Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Here in the UK, the BBC so much want to focus on the Rio Olympics and how Britain's team, with its strategically placed selection of well-adjusted non-Whites, is getting on with the important business of giving the post-Brexit nation the right gleam of international openness. However, instead of this they are forced to interrupt coverage of the multicultural "mytopia" to report on that ominous presence across the Atlantic, Donald J. Trump.

"My goodness! How ghastly," their pinched faces seem to scowl, as they make carefully measured yet loaded comments about the latest Trumpenbite. Their superficially irked yet also deeply uncomfortable body language is sending out two distinct messages, one to the viewers, the other to the "dark controllers" of the Culturally Marxist broadcasting entity who decide their future career prospects.

To the general viewer they seek to impart, without explicitly compromising the BBC's laughable commitment to "impartiality," how savage and unacceptable whatever it is that Trump has just said or done, while to their BBC commissars they seem to cry out, "look at how on message I am (and sorry for my nervousness)." Scenes like this have not been seen since the final years of the Soviet bloc.

Yes, with a few well-chosen words, Trump has not only triggered the liberal media in his own country, but the impact of his words has circled the globe several times over—not unlike the waves caused by the eruption of Krakatoa!

This time it was his comments "reportedly" calling for the assassination of Hillary Clinton (possibly unnecessary given her sharply declining health). Judge for yourself:
"Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the Second Amendment." [Boos from the crowd.] "If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what, that will be a horrible day."
Once again—as with his jokey comment in a previous speech about the Russians possibly having Hillary's 30,000 missing emails—Trump said just enough to get the entire media establishment chattering about issues that ultimately play out well for him, without actually saying anything to warrant the hysteria. This is what is called textbook triggering—making the enemy do your bidding by making them lose their cool.

The "missing" email saga highlights Hillary's corruption and incompetence, but also, by bringing emails released by Wikilieaks into the picture, pointing to collusion between the Democratic Party leadership and Hillary's campaign against Bernie Sanders, they drive a wedge between Democrats, while also further delegitimizing the mainstream media. A further implication is that Trump will get on well with Putin, thus strengthening world peace.

Likewise with Trump's recent speculation on the possible actions of Second Amendment enthusiasts. Firstly, he said something that could only be construed as a call for violence by the most rabid liberal paranoiac (luckily many of them work in the media). The posible action hinted at is non-specific and could include a number of possibilities—court cases, demonstrations, petitioning congressmen and senators, ignoring gun bans, etc. The additional comment, "...that would be a horrible day," skillfully gives substance to the hysteria of the paranoiac while also deploring any such action.

Hillary supporting the right to bear (her) arms.
In short, Trump has delivered, yet again, a beautifully weighted comment that pushes his desired topics to the top of the news agenda while saying nothing that any normal person would find much fault with.

In this case, Trump's aim is to stump the old Clinton trick of tacking strongly to the centre in the run-up to an election and to remind centrist voters just how extreme Hillary is likely to be if elected. In order to build her majority, she has been trying to dogwhistle to liberals that she would do something about guns, while implying to gun owners that she would respect their Second Amendment rights. Trump is determined to stop her having her electoral cake and eating it.

Trump also achieves a second objective with his triggering comment, drawing attention to the way the liberal left has effectively destroyed the American political system by co-opting the judicial branch of government, in effect creating a Kritarchy (rule by judges) that complements the other unelected elements of their soft tyranny (the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia, various branches of global finance and big business, etc.). Highlighting this also plays into Christian and Cuckservative resentment over—and further fears of—the constitution being overridden and leftist values imposed.

With the cacophonous chorus of liberal outrage, many of those who pay atention to the news cycle, including many on the Alt-Right, may even be tricked into thinking that Trump has slipped up and that his campaign is going off course, and that the wily Hillary will win. But the thing to do in cases like this is to close your ears to the shrill cries of outrage and ignore the pointing and sputtering, and instead to ask what issues the brouhaha is raising to the top of the news agenda, and how these reflect on the positions of the candidates.

The answer will show you that Trump is laying the groundwork of victory, while, all the time, enjoying his peerless ability to trigger a media establishment that has strayed far to the left of the general public.


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