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Pauline Hanson, deservedly the centre of attention.
by Richard Wolstencroft

Australia just had a parliamentary election –  both the Lower and Upper Houses – which means now is a good time to update the readers of Alternative Right on the political situation in the former colonies down under.

The result was a typical deadlock between the mainstream right-wing party – the Liberals (think Tories or Republicans) – and the mainstream left-wing Labor (think UK Labour or Democrats). We've been here before in 2010, when Julia Gillard scored a narrow victory for Labor.

In the week leading up to the election, the polls had been neck and neck as to whether the conservative Liberal Malcolm "Teflon Don" Turnbull – a cuckservative in the true sense of that name – would hold on to his recently acquired power or the equally cucked Labor dullard Bill Shorten pull off a coup and oust him. You see, Turnbull did a Brutus on his Julius Caesar about a year ago, on our own old school, moderate, right-wing, former Liberal leader Tony Abbott. I rather liked Abbott, I must confess – he of the very successful “Stop the Boats” campaign that literally did stop our refugee boat problem in Australia overnight.

Mr. Abbott even kindly offered his advice to Europe, but, alas, his obvious expertise went unheeded by Merkel’s merchants of multiculturalism, as the boats kept flowing at speeds that had George Soros laughing so hard he almost blew a hernia. But, as we all know on the Alt Right, out of chaos comes opportunity.

What is most interesting about the result of the Australian election is the beginning of what could become "The Pauline Hanson Revolution," with Ms. Hanson's One Nation Party picking up three seats – and possibly more – in the 76-seat Senate (the Upper House), and thus the balance of power there. The final result may not be known for some time because vote counting is a rather drawn-out process, but latest reports indicate that in addition to One Nation Senators, there could be 30 Liberal Senators, 27 Labor, 8 Greens, 5 others, and three still to be decided. For the Liberals to pass laws here they will need to build a working majority involving the strongly anti-immigrant One Nation.

A sneering attempt to demean Hanson backfires by unwittingly highlighting her everywoman qualities and patriotism.
Hanson, if you remember, was one of the first post-Cold-War anti-immigration fire brands to storm the bastions of Western parliamentary democracy. Before Geert got his Wilders on, before Marine was allowed out of the Pen, or before even Pym Fortuyn polished his bald dome to oppose Islam and the building of mosques, this wily "Fish and Chip Bitch from Ipswich," as her enemies dubbed her, was holding forth on the need for a "Fortress Australia" to protect our glorious way of life and national identity from the madness of mass immigration.

Pauline Hanson did indeed formerly run a fish and chip shop, with some success they say, but gave up her time at the griller and fryer in order to fry bigger fish in the world of politics. She burst onto the scene around 1995, criticising Asian mass immigration and hanging around for a good four or five years, until the political elites of both the big parties found a way to sideline her.

Like Trump, Hanson has
been a reality TV star.
Her various attempts at a comeback have been sabotaged many times over by these elites and of course the media. They fear both her potential for mass popularity and the way her down-to-earth Aussie manner resonates with your average voter.

She was even unfairly jailed over some petty parliamentary rules snafu that was not even her doing, but that of some underling, but they had to quickly release her when the mood of the public went decidedly sour on both the Labor and Liberal Parties over this sly move to lock up a true patriot and hero of the Australian People. Yes, there’s still a bit of the old ANZAC courage and spirit left in us Aussies, especially when one of our own is under threat.

Hanson occupied the Australian political waste land for about 15 years – seeking to get back into local politics and power. See her wikipedia page for further details and history.

Well, this month's election changed everything for Hanson. Indeed, with the media unsure about which of the main parties had won the election until a day or two ago, there was clearly only one immediate winner – and that was Pauline Hanson!

She was everywhere – on morning TV with Derryn Hinch, who also won a seat in the Senate and could be an ally of Hanson’s, as both are conservative, common sense candidates who speak their minds – PCness be damned! She was also on the evening news, the nightly news, special reports, and cable specials. Even the Cultural Marxists at ABC and SBS had to have her on. It was full force, full spectrum Hanson! You could even have got the impression from this outpouring of media coverage that the New Prime Minister of Australia was actually Pauline Hanson!

