Welcome to your new reality, Normies.

by Colin Liddell

How tedious! Apparently Hillary Clinton, in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from her shit health and crap policies, is going to deliver a pus-filled speech attacking the Alt-Right and attempting to link us to Donald Trump. Although the speech will be turgid and full of laughable errors, it will nevertheless be boosted by the flailing energies of the zombie mainstream media, and thus become – albeit temporarily – quite a big deal.

She will probably refer to sites like Breitbart (and its enfant terrible Milo Yiannopoulis) to establish a link to Trump, as well as The Daily Stormer, TRS, and The Daily Shoah, because their hilarious "stormfagging," shorn of its context, humour and irony, provides the "scary racism" that she needs to adorn her narrative.

The speech will bring wider attention to the whole Alt-Right, and as the name-bearer of the movement, our site should see an uptick in concerned or curious "normie" traffic. So, with that in mind here is a quick, dumbed-down guide to the Alt-Right for the uninitiated.

What is the Alt-Right?

Most of you normies probably understand politics through the GOP vs. Democrats or Conservatives vs. Liberal models. That is understandable, as that is all the mainstream media tends to focus on if they can get away with it. The Alt-Right rejects this simple binary form of politics for the following reasons:
(i) It is a false dichotomy
(ii) It ignores the metapolitical dimension
(iii) It embeds false premises in the political debate
Point (i) means that the two parties/political tendencies are not distinct or really opposed. Before Trump (and, to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders) upset the apple cart, the two parties operated as an effective duopoly.

Slightly flawed meme

Both were essentially open borders, globalist parties, who held that ethnic and racial identitarianism (especially by Whites) was the capital sin. Both were agents of an economic system founded on exporting American debt and importing foreign unemployment. To do this they had to (a) destroy American jobs and (b) increase the public spending deficit to the point where debt creation soared. Both parties cooperated in this endeavour. The GOP enabled US investors to outsource production by lowering American tariffs, while the Dems made it more difficult to do skilled manufacturing at home (welfarism, minimum wage, affirmative action hiring, feminizing the workplace, etc.). The Dems boosted public spending while the GOP cut taxes, etc.

Point (ii) means that politics is not just limited to economics, but also involves cultural and philosophical dimensions. While, economically, the Dems and GOP have worked hand-in-glove on behalf of a poisonous globalism, there are differences between the supporters of the two parties regarding social and moral matters. Unfortunately for social conservatives, the Left entirely dominates the metapolitical realm in America, through its control of Hollywood, the media, and academia. This means that social conservatives have to put up with one Leftist advance after another. US conservatives appear not even to be aware of the metapolitical realm, let alone contest it. Hence they are forever outflanked by the Left.

Point (iii) means that the conventional political discourse accepts un-examined premises – points which are never properly debated because doing so is stigmatized as being evil and "literally Hitler." These premises, many of which are self-evidently false, are therefore "accepted" by both sides. These false premises are enforced by metapolitical means and through the tyranny of political correctness and Leftist control of the media. They include the following:
  • All races are equal and interchangeable
  • Racial difference is only skin deep
  • Equality is a good thing
  • Equalizing outcomes between races is a good thing
  • Diversity is a good thing
  • America is a "proposition nation" (and must accept new members even if they don't agree with the propositions)
  • Men and women should be equal and treated the same in all things
  • Gays and straights should be equal and treated the same in all things
  • Nationalism is bad and leads to wars
  • Globalism is good and leads to peace
  • The Holocaust was uniquely evil and was caused by nationalism
  • Slavery was uniquely evil
  • Segregation is uniquely evil
  • The economy must always grow
  • Religion is a purely private matter
  • Jewish power is not a thing (unless you claim it is)
Etc., etc. While some of these premises are still contended to some degree, the tendency is for them all to be enshrined against attack. You may secretly agree or disagree with these premises, but under the present system just questioning them, means that you will be demonized as "evil." Conservativism, with no metapolitical defences, is thus forced to go along with them. This weakness and deficiency is what called the Alt-Right into being.

Why is the Alt-Right?

As we see above, the Alt-Right is a movement founded on the need to reject the false political dichotomy that favours an increasingly Leftist and globalist world. But why should we be so opposed to this? The reason is quite simple: Leftist globalism is sick and degenerative, both in demographic and economic terms, and any individual or group that deems itself healthy – or which at least values health – must reject it.

Leftist globalism can only exist thanks to modernity and the power of technology. The more technologically backward or economically underprivileged areas are, the more they are forced to resort to traditional, localist, and hierarchical modes of existence, in order to survive. This is why Leftist globalism only exists in the West. But even with all its advantages, Leftist globalism is degenerative. We see this in the West, where the core populations are failing to reproduce and are thus in the process of being replaced by incomers from societies that are more technologically backward and economically underprivileged.

