Would you accept your first red pill from this suspicious-looking individual? Probably not.

by Newfoundlander

When I saw what went down at the NPI conference I was livid and distraught. I wasn’t personally offended; I read and enjoy this kind of thing on TheRightStuff all the time. I get that it is ironic and in jest, and I find it funny. I know that Richard Spencer is not a Nazi. I’m not livid because of some kneejerk offense reaction on my part, I am livid because of the damage Spencer has done to the Alt-Right.

When a ‘normie’ sees that, he most likely isn’t in on the joke. Given that this incident is now being covered in the mainstream media, normies are going to see it whether or not they were watching the conference. The massive protests (among other things) would have attracted media attention to the conference either way, but now the focus is going to be on those last few lines of Spencer’s speech. The rest of the conference, which might have had normies nodding in agreement, is being mostly overlooked. Take a look at what the NYT had to say about the rest of the conference (emphasis added):
And while much of the discourse at the conference was overtly racist and demeaning toward minorities, for much of the day the sentiments were expressed in ways that seemed intended to not sound too menacing. The focus was on how whites were marginalized and beleaguered.

One speaker, Peter Brimelow, the founder of, an anti-immigration website, asked why, if Hispanics had the National Council of La Raza and Jews had the Anti-Defamation League, whites were reluctant to organize for their rights. Some speakers made an effort to distance themselves from more notorious white power organizations like the Ku Klux Klan.
Believe it or not, Carlos Slim’s blog just said that ‘whites… [organizing] for their rights’ does ‘not sound too menacing.’ I’m also rather pleased to see VDare referred to simply as ‘an anti-immigration website,’ rather than a ‘hate site’ or some variation thereof.

Now you could argue that the NYT is just saying this to make Spencer’s comments seem all the worse, and that if Spencer’s stormfaggotry had not occured they would never have taken this almost non-demonizing stance. At the end of the day, though, the NYT is not who we are trying to reach. They would have still reported things that do not ‘sound too menacing’ whether they described them that way or not. In that article only two out of 41 (short) paragraphs (if I counted correctly) are about the rest of the conference. What should have been a great victory has become a major setback.

The way the Alt-Right wins people is by gradually exposing them to edgier ideas. I know many don’t like Milo, but I got my first exposure to the Alt-Right when I read Milo and Bokhari’s article An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right, and from Sargon of Akkad’s video An Honest Look at the Alt Right. From there I started reading VDare and AmRen, and now I’m reading TheRightStuff too (although I still find some of it a bit too edgy).

Remember even these TRS swaggarts started off as "faggy libertarians" who were breast-fed their first red pills from Stefan Molyneux's milky teats.
People who come to the Alt-Right (if I’m any indication) are usually a bit uneasy at first with ideas they have been taught to despise their whole life. Months ago, when I first started exploring these new ideas I was still cautious, and seeing Spencer yelling ‘Hail Victory’ back then might have turned me off. While I had been questioning what I had been taught about race for some time before coming to the Alt-Right, it took a while for me to get comfortable with my own thoughtcrimes. Normies have to be eased into this.

When I started hearing about the Alt-Right and their ideas from Milo and Sargon (the former being much more sympathetic towards them), they didn’t sound crazy to me. I was already an anti-multicultural conservative, and the Alt-Lite served the vital function of easing me into becoming anti-multiracial.

I think the most important step was seeing that the Alt-Right isn’t filled with Nazis and skinheads.

Call me an elitist, but having grown up in an upper middle class family I find street thugs of any disposition repulsive. The Alt-Right is a movement of mostly well educated and intellectual people. As much as the stormerfags might hate it, you’re far more likely to swallow a red pill handed to you by Jared Taylor or John Derbyshire than Andrew Anglin.

NPI conference?
Spencer’s antics also drew condemnation from people who the Alt-Right previously considered allies. Trump, who skirted around disavowing the Alt-Right after Clinton’s speech, has now not only disavowed but condemned us. Would he have done this from listening to Peter Brimelow’s speech? I doubt it. Spencer’s ‘Hail Trump’ (with the help of the Roman salutes) is obviously the cause of the disavowal. Given the media fiasco over Steve Bannon’s appointment, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Bannon was already trying to put some distance between himself and us, but now he is going to work as hard as he can to avoid being associated with us.

Spencer himself has said (on Red Ice Radio) "Altright’s ideas aren’t going to vanish because they slander me," and he is right. But what has happened will turn off normies.

Why couldn't NPI have been more like this?


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