Richard Collet-White, Natalie Twisleton-Wykenham-Fiennes, and Deborah Francis-Grayson

One of the strange things about modern leftism is the ability to advocate a cause without any discernible personal link to the issue at stake.

And then most of them have the amazing talent to get off scot free, or just receive a slap on the wrist, when they are collared for breaking the law.

The most obvious example is the self-styled mainly middle class 'anti-fascist' movement, who use strong arm, and occasionally violent, tactics to confront their political opponents, and who rarely answer for their crimes, whether against the right to free speech or the civil rights of those whom they attack.

Usually, as nationalists have discovered, the leaders of the 'anti-fascist' groups involved are merely establishment spies, while the rank-and-file, whether they know it or not, carry out the dirty work of the state, thereby making the world safe for multicultural capitalism, despite their fake 'left-wing' credentials.

Another bizarre development is the so-called 'Black Lives Matter' campaign group, an unwanted political import from the United States, which has also been hijacked by a coalition of weird, upper middle class types, usually very wealthy and well-connected, and funnily enough 100% white European!

A recent demonstration at London City Airport revealed this odd phenomenon when nine protesters were arrested after locking themselves together on the single runway disrupting over one hundred flights and claiming air pollution damaged black and non-white immigrants more than the native population.

Police gingerly deal with the situation.
At a subsequent court hearing last week, District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe told them she found it "rather hard" to believe they were black campaigners, and then only gave them conditional discharges, although the 100% white group had all pleaded guilty to aggravated trespass.

The judge told them at Westminster Magistrates' Court: "I find it rather hard to see the link between the protest movement which started in America and goes by the name Black Lives Matter which, so I understand, protests against the treatment of the black population by the police in America."

Six, all from the south east of England, were given an eighteen month conditional discharge: Esme Waldron, 23, pale white; Sama Baka, 27, slightly off-white; Sam Lund-Harket, 32, posh white; Natalie Geraldine Twisleton-Wykenham-Fiennes, 25, exceedingly posh white; Ben Tippet, 24, not so posh white; and Richard Collet-White, 23, (no laughing at the 'racist' surname, please!) William Pettifer, punk white, 27, of Radford, Notts, was also given the same. Deborah Francis-Grayson, another posh white,31, from Slough, Berks, was given a three-year conditional discharge, while Alex Etchart, 26, who lives on a houseboat in Essex, was given a two year conditional discharge as they both had previous convictions.

The half-white far-left political campaigner, Lee Jasper, said in response to the airport protest: "It's cultural appropriation. Even our struggle is no longer our own!"

It's a funny old world.

Originally published at Civil Liberty


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