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Hollywood Nazi: "Lights, cameras, achtung!"

by Colin Liddell

I am still not certain about the exact nature of Andrew Anglin and The Daily Stormer, a site that seems to have a rather inflated opinion of itself. But my best guess at the moment is that it is a psy-ops operation, set up by, and serving, Jewish interests. Some of you may also have your doubts about the site, others not, but, as someone who has been in the Alt-Right from the start and has written for all its main outlets – Radix, Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents, TRS, and American Renaissance – and has a knowledge of attempts to stifle nationalism in other countries, you may wish to humour me in my suspicions, and see how I arrived at them. It should at least make for some interesting reading.
Because I believe with a fair degree of certainty that the Stormer is inspired by a certain radical Jewish agenda, I will henceforth refer to it, its associates, and its derivatives with echo brackets ((())), so that certain patterns will be lucidly clear. 
Well, let's begin at the beginning...

After Alternative Right was set up in 2010, it started to gain some traction, as did similar sites like Counter-Currents (2010), and later TRS (2012). This new movement, drawing strength from older Paleoconservative 'enclaves' (The Occidental ObserverAmerican Renaissance) and more sophisticated right-wing ideas from Europe, developed a strong traditionalist and identitarian message that was then spread using the "new media" of the internet – blogs, social media, and podcasting. Having America’s first Black President in the White House proved to be an accelerant. Those in power were worried, and the movement started to gain some attention from the mainstream media.

This period of the Alt-Right, which we can term Alt-Right 1.0, more or less ended when Richard Spencer decided to shut down Alternative Right (, and when Andy Nowicki and myself decided to unshut it down ( This was Xmas, 2013. Spencer's decision opened the way for other sites to emerge, with Greg Johnson's excellent and erudite Counter-Currents and TRS rising to the challenge, helping to create, with ourselves, Alt-Right 2.0.

(((The Daily Stormer))) was launched several months before the end of Alt-Right 1.0, in July 2013. This was essentially a reboot of a earlier site, founded in 2012, which had been called (((Total Fascism))). The timing and political focus of these sites suggests that they were "called into being" by the emergence of Alt-Right 1.0.

Hmmm, not shocking enough.
Very soon a pattern became obvious. Both (((Total Fascism))) and the (((Stormer))) sought to tie the rising Alt-Right identitarian movement with the (((Hollywood))) version of the worst excesses of German National Socialism (gas chambers, lamp shades, etc.). Some of this was done tongue-in-cheek, some wasn't. This distorted Hollywood version of an actual political movement can best be represented by putting echo brackets around the term Nazism to give us (((Nazism))).

Latching onto each story that has a racial angle – think rapes, murders, terrorism, ethnic corruption, etc. – (((The Stormer))) immediately tries to give it a White Nationalist spin, while also giving it an even stronger (((Nazi))) spin, an obvious attempt to conflate the two. To anyone familiar with the history of European nationalist politics, this is Jewish Leftist Counter Metapolitics 101, and the reason why successful European nationalist parties all take special care to distance themselves from that kind of imagery and rhetoric. While it may be useful to mock Leftist exaggerations of the Holocaust, once this becomes an identity, as it has with the (((Stormer))) and those downwind from it, then you are effectively ghettoized, and who does that serve?

The sinister and willful aspect of this can be determined by observing the techniques employed when resistance is met. When sensible nationalists reject this crass identification with aspects of (((Nazism))), (((Stormerfags))) typically reply with two things: (1) "You're afraid," and (2) "They're going to call you a racist anyway."

The first point is extremely iniquitous and manipulative, because for anyone to be a nationalist in societies dominated by the globalist orthodoxy takes great courage, therefore nationalists are invariably brave men and women keen to dispel any slur on their courage.

The second point is equally underhanded, because it conflates all degrees of racism – from sensible group instincts that all peoples have to genocidal madness. This is the logic of "you may as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb," which means, if the penalty for two offences is the same, you might as well commit the more serious one. This has been transformed into: "Rather than being called a racist for tut-tutting at IQ differences and worrying about immigration, why not shout ‘Gas the Kikes Race War Now’ (GTKRWN)!?"

The fact is there are many degrees of racism, and some of them make sense or not, depending on a whole range of factors and situations. This also means that racism can be both moral and immoral.

(((Stormer))) office?
Underlying the (((Stormer))) mentality is the implication that all racism, whatever the degree, is totally evil. That, in essence is the meaning of the (((GTKRWN)))) meme.

In other words, the (((Stormer))) mentality is essentially the same as the Leftist mentality – a belief that all racism is evil and equally evil. The only difference is that the (((Stormer))) celebrates or encourages its dupes to celebrate this supposition of evil.

My view on these matters is simple: If one wants to be a (((GTKRWN)))-style (((stormerfag))), that is your decision, so go for it. I think it is a stupid, self-isolating, and self-defeating position, but I can understand the high degree of alienation and often sexual frustration that push young White males in that direction.

