Friday, 28 October 2016


These people are literally breeding themselves into extinction.
by Colin Liddell

According to population projections, within this century, the population of Africa will soar from around one billion to over four billion. This means that it is projected to catch up with and overtake that of Asia.

Of course, we all know that that is unsustainable, and that African nations are completely unable to limit their excessive population growth in the same way that China, or even India, did in the late 20th century. We also know about the way in which excessive population growth is corrected. Hint: it doesn't taper off gently. Instead what you get is total system collapse on a massive scale. (Refer to the example of reindeer on St. Matthew Island, Alaska, for the likely effect this has on population.

Now, of course, higher functioning societies can cope with some of this overflow, but apparently some guy demonstrated the limits of this using gumballs.

And not only this, but there is obviously a clear and very potent correlation between an influx of Third Worlders and Europeans becoming "literally Hitler"—or should that be "literally literally Hitler" as the term has been somewhat devalued by misuse in the present American election? So, Europe attempting to suck up the population discharge of Africa, is hardly a winning strategy.

So, what is to be done before the swelling Black masses of the African continent are caught between the Scylla and Charybdis of a White (or partly mulattoized) Neo-Nazi Europe and a tumbleweed-n'-bone-strewn cannibal wasteland of environmental collapse?

The answer is simple: Send White people!

Here in the West (disclosure: I am writing this in Tokyo), we are constantly hearing about how great diversity is and how Third World immigration strengthens our societies, partly by increasing our culinary choices and partly by making up for our feminist-inspired low birth rates.

There is something to be said for this, as it is difficult to maintain our system of debt-driven economic growth on a falling population—and apparently bulldozing all feminists into a large lime-coated pit and awarding medals for mothership is still considered a deal-breaker under the modern social contract.

White people, the instant solution
to any overpopulation problem.
But if we need immigrants supposedly to top up our pension pots and keep London property prices high, consider how much African countries need their own dose of diversity too.

Without Third-World immigration we merely experience a gentle decline in population to the point where the present debt-driven economy breaks down and something more organic and healthier takes its place, with a concomitant change of values that allows it to grow again. In short, our decline heads towards self-correction.

Africa, by contrast, with its demographic trends, is effectively taking a very long walk off an extremely short pier. In short, their lack of diversity is effectively killing them.

The only way to stop this without intensively using chemtrails would be to promote mass White immigration to African countries to drive down the birth rates.

For example, take an African country like Chad, which is mainly dry grassland and semi-desert. In 1960 the population was 3,000,000 but is now around 14,000,000. With a fertility rate of 6.3 children per women, disaster looms. But if we sent enough low-fertility White people to Chad this would reduce the fertility rate to a steady state of 2.1 and possibly even into negative territory.

With Chadians producing children at three times the replacement rate, we would probably need to send four to five times as many White people; or, if we sent only liberals and leftists, who have a near zero reproduction rate, we could stabilize and even reduce the population trend with only 30 million White people.

As all people are essentially the same and interchangeable this would obviously fix the problem, and remind us once again that the diversity of our sameness is our strength.

With enough liberal tears even Lake Chad could be saved.


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