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An appropriate term for the Leftist is "The Rational Idiot." Leftists like to make a show of being data-driven beings who use reason to come to their opinions, but anyone who has ever encountered actual Leftists will know how absurd this sounds. For those with Leftist views, the pretence of reason can only be maintained by extreme cherry-picking of data, combined with the equally extreme blanking-out of any inconvenient data.

Like a cockroach in a dirty kitchen, the Leftist scuttles around in the dark, fearful of the moment when the lights are switched on. This is why Leftists invented the concept of "hate facts," an attempt to smear the light switch with moral faeces so that they could continue their benighted existence. A "hate fact," by the way, is simply a normal fact that breaks a Leftist narrative constructed on the basis of the minimum input of data, and as such the term has been embraced and counter-weaponized by the Alt-Right.

Consider the Leftist narrative that America is a "racist" country, or more specifically a country where Blacks get less than their fair share.

This narrative is a two-part hinge and bracket device. It has a fixed point (or assumed constant) and a moving part that oscillates with data inputs. The fixed point is the unquestioned assumption of basic racial equality, essentially just an egalitarian aspiration or emotional value rather than a fact. The moving element is basic data on differing social outcomes for Blacks. For example, to limit things to income, the median White household income in 2011 was $55,412 while the median Black income was $32,229 (U.S. Bureau of the Census. Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2006–2011.). Note: household income includes every form of income, including salaries, wages, retirement income, food stamps, investment gains, etc.

If we accept the ludicrous and counter-intuitive assumption that there is inherent biological equality between the different races, these figures can only mean that there is a tremendous amount of discrimination going on (the Leftist interpretation). But such a conclusion depends on the blanking out of any data that can challenge this narrative (hate-facting).

Yes, Blacks seem to get a raw deal when compared to Whites, but what happens if we compare American Blacks to Blacks in Black countries and American Whites to Whites in White countries? The nearest largely White country to the USA is Canada (76% White, 2.9% Black), While the nearest Black country is Haiti (95% Black, 5% Mulatto), so let's see just how raw that deal is.

Haiti facts
Roughly equivalent data (gross income averages 2011) gives Canada a figure of $45,346 and Haiti $350. If we count Canadians as 'White,' then being an American represents only a slight advantage (<20% at the most), a pattern that is repeated with other White countries. if we compare American incomes with those of the poorer White countries, the difference widens, but not greatly. According to OECD statistics from 2014, American disposable income is only around three times that of Poland.

In the case of non-American Blacks, by contrast, the difference is stark indeed, with Blacks outside America getting a tiny percentage of what American Blacks get. The difference in the case of Haiti is around 1/90th. These figures improve a little when Black African countries are used for comparison but not by much. Blacks in America get around 12 times what Blacks in the most successful, large African economy of Nigeria get.

Extrapolating from this, it is clear that Blacks in America are immensely privileged in ways that White Americans are not, or are privileged at a much greater rate. If we use the Canadian and Nigerian economies as reasonably fair baselines, then Blacks in America benefit by being American by a factor of at around 10 times to that of American Whites, which is just another way of identifying the degree to which Blacks in the US are riding on the backs of Whites.

This kind of economic exploitation of Whites by Blacks is clearly unfair, immoral and something that should be stopped.


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