Migrants charging their smartphones
at a railway station in Budapest.
Because of the unexamined premise that "all races are equal and interchangeable," the Left does not see this as a problem, and thinks that the incomers will change and fully assimilate. The irony of course is that if they do, then they will suffer from the same inability to reproduce as the indigenous Westerners they are replacing, leading to a repetition of the cycle.

Ultimately, even by Leftist logic, the West – under Leftist Globalism – will forever be parasitical on non-Western populations to sustain itself.

Economically, Leftist Globalism leads to dysfunctional interdependence and power imbalances. I have already mentioned that America exports debt to countries such as China and Japan, which in return export their unemployment (in the form of manufactured goods) to America. The effect of this is that America has to absorb this unemployment through increasing social dysfunction. This takes the following forms:
  1. racial grievances
  2. high crime and counter crime
  3. mass incarceration
  4. unemployment
  5. inefficiency
  6. fake jobs and professions
  7. prolonged "education"
An interesting case in point is America’s Black population. Up to 1971, when America created the global debt system, by abandoning the gold standard, the country exported more or less what it imported. It had to. The fiat system allowed it to start exporting debt, a negative. But economics has its own karma. To balance this, it also had to import a negative. That was unemployment. This became apparent in the 70s and 80s when Japanese goods started to flood the American market.

But while Asian – and to a lesser extent – European export economies could store American debt conveniently in bank accounts and ledgers, unemployment has to be stored socially – i.e. in the lives of the people. To achieve this America needed to achieve levels of extreme social dysfunction. One means of achieving this was racial grievance – epitomized in the collapse of American cities like Detroit – a process which started to accelerate around this time.

Unemployment storage device.

The growing social alienation of the Black underclass, expressed in the removal of coercion through social discipline (aka Civil Rights and "desegregation"), and resulting in high unemployment and crime, created vast reservoirs of "unemployment storage," both in terms of actual unemployment and mass incarceration, but also in terms of the creation of essentially fake jobs like prison warders, security guards, social workers, legal operatives, etc., that would not be required in a healthy society.

Other forms of unemployment storage were a massive expansion of the educational system, which is basically a nice, pleasant form of unemployment storage for middle class people, and the continuation and expansion of a Cold War military establishment, which can basically be envisaged as unemployment storage for rural and urban White working class people.

The tendency of Leftist Globalism is to increase this system of debt for unemployment resulting in social dysfunction, leading to America becoming an increasingly pampered parasite on a global economy, where the real jobs – and eventually the real power – go elsewhere.

Those in the Alt-Right, to various degrees, realize how the present system multiplies weakness and dysfunction, especially in the West, and, as a healthy response, are motivated to oppose it with a burning and fanatical zeal.

Who is the Alt-Right?

This may be an issue in the coming days. Some groups and sites mentioned will not actually be Alt-Right. Breitbart and Milo Yiannoupolis in particular are definitely not Alt-Right. Breitbart is closer to libertarianism, while Yiannoupolis is simply an individualist degenerate, both in his lifestyle and in the values he espouses.

Hating feminists and Muslims because one is a flagrant homosexual is not Alt-Right. I would classify that as not even an intellectual or ideological point of view, but a purely pheromonal one.

Also, Hillary will want to play up the "Nazi" side of the Alt-Right. This means that she, or at least follow-up articles by her followers and cronies, will mention The Daily Stormer and TRS, who indulge in an exaggerated form of anti-Semitism.

Both these outlets are part of the on-line troll culture, which relies on creating outrage ("triggering") in its targets, and which largely operates under various hidden "sock" identities. Many normies will have difficulty getting the irony and humour of these sites, but the truth is that comments about "ovens," "gas," and the "Happy Merchant" are not to be taken too literally, although criticism of Jewish power and Jewish agendas certainly is. Unfortunately, both are liable to be taken to literally – or purposely misconstrued by the mainstream media – as hate-filled and irrational Neo-Nazis.

Remember, Saul Alinsky's rules on moving the Overton Window through extremist discourse only work when tacitly backed up by a compliant mainstream media.

The core Alt-Right sites are Jared Taylor's American Renaissance, Kevin Macdonald's Occidental Observer, Richard Spencer's Radix, Greg Johnson's Counter-Currents, Peter Brimelow's VDareTraditional Youth Network, Millennial Woes, RamZPaulRight On, Amerika.org and, of course, ourselves. Now, Hillary, do your worst. We're sure to enjoy the attention.

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