If you want to be a real National Socialist – sans (((GTKRWN))) – that too is fine. National Socialism is a political movement, ideology, and historical phenomenon that has its own existence distinct from Jewish machinations to conflate it with their own hyperbolic version of it. Many supporters of genuine National Socialism believe that the Holocaust never happened, or that the facts were substantially different. They should be free to make that case without pollution from the (((stormerfag))) element. This, however, I feel, will always be a limited taste, and of little political importance.

A more important group, as it is a natural majority, are those wanting to be sensible and moral White nationalists. This group, as well as other denizens of the Alt-Right, should not have to suffer their beliefs being tarnished by (((Nazi))) schtick, courtesy of (((Hollywood))) and the (((Stormer))). This is exactly the kind of trick that Hillary Clinton, amplified by a compliant media, tried to pull on Trump in her Reno speech, and it is exactly identical to the trick that the (((Stormer))) tries to pull on the Alt-Right every single day.


One argument that apparently sincere defenders of the (((stormerfag))) tendency come out with is that they have "meme magic," have shifted the Overton Window, and have "changed everything." This is essentially their mantra and they chant it like sleep-deprived zombies, which observing their Twitter habits, I can well believe. They point to Trump and say, "we did that" or at least "that couldn'’t have happened without us."

What we see in this misplaced sense of their own power is simply a tragic misunderstanding of the phenomenon of parallel effects. This is an incidence where two effects are generated by the same cause (or causes), but then one effect is perceived wrongly as the cause of the other effect. The rise of Trump is definitely not the result of a bunch of (((Neo-Nazi LARPers))) shitposting on Twitter. This and the rise of Trump simply reflect the same cause, namely growing dissatisfaction with modern multiculturalism and the minoritization of White people.

The truth of what I say can be demonstrated by two cases, one where nationalist-leaning politicians have achieved success without relying solely on (((stormerfaggotery))), and one where they have achieved nothing even with the full support of (((stormerfaggotery))):

(1) In Europe we have seen a large range of increasingly right-wing and nationalist politicians being elected as the effects of multiculturalism kick in, and all done without copious amounts of scat-posting on Twitter. Politicians, like Marine Le Pen, have built careers in real life politics – pounding the streets, talking to people, showing their faces, etc., not shitposting like demented dysentery victims on the internet using sock accounts. No matter how big (((stormerfags))) claim their movement is, IRL it is still nothing. My second case demonstrates this.

Thanks, (((Stormer)))
(2) The last great political campaign in which the "meme magic" of the (((Anglin Troll army))) was unleashed was the state senate run of Robert Randsell, whose slogan "With Jews You Lose" brought him to the attention of RamZPaul, followed by (((Andrew Anglin))), me, and Greg Johnson.

 That was a quite a tiff and highly enjoyable, but once the dust had settled, I made a point to notice how well Mr. Ransdell did at the polls with the full support of the (((Anglin troll army))). The result was a grand total of 53 votes for Mr. Ransdell, which he would probably have got without any help from (((Anglin))) anyway. Really, if the claims made by (((stormerfags))) about their power to influence the real world had any validity, you think they could at least have helped Randsell get into triple figures.

I actually hope the (((Anglin troll army))) is getting Trump at least 53 votes, although I suspect with the help of its bracket cousin (((the mainstream media))), it is helping to scare a few gentle souls away from voting for him.


But I hate to be entirely negative about the (((Stormer))). After all, much of this article is supposition and my best guess, and I could be wrong, in which case I apologize. Also, whatever its motives, I believe the (((Stormer))) has had some utility for our movement, although not much. Along with a lot of other people and groups associated with the Alt-Right, including myself, it has engaged in shock tactics that have at least helped to break through the mainstream media’s blanket of silence. This would be the generous way to view (((Stormerism))) and its (((Naziist))) tactics. The culmination of this process was, of course, Hillary’s speech and the term "Alt-Right" going mainstream. However, 4chan, Alt-Litist Milo Yiannoupolis, Gamergate, the Daily Shoah, and Stefan Molyneux deserve the biggest shout-outs here.

However, it would be naive to see this latest breakthrough purely in terms of push factors on our part. The Left always has its own reasons for its actions and this is true in the case of Hillary's elevation of the term "Alt-Right" to the level of national discourse.

Here too there is a pattern. Back in 2013, Alt-Right 1.0 was the subject of similar attention. The pull factor here was the Left's desire to support "The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013," an immigration reform bill introduced by the notorious "Gang of Eight" group of bipartisan Senators. Their point of attack was Jason Richwine, an important member of the main Conservative think tank opposing the act, as well as his tenuous association with our website.

The attack on Alt-Right 1.0

This time the reason to mention us is the threat posed by Trump to the globalist system. Without that, the blanket of silence would have remained firmly tucked in, possibly with a few wrinkles. In essence, Trump wasn't created by the Alt-Right or the (((Stormer)))'s attempts to discredit us by showering the internet with (((Naziist))) drivel. Instead, the Alt-Right – at least as a mainstream phenomenon – was created by Trump, or more accurately the needs of his enemies to sling mud at him.

This is the reality we are operating in, so we shouldn't allow the Left or its possible tools in the guise of the (((Stormer))) to dictate to us what White Nationalism or the Alt-Right is or should be. Our enemies have been playing that game for decades, but they won't win this time.


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