Friday, 28 October 2016


Those who believe in Providence will attest that it is a wondrous thing. Often it sees to it that our faults, shortcomings, and vices wind up serving the greater good, quite contrary to our intentions and expectations.

In such a manner, I believe, Providence might presently be working through Donald J. Trump, to all appearances a vain, egotistical, arrogant, imprudent, and irascible blowhard whose very character deficiencies are currently enabling him to take a heroic stand against unfathomable corruption and unspeakable evil, in a context in which men of a less problematic temperament might feel tempted to roll over, knuckle under, and plead no mas!”

Whatever actually ends up happening on Election Day, Trump clearly has no plans to lose. Should he wind up lagging behind in the officially-sanctioned vote count, this certainly won’t result in him conceding with “dignity.” A man like Trump, after all, sees no dignity at all in ever going down in defeat; if there is any hint of a chance to reverse this unwanted outcome, he will fight and claw like a feral beast to prevail over his enemies at all costs. If his options are exhausted, and it still seems that he can’t finally prevail, he still will never admit defeat in a “gentlemanly” way. His raging pride won’t allow him to cede even an inch to his adversaries, even if they have apparently beaten him. And if it looks as if he might come up short, he has no shame whatsoever about crying foul against a rigged system. 

A ferocious competitor and unabashed dirty-pool player like Trump would likely make such claims even if they were not manifestly true. It is a kind of miraculous irony that, with the gruesome realities being unearthed by the “unofficial,” non-gatekeeper media sources in recent weeks, the “rigging” charge is in fact dead on the money. Thus, in assuming a pugilistic posture against his beyond-corrupt foes, Trump is fighting the good fight, even if he may well be riding into battle for all the wrong reasons.

Trump certainly won’t be the least troubled or deterred by anyone declaring him a “sore loser” if he contests the results of the election. His psyche is totally inoculated against such taunts, because he simply doesn’t view himself that way, and he knows that he’s right about himself (while concomitantly never doubting that his detractors are wrong). Even should reality dictate otherwise, a man like Trump will always conceive of himself as a winner and will forever despise those with the temerity to try to compete with him or in any way dispute his indisputable greatness.

All of these traits are no doubt what has made Trump such an enduring media icon through the years, even if they are also what has rendered this uncouth multi-millionaire mook from Queens a thoroughly disagreeable and obnoxious character to many. If reports are to be believed, Trump has often exhibited somewhat less than sportsmanlike behavior during his career as a real estate baron, casino mogul, and high-stakes, high-end Manhattan businessman. He has forged shady connections galore, and has shared the company of (and even given praise to) some deeply dubious people. But the thing about Trump is that he doesn’t even care what you think of him; again, he simply thinks—or rather, positively knowsthat he knows better. Thus, he is largely immune from any barbs his critics would fling his way.

And it is this very self-serving propensity to compartmentalizeborn of brio, brashness, braggadocio, and positively malicious moxie-- which may well serve us all well, whether Trump ultimately succeeds or fails at becoming president. That is to say, it through his shameless indulgence in his naked egotism that we may well be saved from certain destruction.

For as badly as Trump has often behaved in his private and public life, the black-hearted, sociopathic ruling claque he now opposes has behaved far worse, and with utter impunity. As loutish a person as Trump might be, fortune has seen to it that this thoroughgoing lout has locked horns with the viciously depraved powers that control the political, media, military, corporate, and industrial establishments of the entire Western world. To beat a bastardly, murderous, Satanic system, Providence has, it seems, sent us a major-league shit-stirrer, a narcissistic self-promoter, and a royal son of a bitch. God indeed works in mysterious ways.


There is absolutely no evidence that Trump is any kind of principled man, much less an adherent to a consistent or coherent belief system. I think it fair to say that every cause he has ever championed, or is currently championing, is in all likelihood a mere stand-in for his never-sated ego. I sincerely doubt that empathy for the plight of the common man—the man he never had qualms about using, abusing, and finally burying, Khrushchev-style, in his business dealings- is what led him to run for president. Nor, for most of his lifetime, has Trump ever seemed to have a particular aversion-- personal, political, or otherwise-- to the Establishment against which he has so conspicuously declared war in the last few months.

