Sunday, 11 September 2016


We live in the Age of Equality, but few grasp its essence. It is the yearning – after eons of organization and evolution – of all life to return again to the amoeba and sludge stage, and for all atoms to shed their electrons and become simple hydrogen again, lost in the vastness of space. It is the thing that the great charlatan Sigmund Freud described as "The Death Wish."

It resonates in the most pervasive form of our contemporary culture: PORNOGRAPHY, which washes through the self-inflicted and therefore Faustian media of the internet as an orgy of equality: orifices and appendages – Black, White, Asian, "other," gay, and straight, male and female (and all the other genders rendered meaningless by the act)  – pressed together in one unholy communion; no borders or constraints: the cunt equated with the womb, the asshole with the oral orifice, the tongue with the penis, etc., etc., in infinitum, et ultra in a great unending Black Mass of inversion, perversion, and equality.

But the Cult of Equality has also created its giant colossus – a vast icon to subconsciously transmit its signal throughout the world – and in true egalitarian style, after several decades of existence, this has been levelled with the dirt. But not before it has been imprinted into our memories, seared and burnt in, as the Mark of the Beast is described in The Book of Revelations, by the most memorable deed of the 21st-century, the infamous act of “9-11.”

Yes, look at the obvious iconography of the World Trade Centre again! Which mathematical symbol does it resemble? Turn it on its side and look again! Two great elongated rectangles performing their act of equating.

But just what are they equating?

The earth and the sky, obviously: man and God, or God and the Devil; up and down, superior and inferior; the very idea that all these should, or even can be different. It is hard to miss now. Once seen it cannot be unseen.

Nothing is an accident.

Consider its position: on the edge of the land and the sea. It strives even to equalize the land and the ocean in its eternal war to equalize everything and reduce all to primordial sludge. And what of its destruction? Was that a hopeful sign? An end of the Kali Yuga? Or was that one more act of equating; equating that which is solid with that which is immaterial; that which exists with that which no longer exists, but which performs its act of non-existence in our minds?

And the timing – the date – 9-11! The two ones suggestive of the buildings themselves, and therefore equality! And the number nine – the ultimate number as the highest single-digit number, a cosmic rune symbolic of completeness in the esoteric thought of a number of faiths. Nine months we are in the womb, and on the ninth day of the eleventh Jewish month Av both temples of Jerusalem were destroyed.

But what did this mighty act signify. Did it presage the overthrow of the vile egalitarianism and universalism that has enslaved us – now becoming nascent in some of the alternative political movements we see around the World – or did it symbolize the final eradication of the moral and meretricious element of social mobility in society and the lock-down on power by those now at the top?

Previously published here in April 2014 and September 2015

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