The globalist left keep telling us that "diversity is our strength™" and that we can only have it through a ridiculous policy of open borders, mass immigration, political correctness, and race mixing. Predictably enough the Rio Olympics and the largely miscegentaed nature of the host nation is being pressed into service in selling this message, but to see its validity, just keep an eye on the medal table. Usually host nations do particularly well. China won in 2008 and the UK was third in 2012. But don't expect to see Brazil emulate any of that. 

This is because "diversity"—at least in the way that the globalist left mean it (i.e. anti-White race mixing)—is not a strength. Although true diversity—i.e. when combined with racial integrity—is a strength, especially with regard to the White race.

One point the Alt-Right continually makes is that Whites do not need "diversity" because Whites already have more diversity than other races—or at least more than enough. This is often visually signalled by showing pictures of European women with a variety of eye (brown, blue, grey, and green) and hair colours (black, brown, blond, and red). There may be certain extreme biological differences between some groups of sub-Sahran Africans—Pygmies and Masai for example—but the main negro race is disappointingly uniform in its essential appearance, characteristics, and behavioural and cultural outcomes. 

In these terms, Whites are truly the most varied and diverse race, something that the Olympics, despite the clunky universalist boilerplate hammered onto it, will inevitably demonstrate. While only a few sports will feature significant numbers of Blacks and Orientals, an incredibly wide array of sports will feauture and be dominated by Whites (and this is without bringing the Winter Olympics into the picture).

The White body is a machine for winning.
As usual, Blacks will do well in athletics, but despite affirmative action efforts to fast-track them into non-traditional Black sports (swimming, gymnastics, etc.) by the main multicultural sporting caste nations (USA, France, Canada, UK, etc.) they will do badly in almost all of these. 

East Asians can be expected to do better, thanks to Chinese efforts to maximize its medal count at a time when America is instead prioritizing "inclusion," but, even with that, East Asians will still be limited to the nimble and dextrous sports (gymnastics, table tennis, synchronized swimming, and some judo, wrestling, and shooting events).  

Arabs and Indians will continue to have an extremely low sporting profile.

Whites, by contrast, will dominate many sports and compete in almost all categories, including those few areas dominated by Blacks and East Asians. This will demonstrate—for those who have eyes to see—that resisting "the false song of globalism" is the best way to protect true diversity and, more importantly, quality.

London Olympics


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