Tuesday, 6 September 2016


The man who put the Vaz into Vaseline: secretly gay Labour MP Keith Vaz.

by Daniel Barge

In addition to its long-running moral and spiritual vacuum, the UK is developing into something of a political vacuum, one that could possibly open up opportunities for new parties in British politics.

Not only is the governing Conservative Party reneging on BREXIT―after denying its members a say in the election of the PM―and thus weakening its popular legitimacy, but now the Labour Party is hitting even lower depths than the unelectable basement it has backed itself into with the election of the unelectable Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

In fact the two phenomenon are connected. The more unelectable Labour becomes, the more freedom the Conservative Party feels it has to do what it likes, to the detriment of the country.

The newest low for the Labour Party is the unravelling sex scandal of tubby, bald, bespectacled Indian MP, Keith Vaz, the UK's longest-sitting Asian MP, who has been caught in a gay rent-boy sex scandal, with a secret £400,000 "sex flat" set up a 10-minute walk from the £2.2 million home he shares with his wife and children. Questions are now being asked about where Vaz got the money for his expensive secret gay lifestyle and whether he had to do certain favours to keep it covered up.

Whatever the sordid details of the affair, the main thing is the symbolism. Nothing says the modern Labour Party better than a gay, non-White, millionaire Labour MP from a minority-White city having soulless gay sex with East European rent boys, after snorting cocaine, in a flat bought with funny money, while ordinary working-class Britons put up with the growing costs of a broken society in which they feel increasingly alienated and marginalized. There it is, all wrapped up in one grubby little figure―the utter depravity and corruption of modern Britain's ruling elite!

Remember, the worse that Labour become, the worse the Tories will be able to govern―because they will be able to get away with it, at least temporarily. But this growing disconnect between a depraved and selfish elite and ordinary British voters could also open up a massive opportunity for non-establishment parties to emerge, so get cracking British Dems, LibertyGB, and Britain First!

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