Sunday, 6 November 2016


Dear Friends,

Of all the many tasks involved in being an active part of the Alt-Right, the one I enjoy the least is rattling the tin/ passing the plate. But with hungry writers to pay and a few other necessary costs it is an unavoidable one. Luckily, among the big Alt-Right sites, our running costs are perhaps the lowest, and so donations to our site carry plenty of "bang for the buck."

But first a reminder of the vital role our site has played in the movement. Both Andy and myself were vital members of the first incarnation of Alternative Right, both as content generators and managing editors of the site. With its closing in December 2013, and Richard Spencer's decision to rebrand his metapolitical approach with Radix, the Alt-Right "as a thing with a name" almost ceased to exist.

The decision by Andy Nowicki and myself, therefore, to keep the name and concept of the "Alt-Right" going in those dark days proved to be a momentous one, as it now looks as if Donald Trump, a political outsider with good instincts, is likely to be the next President of America. This is definitely good news and would not have been possible without the arrogance and stupidity of the Left in choosing Hillary Clinton and the moral and ideological assertiveness created by the Alt-Right—a movement in which our site can claim to be the sole unbroken thread.

It's a risky business. This is how mild-mannered,
racial-egalitarian civic nationalists are treated.
But back to Trump. Although a victory for the civic nationalist billionaire represents a significant breakthrough in the struggle to create a healthy and self-perpetuating civilization, it is not on its own nearly enough to do this. Trump, despite his merits and good instincts, is still very much enmeshed in the degenerative and hegemonic values of liberalism and even those of globalism to some extent, and thus will find it hard to take the decisions necessary to do what must be done, while facing constant opposition.

More than ever there is a need for a moral, mature, and militant Alt-Right to maintain the ideological, cultural, and metapolitical pressure—and to steer our movement away from some of the self-ghettoizing excesses that its trollish, anonymizing, and "purity spiraling" tendencies lead it towards.

For this reason, we need to gird our loins, grit our teeth, marshal our forces, and continue the good fight, putting in greater efforts and supporting each other. In this spirit, I call on anyone who has nodded along in agreement with our content or who has been inspired by anything we have said or written to do the decent and "White thing" and "chip in" by clicking on the donation button below.

Chief Editor: Colin Liddell
Assistant Editor: Andy Nowicki
Associate Editor: Keith Preston
Contributing Editors: James Lawrence & Bay Area Guy


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