Thursday, 15 September 2016


OK, so the polls have improved a lot since RamZPaul made this video back in April, and Hillary's health problems are revealing just what a defective candidate the Democratic Party chose, and, yes, Trump seems to have a fair chance of winning at this precise moment.

But the points made in this video are well worth a serious think, especially in the light of the fact that large elements of the Alt-Right are now busily engaged in huffing their own Pepe farts and wittering on about "meme magic," while complacently allowing their electronic "GTKRWN footprint" and metadata to be harvested through organizations like Paypal and Facebook. 

Yes, Trump may win, but so what? Going big picture, even if Trump turns out to be all he says, this is at best a glitch in the globalist agenda, and green frogs and 1488ism is not going to stop that―in fact that'll just help fuel the coming clamp down on "hate speech" and "thought crime." Nothing like Black Pills to concentrate the mind. Time to grow up and get serious. Look to Europe.

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