Wednesday, 30 November 2016


November was some month, with Trump winning as we had been predicting for months, and then the very controversial NPI Conference. We were already heading for another record-breaking month when the "Heilgate" incident happened, but this seemed to create even more interest in the Alt-Right and drive traffic to us. Therefore, along with all our justifiable criticisms of Richard, we should also thank him for that. We just hope that the long-term damage isn't too bad, and that the right lessons are learned. While fingers will be crossed, breaths will not be held.

We had a very successful fundraiser, with donations coming in from many locations around the world, including the USA (South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, New York, Wisconsin, California, New Jersey, and two from Maryland), Hong Kong, South Korea, Ayrshire in Scotland, and Manchester in England. This takes the pressure off us for a few months. We extend our heartfelt thanks to these generous individuals, and hope we may prove worthy of their kindness.

Now to the numbers! November saw our biggest jump in readership ever, from 216,594 page views to 330,403 – an all-time high. Our top five articles/ items were:
  1. RICHARD SPENCER IS NOT THE ALT-RIGHT by Andy Nowicki (8,421 page views)
  2. I DISCRIMINATE by The Enigma of Steel (7,912 page views)
  3. FAILURE AT THE GATES OF VICTORY? by Colin Liddell (4,854 page views)
  4. IT’S NOT ABOUT WHO’S IN THE MOVEMENT, IT’S ABOUT WHO’S NOT IN THE MOVEMENT YET by Newfoundlander (4,069 page views)
  5. THE PEAT PARTY by Brett Stevens (3,920 page views)
Our top five YouTube videos in terms of minutes viewed were:
  1. The Reptilian Ruling Class by Andy Nowicki (11,731 minutes)
  2. The Alt-Right and the Triumph of Trump by Colin Liddell (9,962 minutes)
  3. Paris and the Failure of the Cultural Death Camps by Colin Liddell (3,607 minutes)
  4. Bill Buckley and the Rise and Fall of the National Review by Colin Liddell (1,368 minutes)
  5. Podcast 50: Making Elections Great Again by Colin Liddell (959 minutes)
This month we had 4,933 listens and 258 downloads on Soundcloud, roughly similar to last month. Our top-five most listened-to podcasts for the month were as follows:
  1. Podcast 50: Making Elections Great Again (1,583 plays, 131 downloads)
  2. Nameless Podcast: Elections and Post-Legitimacy America (565 plays, 5 downloads)
  3. The Lion’s Return (474 plays, 8 downloads)
  4. Podcast 47: The Alt-Right Conquers the Universe (377 plays, 15 downloads)
  5. The Last ”Most Important Election Ever” (242 plays, 5 downloads)


On Twitter, @NewAltRight now has 2,183 followers with 201,800 impressions in the last month. @AndyNowicki has 322 followers. Our Facebook page now has 12,044 likes, an increase of over 500.

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