Wretched Rubio: "Today it is the Democrats. Tomorrow it could be us!"
In his latest "Nameless" podcast, Andy Nowicki discusses the embarrassingly obvious degree to which the political and media establishments are currently colluding to make sure that their candidate gets elected president. Andy notes how both the ostensible 'Right' and 'Left' are closing ranks in response to a perceived threat to their shared hegemony.

Not unrelatedly, he examines a recent speech delivered by President Obama which fully reveals the hideous overreach of the ruling class in their increasingly desperate bid to shut down free thought and impose ideological conformity, at all costs.

Listen here, adorable deplorables:



Politics are the Real Sportsball by Andy Nowicki
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CNN Newsreader Tells Viewers that Accessing Wikileaks is "Illegal"
Trump in 1999: Pat Buchanan "has a love affair with Hitler, and that's sick."
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Marco Rubio Condemns Wikileaks
Time Magazine blames Putin for "trying to undermine faith in the U.S. election."
President Obama Wants to Appoint a 'Curator' for the Internet
Fox News's Greg Gutfeld blasts Wikileaks for violating politicians' privacy
George H.W. Bush is lauded by the media for his "graceful" handover of power to Bill Clinton in 1993 (in alleged contradistinction to Trump forecasting that he may not concede defeat)

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