The Alt-Right includes a spectrum of views: from the racist, White Nationalist Alt-Right to the culturist, Western-Civilization protecting Alt-Light. Herein I will cover both sides' mutual disdain for multiculturalism, discuss their differences and place Trump in the spectrum. Ultimately, I will argue, not only is Trump not Alt-Right, he is only tepidly Alt-Lite.


Famously, the Alt-Right is a wide umbrella term. And, this article will reify distinctions, though many individuals blend positions. But all who associate with the Alt-Right understand that multiculturalism aims at their extinction. Whereas Alt-Right racists consider Whites the multiculturalists' target for extinction; the culturist Alt-Lite consider the destruction of Western Civilization to be the aim of the multiculturalists.

Mathematically, the multicultural goal of diversity can only be achieved by increasing non-White population or decreasing White numbers. There is no other way. The Alt-Right notes that in Western democracies, more diversity must mean less sovereignty, power, and control for Whites. The Alt-Lite notes that, when multiculturalism says the West is just a neutral space where various cultures meet, it denies and so attacks our very cultural existence.

Worse yet, all who identify with the Alt-Right know that multiculturalism harbors a malicious logic wherein Whites (and their supposed 'racism') are responsible for non-Whites' failures. Therefore, asserting non-Whites victimhood and their fight for 'social justice' are forms of revenge, of getting even, with Whites and/ or Western civilization. Multiculturalism is a mortal enemy to both the Alt-Right and the Alt-Lite.

The Alt-Right Racists

White Nationalists in the Alt-Right see that the target of multicultural wrath is not just Western culture, but Whites in particular. The multiculturalists' constant focus on White guilt and crimes, and their encouraging violent revenge by non-White peoples, (such as Black Lives Matter), point inexorably – the Alt-Right notes – at the aim of 'White Genocide.'

Milo: named after a chocolate drink?
Nearly zero in the Alt-Right advocate what the media stereotypes them as wanting: the genocide of non-Whites. Many, though, want an area wherein Whites can safely live alone. These range from people who just want the Federal government to stop violating their right of association, via HUD and busing, all the way to White Nationalists who want a homeland for Whites or want to affirm the West as White peoples' land.

All of the Alt-Right and many in the Alt-Lite, admit to IQ and temperament differences between races. As we shall see, the difference comes from the importance attached to that fact. By habit and to make a distinction, I have been labeling the Alt-Right 'racist.' Therefore, herein, it bears asking if noting racial IQ and temperament differences in races is 'racist'?

If, in response to black dominance in the NBA, a quota for Whites was advocated, that could be 'racist.' And saying each group should be free to maximize their group's potential – even if this means black sports dominance – could be considered 'anti-racist.' And, wanting to live with one's own, does not imply hating others. As such, many White Nationalists deny the label 'White supremacist' and decry the double standards wherein white advocacy is 'racist' while minority advocacy is not.

The Alt-Lite Culturists

While not against the proposition in principle, culturists see no path to the creation of exclusive White areas or a return to America being solely a White nation again. Culturism, (multiculturalism's opposite) therefore counters the narrative wherein the West has no traditional culture and should feel guilty for non-Whites’ failure, with pride. These Alt-Liters want our institutions to officially recognize our unique Western heritage and protect and promote it with laws, curriculum, holidays, etc.

Both the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite hate political correctness. Black ghetto culture is pathological. Mexican heroes and holidays are not American, and neither is the Spanish language. Latino culture leads to Third World status. Culturists insist these statements are culturist, not racist. And, as culture is plastic, we can uplift all with honest cultural discussions and unite around pride in European culture. To this end, the Alt-Lite emphasizes the many, patriotic, good non-White American citizens, while talking tough.

The human mind: partly re-programmable?
The Alt-Right race-realists, who consider poor cultural outcomes a direct result of poor genes, consider Alt-Right culturism just more PC. And the unity frays in immigration policy too. The Alt-Right despairs at lower IQ peoples ever being able to sustain a First World civilization and so would ban all non-White immigration. The Alt-Lite would ban all Third-World immigration for now. But, after much assimilation, eventually, they would consider letting in culturally assimilable non-White people.


The extreme racist right of the Alt-Right, see Jews as inherently and irredeemably hostile to Western civilization. Culturists acknowledge cultural diversity and so acknowledge Jewish predominance in foisting Marxist, egalitarian, multiculturalism on the West. Still, seeing culture as plastic, the Alt-Lite accepts assimilation and thinks honest talk about culture could stem Jews' anti-Western tendencies.

From an Alt-Lite perspective, the West is partially defined via its "Judeo-Christian" culture. And, in this camp, there are many Jews, most of whom identify as White and many who even identify as Christian. There is a strain in the extreme racist Alt-Right that not only denies Jews can be truly White, it rejects the Judeo-Christian tradition for a brand of neo-paganism.


While accused of appealing to racists in the Alt-Right, Trump's talking-points are more a form of light Alt-Lite. He believes people of all colors can be great Western citizens. And he has promoted American greatness and even Christianity. Yet, while he is willing to talk about Jihad and some Mexican illegals, he has not discussed Mexicans' limiting and non-American cultural habits or Black thug culture (which he would presumably attribute to job loss, not race).

Trump: race blind, and fuzzy
about cultural differences.
As Trump instinctively seems to make a distinction between race and culture, he genuinely resents being called a 'racist' and does not see himself as one. His consistency on this matter, has undermined the media's attempt to call all those who mention cultural diversity's bad aspects 'racist.' For this the Alt-Right and the Alt-Lite are grateful. But, his tepid cultural discussions and lack of racism make him a light member of the Alt-Lite, not Alt-Right.

Ending on a note of convergence, the Alt-Right, Alt-Lite, and Trump all revile globalism. Famously, Trump is putting American safety before foreigners' feelings. Trump has rejected the Neo-Con RINO's globalist wars in the Middle East, which the Alt-Right sees as doomed by these people's low IQ and violent temperament, and the Alt-Lite sees as doomed by Islamic culture. Trump, the Alt-Right, and Alt-Lite all reject the globalist 'humanitarian' idea that Western ideals are universal.

John K. Press, Ph.D., teaches at a university in South Korea. He is the author of the book, Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. He is also the author of a biography of the first acknowledged 'culturist,' Matthew Arnold. More information can be found at


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