Such a glorious reality is, sadly, as yet a dream. This very evening – Sunday July 10th, 2016 – Malcolm Turnbull the Cuckservatrive leader claimed victory, after gaining a slim majority in the House of Representatives (Lower Hoise), and received a call of congratulations and concession of defeat from his Labor counterpart Bill Shorten. So there that is.

Be that as it may, how did Pauline pull off this phoenix-like comeback that has all political tongues wagging down under?

Well, I think we have Australia’s Muslim Community partly to thank for her success. During the past 20 years, Pauline’s rhetoric has moved from concern over general Asian immigration to the even more pressing concern over Muslim mass immigration. This has proven to be pay dirt for her, as Muslim terrorism is a global threat and a zeitgeist issue.

Entire Sydney suburbs like Lakemba, where only 35% of people who live there were born in Australia, are hotbeds for potential Muslim terrorist radicals, as well as various criminals – and we have already had two local terrorist attacks Down Under that have pushed politics to the right on this issue. Lakemba is basically a no-go zone for real Australians, much like we see in many a European capital.

This is naturally a great travesty to a people who fought "Johnny Turk" on the shores of Gallipoli. That a part of our own country has fallen to "the enemy" in such a way is galling. Luckily there are only a few suburbs like Lakemba in Australia – but others are going that way too, and the time to fight back is now. Pauline Hanson has thankfully returned to lead the charge. She speaks out against Muslim immigration and calls for a sensible total ban while also advocating the deportation of Islamic radicals.

The Cultural Marxists at the ABC and at sites like New Matilda go into fully triggered point-and-sputter mode: "How can this happen?" "How can this be?" "How can she be back?" But their howls of disapproval ring empty throughout the land.

Even more infuriating for them is Hanson’s potential to hold the balance of power in the Senate, which can make or break any legislation coming from the Lower House and thus inhibit policy direction. Australia, it seems, could have a moderate right-wing government in the House of Representatives with what looks like a Hanson-dominated far-right Senate! That's a combination that bodes well for the dream of a "Fortress Australia."

No need to keep it a secret anymore.
Not everyone in the mainstream media has been as hysterical as some of our Cultural Marxist friends. There have even been some cautious "maybe we should listen to Pauline, instead of mock her" type articles, because she seems to represent a large cross section of Australians – especially the working class types, who recently voted Brexit in the UK, etc.

These cautious articles are, of course, picking up on the massive swing to the identitarian right in mainstream Western politics that has followed from the increasingly apparent horrors of multiculturalism and the growing realization that we have been run by a traitorous 1% of rootless globalists who have neither the interests of Western people or society at heart.

Hanson is finding new allies – like Queensland independent House of Representatives member Bob Katter, who himself post election has echoed Hanson’s anti immigration rhetoric. And with the Liberal majority extremely narrow in the Lower House, they may need his vote, so his voice will be a vital and important one, like our other Queensland hero in the Upper House, Ms. Hanson. So, it is all shaping up to be a most interesting Parliamentary period – both in the House of Reps and the Senate.

Hanson has always been popular "on the down low" with most true Aussies. But people have often been afraid to say so in public or on Facebook in the past. But now, after this total failure of an election for the mainstream parties – producing a virtual deadlock, with Liberal and Labor cucks floundering in a sea of mediocrity – people seem to be increasingly comfortable with admitting their liking for Hanson.

Some still might be scared of PC Neo-McCarthyist censure and Cultural Marxist tut-tutting, so let's help them to be free! The more we can be honest about liking Pauline Hanson, the more freedom and open debate will ensue – even in a dialectical way between opposed political directions and viewpoints. So, let's throw open the Overton Window with Pauline Hanson and freethinking Australians – and let's have us some fun over the next 3 years or so. Who knows, maybe Pauline Hanson for Prime Minister is a dream not that far off, after all.


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