Apropos my recent criticisms of (((The Daily Stormer))) and my disagreements with many in The Right Stuff Facebook group, from which I have now been expelled, I would recommend this video by the late Dr. William Pierce. 

Personally, I think it is great that we finally managed to get a little attention from the mainstream media by flirting with the taboo imagery and tropes of our extremely cucked society. Also, this no doubt had a lot do with the kind of dysfunctional and semi-autistic people who inhabit the internet and who like pictures of frogs; while some of it may, as I speculate, even be due to (((certain interests))) seeking to ghettoize our highly moral and common sense ideas.

But, as NPI showed yesterday at an excellently staged press conference, we have got their attention, and the way forward is to make a sane and rational appeal to all people concerned in favour of our ideas of race realism, anti-White genocide, and uniculturalism, while keeping the juvenile, death-camp-themed shock tactics at a distance.

Now is the time for an "impurity spiral" reaching outwards, instead of inwards into the ghetto of hard-core signalling, so that we can help purify the masses of the spiritual pollution that they already sense in their bones is working towards their doom, rather than horrify and repell them. And even if that sounds too ambitious, we should at least have pause in the run-up to the US Presidential elections. After all, how much better it would be in a few months time to be critiquing a Trump presidency rather than a Hillary one.

In every successful battle comes the time for the radical shift of direction, the sharp turn in tactics that throws the enemy and secures victory. The Alt-Right must be prepared to do this now, instead of repeating tired lines of attack, treading frog-spawn infested water, and falling into the well-prepared but obvious traps of our enemies.

Remember, the 88 is always attached to the 14 to kill it.


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