Monday, 5 September 2016


We knew it was a bad deal when a Remainer, Theresa May, was made Prime Minister by the Conservative Party hierarchy, following David Cameron's shock defeat in the famous BREXIT vote. Despite May being a Remainer and being beholden to unseen power brokers, it was still hoped that the will of the people would be respected, especially with regard to the obvious desire to see a drastic reduction in immigration. But no dice!

Heading for the G20 summit in China, May rejected pledges made by the official "Vote Leave" group for a "points-based" system, the best hope in the present political climate for radically reducing immigration.

"One of the issues is whether or not points-based systems do work," she said. "There is no single silver bullet on reducing immigration."

As the points system has proved relatively successful in other places, like Australia, backing away from it is a clear demonstration of the pressure being put on the UK by the EU, USA, globalist corporations, and – wait for it – Japan, who all favour keeping as many of the existing arrangements between the EU and the UK as possible.

The Japanese, who hypocritically retain tight controls of their own borders, recently threatened that many Japanese companies would quit the UK unless existing arrangements between the UK and the EU stay in place, including the "free movement" of people. Given the fact that the EU is now an enlarged refugee camp full of Third Worlders who want to come to Britain, this is definitely not good.

Day by day, BREXIT is becoming a case of BREXIT-in-name-only, without any of the substance of independence.

Possibly, this could relaunch the career of Nigel Farage. Fresh from his tour of America, where he campaigned with Donald Trump and was identified by Hillary Clinton as one of the leaders of the Alt-Right, Farage could be the man to lead a revival of UKIP. We certainly hope so, as Britain is in dire need of some kind of nationalist party – any nationalist party – even one as wishy-washy as UKIP.


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