Panic, don't panic!

You'll have seen the story by now—"Germany: Nearly 40 Per Cent of Under Fives Now ‘Migrant Background"—accompanied, as in the linked article, by a picture of leering, brown-skinned urchins.

Under fives 40% kebab!!! you are invited to think—stick a fork in it, the land of the sausage is well and truly done:
"Following the release of figures which reveal almost four in ten children under five have foreign roots, Michael Paulwitz says the demographic change will be the death of Germany’s welfare state.

The journalist and historian predicts that 'hard struggles' over resources will take place when ethnic Germans are a minority, and that native Germans 'will inevitably lose out.'"
But is it? Now, I'm as much in favour of a bit of paranoia and panic as the next guy wishing for a revival of the West. Germany is clearly on the wrong road, and probably needs a real shock to get off its suicidal path, but this kind of data is somewhat alarmist and can also spread Black Pills, so we should at least try to have an accurate grasp of the situation.

What follows, therefore, is not an attempt to spread complacency about what is a terrible enough situation, but a reminder that Germany has quite a long way to go before the black flag of the Caliphate flies over Berlin, and will have plenty of chances to make the U-turn it needs in order to survive.

Foreign nationals in Germany (source)
There are a few simple points to remember when reading news stories like this one. The first point is to ask what exactly do the words and phrases in the article or report mean. While "migrant" now conjures up grim imagery of gap-toothed Middle Eastern terrorists, living off welfare while leering at your blonde 12-year-old daughter, the term simply means someone from outside Germany.

Now, the key point about Germany is that for the last 20 years it has been overheating its export economy by artificially driving its currency down through a complex scam known as the Euro.

This means that Germany has become a society of overwork and crass materialism. This, of course, has had terrible effects on the birth rate of German women, but it has also drawn people from countries around Germany to the country in order to work.

This means that the vast majority of "migrants" in Germany are actually White Europeans, mainly from other EU countries. Of the top 10 countries of "foreign nationals" (in 2014) only one is outside Europe and part of it is actually in Europe (see chart). Unfortunately, this is Turkey, which has just over 1.5 million foreign nationals in Germany. There is also a slightly larger number of Turks who are officially counted as "Germans," giving a grand total of 3 to 3.5 million.

While this group has higher birth rates than the native population, the trend is sharply downwards, towards the German norm. Meanwhile, even in Turkey itself, there has been a dramatic fall in birth rates to barely above replacement level (2.174 children per woman).

Yes, but what about the latest wave of migrants—from other, poorer, and more fertile Middle Eastern countries?

While it is true that the countries they come from have higher birth rates than Turkey, it should also be remembered that the vast majority of these refugees were young males, mainly without women of their own. They have severe language, cultural, and financial barriers that prevent most of them getting off with the local women (hence the raping).

Unless this population is allowed to bring in hordes of Middle-Eastern women from somewhere (unlikely with an absence of slave markets and Alternative für Deutschland soaring in the polls) their prospects of organic growth will be severely limited, even if the Germans allow this this pool of "wombless" migrants to increase.

While the non-White population of Germany will no doubt increase for a few more years, the mechanisms that have enabled this madness are showing signs of severe wear and tear. In the meantime, the migrants, by introducing copious amounts of pain and dysfunction into the system, will continue to have a salutary effect on the attitudes of the German people. Let's hope they learn their lesson well.

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