Instead, if we examine the trajectory of Trump’s professional life, we see a standard well-heeled operator at work and at play. Here is a man, after all, who hobnobbed with the Clintons on many occasions, speaking highly of them several times; even going so far as to laud Bill as a “great president” while averring that Paula Jones, one of Bill’s many alleged sexual assault victims, was a “loser.”  Beyond this has forged numerous other unappetizing political connections, most recently ingratiating himself with Benjamin Netanyahu, whereupon he declared Israel a “wonderful country.” He has a history of befriending and paying high compliments to Manhattan billionaires of questionable morals (birds of a feather?), including weasley fraudster Larry Silverstein and  pervy pedo pimp Jeffrey Epstein, both of whom he has called “great guys.”  

Had history taken a different course, Trump may well have wound up an Establishment-favored candidate, spouting standard boilerplate PC-rhetoric, albeit in his tough, macho New York brogue. There is precedent for this: in 1999, Trump expressed disgust for then-Reform Party nominee PatBuchanan, branding him a Nazi sympathizer. As recently as 2012, he criticized GOP presidential aspirant Mitt Romney for being improperly callous to the sensitivities of illegal aliens. With this history in mind, styling himself as an America First anti-interventionist, pro-border security advocate is chutzpah bordering on shamelessness.

Yet sometime in 2015, this eternal opportunist recognized a unique opportunity. Ever the savvy businessman, he correctly gauged the anger in the white working class concerning illegal immigration and the creeping despair and poverty in numerous heartland communities due to globalist-oriented corporations taking their businesses overseas in search of plentiful pools of Third World cheap labor; he also saw that none of the GOP candidates dared to tread in this perilous territory, since they knew their bread was buttered from the pro-open borders Wall Street financier power claque.

Knowing that, given his vast wealth, he needn’t kowtow to anyone, Wall Street-affiliated or otherwise, he saw his opening, and took it. On the Ides of June, Donald J. Trump descended the Trump Towers escalatorto announce the Trump candidacy, and in so doing, stepped right into the midst a furious battle which would finally end with his simultaneous victory over and exile from the very Establishment of which he used to be a platinum-club member.

Being a genius of self-publicity, he worked the media expertly all the while, turning himself into a populist front-runner in the twinkling of an eye: a position he managed to retain all through the primaries and into the July convention, where he finally became the nominee, over the strenuous but ultimately impotent objections of his fuming Establishment-affiliated rivals in the GOP.

As we approach the finish of the general election season, Trump now finds himself despised by the power base of both Establishment parties, each of whom are now colluding, with the eager assistance of a compliant and complicit major media, to engineer the victory of a woman who more properly belongs on Death Row than in the White House.

Signs of a rigged, corrupt system are ubiquitous and unmistakable, from reports of ballot box indiscretions to recorded conversations in which Clinton operatives openly boast about committing fraud to Wikileaked emails from members of the Clinton cartel which reveal all manner of chicanery, including secret “off the record” fundraiser dinners with oodles ofsupposedly “impartial” members of major media outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post and the New York Times. Such outrages are taking place with the full connivance of high-ranking power brokers in both the Democratic and the Republican parties, who desperately wish to ensure the continuance of their reign at the expense of the pissed-off “peasants with pitchforks” who are now ever-more obstreperously chafing against the powers-that-(shouldn’t)-be.

It is my sincere hope that, win or lose, Trump will behave in a manner utterly lacking in graciousness towards his adversaries. Whether he becomes president, or barring that, a founder of a newanti-globalist media empire, as some have speculated might happen, I am rooting for escalating angry rhetoric and stridency of tone, bordering on what his opponents will surely whine amounts to “demagoguery.”

Under normal conditions, of course, I would deplore the absence of grace in a would-be statesman; likewise, under normal circumstances, I would like to see efforts at peace and reconciliation between squabbling factions following the conclusion of a tumultuous power struggle. Alas, the times in which we live are not in any way marked by “normalcy.” The hateful, homicidal soul of our despicable ruling class has, after all, been laid bare before our eyes. Our rulers actively wish us harm, and we must fight back with all resources at our disposal, by every decent means necessary.

If Trump can be our advocate, even if it be for purely egotistical and circumstantially-circumscribed motives, then his continued divisive “demagoguery” will be a welcome tonic indeed. Long may he rave!

Rave on, you righteous demagogue!

Andy Nowicki, assistant editor of Alternative Right, is the author of eight books, including Under the NihilThe Columbine PilgrimConsidering Suicide, and Beauty and the Least. He occasionally updates his blog when the spirit moves him to do so. Visit his Soundcloud page.

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