to have degenerated into a mass of talking pigs, terrified of rocking the political boat for fear of spilling a few miserable pennies over the side, have shown an atavistic flash of courage that has no doubt chilled their masters to the bone.

Of course, it could just be that the public no longer respects the economic advice of people who have sold the entire nation to the profit motive and still reduced them to eating from food banks. But Polly Toynbee, a Guardian writer who is worth reading because she is too stupid to hide her progressivist nastiness and hypocrisy behind a decorous facade, thinks the problem is much more serious. 

In an article that compares British nationalists to insects under stones, she pontificates that "[democracy] relies on a degree of respect for the opinions of others, soliciting support for political ideas without stirring up undue savagery and hatred against opponents". She laments the breakout of a "chilling culture war" in which ordinary people have begun to "despise", "distrust", and "dehumanise" the poor old political class. 

"On Friday I'll get my country 
back. Britain will vote remain"
This imbecile of a woman is not right about many things, but I hope she is right about this. A "culture war" would seem to imply that both sides, the political elite and the nationalists, will fight each other. That would at least make an interesting change from what we have experienced up to now, namely a one-sided desecration of the nation by the likes of Polly Toynbee and her high-flying friends while the people do little other than grumble in private.

Is Brexit - or, more precisely, can it be - the opening salvo in such a war? Obviously, we should have no illusions about the Tories like Boris Johnson or "civic nationalists" like Nigel Farage who led the Leave campaign: their idea of British liberty is a zone of free-trade extremism "liberated" from any vestige of Continental restraints on capitalism, in which they could merrily sell the nation down the river to America, China or anyone else who showed up with enough money to buy it up. 

If these people had managed to achieve Brexit ten or more years ago, I think they would have attained their wish. The British people would have risen up to see off the square-banana SS brigade in Brussels, then sunk back into comfortable slumber under the rule of their own elected politicians, snug in the myth that the rape of their country was now being carried out with their full "democratic consent".

None of this is so certain any more. Many Britons who chafe at the rule of unelected Brussels bureaucrats now also believe that the political oligarchy in Westminster is just as bad, if not worse. America's disastrous adventuring in the Middle East has damaged plenty of sentimental British illusions about the wisdom of following our "cousins across the pond"; and the anti-Western, racial-nationalist state of China hardly had the decency to wait until David Cameron wiped the brown off his nose before showing its treacherous colours. Most of the ordinary Brexiteers I know personally did not choose to vote Leave for trade reasons, but because they were desperate to strike some blow for change in a rigged political system controlled by those whom they are slowly recognising as their enemies. 

Such change might come sooner than expected. Brexit has provided the perfect excuse for the Scottish National Party (SNP) to resurrect the issue of Scottish independence, which was only narrowly seen off by a vote of 55% to 45% despite an intense scaremongering campaign by politicians, business elites and the media. Now that the English have led the way in ripping up the arguments for stability, the Scots will have little reason to respect them in a second vote. And although Scotland would push for independence so as to rejoin the EU on its own terms, its actions would inevitably widen fault lines on the European mainland, both between the EU and the nation-states and within those nation-states. 

This may herald the beginning of a difficult time, in which states like Britain will face dire threats to old symbols of security like territory, political unity, nuclear deterrents and so on. But I think that we should align ourselves with such movements towards independence, working our way into their activist networks and guiding them in the right directions

No cause for undue alarm.
We on the Alt-Right know that the nations of Europe are dying, not for want of nuclear deterrents or trading opportunities, but for want of resistance to a ferociously anti-European ruling class that has commandeered all existing political systems and bent all existing national narratives to its purposes. Opposition to this 'Citadel' has failed every time it has been channeled through its rigged political systems; for it to succeed requires the creation of new paths, which can be forced open both by breaking up existing states and by creating parallel non-state forces to hollow them out from within. 

The British political class has just lost its coziest refuge from the anger of the people. If Scotland chooses to go further and break up the Union, decades of quasi-imperial propaganda about "multicultural, tolerant, liberal Britain" will go down the toilet in an instant, obliging our discredited rulers to invent new narratives for the individual nations in an era when the public is increasingly unwilling to listen to them. 
When I say that we should try to guide independence movements in the right direction, I mean that we should drive the force of their ire against the cosmopolitan ruling elites in both the nation-states and the EU superstructure, and damp down intra-European hatreds wherever possible. We should proclaim a general movement for liberty from globalised, corporate-bureaucratic forces that rule everywhere while being loyal to nowhere, and try to spread "independence fever" as wide as possible throughout the continent of Europe. We must understand that any attempt to build true and positive European unity and cooperation must wait until after the anti-European political establishments oppressing us have suffered death by a thousand cuts. 

To the peoples on the continent of Europe, the people of Britain must say that we have "turned our backs on them" only to lead them to a greater freedom. To the corrupt Westminster oligarchy on our own island, which is perhaps feeling a little less secure than yesterday, we must point our fingers and say: "You're next"


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