Thursday, 21 July 2016


Australian film maker and Alt-Right contributor Richard Wolstenscroft joins Andy and Colin to consider the full-spectrum rise of the Alt-Right across the World. Topics discussed include the recent Australian elections, the latest Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe, Black Lives Matter, the War on Police, Britain's new lady Prime Minister, and Donald Trump's coronation as Republican Party candidate. (Note: due to technical problems, Andy was absent from the second half of the podcast.)

Show Notes:

Running Order:

00:00  Intro music
00:30  Andy’s introduction
01:25  The Australian Election and Pauline Hanson
09:55  The Nice Massacre and the Redpillimg of Leftists
16:25  Anti-Islam as surrogate for legitimate racism
22:00  The Vacuity of the EU and the brutality of Islamic societies
29:20  The missed opportunity of secular Islam
31:55  GOP convention and Trump’s VP Pick
36:35  Hillary gets out the Black vote by encouraging cop-killing
41:35  Implied identity vs. positive identity
46:20  Soft tyranny and the post-mainstream media
50:45  Trump as universal benefactor
53:10  Trump as part of the “Slow boil” (Black Pill)
56:00  "We’ve lost Andy"
56:45  Theresa May’s stellar career
62:50  Social signalling isn’t voting
66:50  Death of the Left
69:35  Affirmative action and the wrong kind of women politicians
71:10  Scotland as gay as f**k!
73:35  Outro music


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