We know they are not sending us their best, and I'm not talking about Mexico in Trump voice. Instead, I am referring to the waves of migrants who have swarmed over Europe in the last couple of years. Of course, once the endorphin from the moral high of letting all those "poor unfortunates" into one's country dies down, you are left with the awkward problem of exactly where to put them all—or should that be who to put them with.

Of course, the best solution would be to park them in the neighbourhoods inhabited by our governing classes, so that thosse paragons of wisdom and watchfulness could stay up-to-date on the minutiae of the migrant crisis, things like public defecation & masturbation, rapes, violent attacks, rampant theft, and of course the vast economic costs of welfarism. Indeed, how much better if our leaders could study all that up-close-and-personal on a day-to-day basis (and no cheating by hiring extra security and pooper scoopers). It would no doubt make it all the easier for them to come up with wonderful, progressive solutions for these "temporary problems" that have burst out of the Pandora's Box they have opened while thinking in high-minded soundbites.

But, of course, that is not going to happen. The people who govern us have got other pressing matters on their mind, and don't want to be troubled in this way, so these clumps of migrants—mainly young, male, and horny, and coming in convenient gang-sized packs—have to be rolled out across each nation foolish enough to have brought them in.

But this process is having interesting side effects. Communities are starting to act like communities again—perhaps for the first time since they gave up ploughing the land—and developing a new awareness. And not just awareness, but also activism. In fact you could almost call it a grassroots revival of that until now empty phrase "local democracy," and what makes it better is that it is unscheduled and happening without permission from the center.

The latest example of this healthy development happened in the town of Forges-les-Bains, near Paris, where a planned migrant centre was first opposed by demonstrations, then vandalized, and then later mysteriously burst into flames. It seems that rather than have young, ganged-up, male refugees—all fake of course—move down from the Calais Jungle to be near their wives and daughters (yes, and sons), the good people of the town took matters into their own hands. Read more about the what happened here.

No longer meeting the high standards of migrant comfort and safety. What a pity!
Now, if only the people from each town threatened with one of these invader centers were given a say on whether they actually wanted gangs of Third World male migrants hanging round their streets all day on welfare, ogling their daughters (and worse) while they worked to pay the taxes to support them, then a lot of this unpleasantness and arson could be avoided. But until ordinary communities are asked by globalist elites for permission to "enrich" them in this way, each case like this must be seen simply as an "unscheduled outbreak of local democracy." Long may democracy thrive and in every town and village.


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