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In recent weeks, as the US election kicks into high gear, the war rhetoric, pitching America against Russia, has been ramping up. It's hard to know what's really going on, so we should all keep our eyes and ears open for hints and signs.

It is no secret on the Alt-Right that I live in Japan. Not exactly the front line when it comes to a US-Russia showdown in Syria, but Japan is still one of the US Empire's outlying provinces, and also one that occupies a strategic position, near Russia's eastern provinces and its allies North Korea and China. If the shit hits the fan, then even Japan might find itself involved in a war over Syria.

This was driven home today, when I was witness to a massive military air drill. In the last week or so, the Japanese air force has been particularly active with air drills—some very low-flying—over the Northern part of the Tokyo conurbation.

JASDF: "Ours is not to question why..."
Today, while out doing some long-distance cycling in Saitama prefecture, I saw around twelve as-yet-unidentified fighter aircraft, around 20 Chinook helicopters (pretty easy to identify), about 10 large transport aircraft, and a range of smaller helicopters, all within the space of an hour in the skies beween Kawaguchi and Iwatsuki. I assume that this air armada was from the large Japanese Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF) air base at Iruma in Saitama.

The composition of the force—plenty of helicopters with fighter support—suggests a possible response to an attack by missiles or bombers on a built-up area, like Tokyo.

Such drills are of course part and parcel of any air force, and I have often seen other fly overs, but it was the scale of this operation and the frequency of similar operations in recent days that got me thinking that the JASDF is on a particularly high state of alert. It seems reasonable to assume that this is connected to fears of a war breaking out, connected to the situation in Syria.

As we know, tensions are high there, with rebel forces now cut off in Eastern Aleppo, Syria's biggest city. If Assad can defeat the rebels there and secure control over the city, then victory will be a lot closer. This, in turn, will mean growing Russian power in the Middle East. Not only is Russia's stock rising in Syria, but they already have favourable understandings with Iran and Iraq, and are conducting military drills with Egyptian forces, where the country's anti-Wahabiist leader General Sisi is particularly close to Putin.

Putin and Sisi, "Stronger Together"
In short, Putin has completely outmanoeuvred the idiots at the US State Department—handicapped as they are by Wall Street interests and the Zionist lobby—and is building up such a position of strength in the Middle East that the petrodollar and the politically weak Gulf monarchies must be in question. For the USA this is a serious problem, but there are also other factors that could be fuelling the evident desire for war.

Perhaps the main one is the insurgent campaign of Donald Trump. Despite the mass media engaging in 24-7 gaslighting and throwing fake scandal after fake scandal at him, Trump's campaign is holding together and recent opinion polls have started to put him ahead of Hillary again. And, remember, these are public polls run by unsympathetic organizations who want to use them as part of the gaslighting process to demoralize the Trump campaign. What Hillary's much more objective private polling is telling her is anyone's guess, but I would assume they paint an even darker picture. In short, the game is up!

Trump is no normal candidate. He is now on record as saying that he will seek to prosecute and jail Hillary—and who knows where opening that can of worms might lead—and his declared foreign policy positions place him much closer to Putin and Assad than they do to the Saudis and their friends in the US establishment, including of course the Bushes and their network in the GOP.

Things are really looking black for these old-gang politicians, and possibly the only thing that can really save them would be a limited war with Russia fought mainly with air power and TV stations. Only this could create a gut reaction, patriotic upsurge that could derail "Putin's friend" Donald Trump. Only this could alter the military outcome unfolding in Aleppo and lead to a healthier geopolitical situation for the beleaguered petrodollar. For, Hillary, with the prospect of prison looming, a neat, little war in the Middle East is just the ticket.

What Hillary craves therefore is some sort of humanitarian outrage that can then allow the USA to unilaterally declare a no-fly zone over Aleppo and much of the rest of Syria, leading to an escalating situation where American planes were then shot down by Russian forces or false flag forces posing as Russians, allowing America to unleash its full air power.

The hoped-for result would be (a) strong anti-Russian feeling, whipped up by the media using images of dead Americans, leading to a drop in support for the "pro-Russian" Trump, and (b) the sharp downgrading of Assad's military capabilities, giving America's allies—essentially elements of Al Qaeda and the Kurds—breathing space or the chance to become ascendant.

Hillary, bowing to the first guy in a tea-towel.
The second part of this would of course be problematic, as the rise of the Kurds is the one thing that could effectively unite the Iranians, Iraqis, and Syrians with the Turks, and thus greatly strengthen Putin's Middle East position. But if a short, limited, made-to-order "boutique" war—with a burst of convenient patriotism and electoral skewing—could be unleashed before November 8th, then maybe Hillary, with her failing attacks against Trump and her shaky poll numbers, could sneak into the White House, where she would begin the long, hard job of putting all her skeletons back in the cupboard—probably starting with a hit job on Julian Assange.

But war being war, it has a Pandora-like quality. The Austrians, when they issued their demands against the Serbians in 1914, had no notion that things would spiral out of control and lead where they did. At least the aerial manouevers over Tokyo that I witnessed today, suggest that some of the wider risks are at least being contemplated.

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