Tuesday, 8 November 2016


In this latest "Nameless" podcast, recorded on November 7, the day before "the newest MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!!! (and we really mean it this time!!!)," Andy Nowicki explains that the Presidential contest is in many ways a non-event: in fact, the true moment of psychic disruption signaling the onset of revolution has occurred during the extraordinary events of the last few months, wherein intrepid journalists like Julian Assange and James O'Keefe, among others, successfully exposed the rancid rot and conspicuous corruption of the perverted political ruling class and the shameless "Mockingbird" news-readers and propaganda-scribblers of the major media.

Now that we know the system is illegitimate, Andy insists, our only recourse is to resist it, whoever may be appointed the "winner" of this dubious, and obviously rigged, affair. So be of good cheer, and be defiant, because our would-be rulers have no clothes... and they're dying before our eyes.

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