Enjoying the election?

As I write, it's actually Tuesday morning here in Japan, so technically it's now election day, and as the Poet put it, "see the front o' battle lour."

Armageddon is here, with the unfuckable Whore of Babylon and her evil minions on one side and the All-Conquering Emperor of Kek on the other. Yes, in terms of edge-of-the-seat, white-knuckle-ride excitement, it's certainly an improvement on 2012's Rombama yawnfest in the same way that WWII was a marked improvement on the rather static and dreary WWI.

Like a lot of people, I was expecting Trump to have his nose so far out in front by now that the guy would be cakewalking while he barnstormed, but the tea leafs, runes, and flight patterns of auspicious avians still remain rather murky, and there is a sense that this one is going to the wire and ending in a garroting. Of course, that could be all media spin as so much dust and powdered shit has been kicked up by the MSM that you can't see the smoke and mirrors that they normally use.

My prediction is that Trump will still win. Even if the polls have been scientifically conducted and are accurate in reporting what people say from the comfort of their armchairs—something that I think is highly dubious—there is still a gap between what someone says in a cosy phone chat in the full knowledge that it is the sanctioned and "correct" view of the establishment and actually getting off his or her arse to line up with all the dead Democrats outside the polling booth. Let's call this the enthusiasm gap.

Well attended Clinton rally.
Voters reporting a preference for Hillary are going to have that preference in weaker intensities than those reporting a preference for Trump, while, of course, a lot of Trumpers aren't going to report their "deplorable" views unless they've had a few beers with you or seen you shoot a yard sign stealer. For this reason, Trump supporters are more likely to make it an act of faith to get to the voting stations than Hillary pollers.

Both candidates, as is usual these days, are running on a mixture of hate and fear. Trump has been portrayed as a pussy grabbing monster with a fake online university and an oversized ego, while Hillary has emerged as a warmongering quasi-Satanist in hock to the Saudis. However, the hatred and fear that the Trump voters feel is backed up by a long-simmering antipathy towards a system that they feel is pitted against them, a system in fact that relentlessly pushes the Overton window to a vista overlooking the darkest pits of Hell. In short, the hatred and fear of the Trumpers have deep and strong roots.

By contrast, the hatred and fear of the Hillaryite is much more like a sickly greenhouse plant, reared under the glaring light of compliant TV studios and nurtured with vile cultural chemicals like Amy Schumer. In essence, Trump is not as genuinely hateable as Hillary, and the fear factor is mitigated by the fact that Trump is more obviously seen as a peace candidate, thanks in large part to the good work of the Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Frau Stein, Wir danken Sie!
Yet, it is not impossible that this poisoned weed may yet prevail and choke out the grassroots movement of Trump. Sheeple, we know, abound, then there are the vested interests of the large and ill-defined welfare class. Also, the mass media still has a big influence on how the low IQ and elderly vote. If the old legacy media can pull it off for Hillary, it will be the biggest turd polishing exercise in history, but it will also be its last Pyrrhic victory over the new independent internet-driven media, in which case we can expect to see an even stronger attempt to shackle and stifle that ascendant media and prop up the dead Department of Propaganda.


But, although I am predicting a Trump victory, I must admit I have mixed feelings on who I want to win. If Trump wins, a number of things are possible. One, he fails miserably and then allows the Democrats back in, while in the process destroying the remnants of Cuckservative power. Essentially America becomes California. Two he succeeds a bit, and starts pushing America roughly in the right direction, so that what you get is a largely multiracial state with a conservative Christian bent and slowly increasing non-White population. Essentially America becomes Texas.

But, of course, Texas is only a couple of molecule changes away from becoming California anyway.

A third possibility, using the analogy of "hard Brexit," is that we get "Hard Trumpism," which would mean that Trump has actually been a closet White nationalist of some kind on the down low. Given the situation, however, even in this case he will be forced to work towards a stronger and Whiter America in a very implicit and indirect way.

In such a case he would still be unable to openly challenge hegemonic liberal egalitarianism, while at the same time he would be working towards maintaining and indeed strengthening the delivery system of those poisonous values into the global bloodstream. Yes, that is what America simply is from a macro-historical perspective: the cursed and demonic global delivery system of unholy and perverted values. America would become great again. The rest of the world not so much. And, then, just like in 1945, this would become the basis of a revived globalist system.

For a Trump victory to have a net global positive impact, it would have to be "Super Hard Trumpism" that lined Trump up with the hyperbole of his most radical supporters—yes, the Alt-Right. But we all know that is not going to happen, the same way that we know that Trump is not going to win the Hispanic vote as he once claimed.

Every vote counts: "Latinos" para El Donaldo.
The point that emerges from all this is that American greatness, while wonderful for a conceptual 1950s America of milk shakes, long cars, drive-ins, and barbecues, is not necessarily ideal for the rest of the World. The power collapse of the delivery system of egalitarian poison into the world's bloodstream is a more substantial good to root for, and in that respect, I feel instinctively that Hillary would push America to the necessary breaking point or turgid swamp of impotence.

Sadly, we live in an era of blind politics, where we have to stumble through bone yards and charnel houses towards the light, rather than mapping a careful, conscious, and humane path. But, with the collapse or containment of American power, there is every chance that some of the older and wiser civilizations can start to set the tone of a New World Order that pushes in the right direction.

Sadly the price we may have to pay for this is a President Hillary or whoever comes after the breathing space for "American Greatness" that I predict Trump will secure.


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