On November 11th, Alternative Right's Chief Editor Colin Liddell fielded an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit. Here are the questions and answers.
A still from one of Liddell's recent "Omega Man" inspired videos

What event or series of events red-pilled you into the Alternative Right?

Colin Liddell: Being born. Prior to that I was living in a wonderful Socialistic welfare state called the Womb. Then I met my brothers...More seriously I grew up (ages 5 to 11) in South Africa, then a relatively traditionalist White dominated state (no TV or porn), then came back to a Leftist dominated Britain with its various social problems. That gave me a strong rightist slant, but politically I had to wait for the rise of the BNP in the early zeroes to start seeing things in a way beyond my immediate situation.

TexasSecession: How long have you been around on the Alt-Right, white identity, white nationalism, etc scene?

Colin Liddell: From the start basically. I started to contribute to IDENTITY, the BNP monthly magazine, around 2005 or 06. I also wrote for CASTE FOOTBALL (under an alias) and RIGHT NOW, a magazine run by Derek Turner. He put me in touch with Richard Spencer and the rest is history, as they say.

14_right_0_left: Which have been your favorite stories and blog posts recently?

Colin Liddell: Obviously Trump's victory is a big one and has all sorts of fascinating aspects. I try to address some of them in my latest video: 

Reactionarytree: What do you think of the Trump victory? What does it mean for the US and what does it mean for Europe? What do the people in Japan think about it?

Colin Liddell: The Japanese hate and fear Trump. They tend to take Trumpian hyperbole at face value, and swallow US MSM narratives with just a dash of soy sauce. Also, almost no-one here except me and Random Yoko thought Trump would win. They are in shock. This is good because it will make them more friendly to Mr. Putin when he comes here next month.

My take on Trump is not fixed. One ironic thing is that he is actually America's first post-racial president (not Obama who was a racist so-and-so). Trump's "racism" is essentially that of the pragmatic businessman who wants the best people for the job and realises that America will only vote GOP if it stops going the way of California. To reverse rather than just slow down the negative demographic trends, however, would require a LOT of unpleasantness that would play badly in what is still soft country with a liberal/leftist media and SJW college kid class, egged on by big business interests. 60-40 I think Hillary's victory would have been better for us, which is what I said here.

AwokenSaxon: It's fair to say Trump has pushed the Overton Window significantly to the right during his campaign, and will continue to do so as President (man I liked typing that out). Do you think there will be a point when our views become mainstream enough to be a source of social value, ie could people who currently virtue signal via leftism become shitlords overnight for positive social reinforcement?

Colin Liddell: This is really hard to say. On its own, Trump's win will probably temporarily stabilise the decline of White America rather than turn it around. The Overton Window is a somewhat outmoded concept, tied to the era of mass media, before the internet. Rather than "moving" [the Overton window], what has happened is that there are now lots of little Overton Windows for different groups. There is also no mainstream, maybe a main brook, or possibly a stagnant river of apathy.

Our views will live if they have utility for people, and I see this possibility growing. The main contribution of the Alt-Right to this election was blunting the fangs of political correctness, but remember this is the election of a civic nationalist President who still believes in racial egalitarianism as an idea and Americanism as a loose-fit identity for almost anyone in a MAGA cap. Not a White Nationalist.

At the moment, America is still on a road that leads to a destination somewhere between Brazilification and Argentinization. That said, Trump's win will have interesting effects OUTSIDE America - elections in Europe, geopolitics - and those factors might then impact on America in interesting ways. There is also an economic shitstorm in the pipeline so plenty of balls in play and Trump's victory unleashes a lot of interesting energy.

SouthernPolarBear: I've always admired Japan's ability to remain a homogenous country culturally and demographically, but now with the declining birth rates many Japanese parties are urging for the government to relax its immigration policies. What is your opinion on this topic? What is the opinion of the average Japanese citizen on this topic? Also, how can we stop the same from happening in western countries?

Colin Liddell: Actually, in recent months, I've noticed a marked uptick in immigration, mostly from countries like Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, and some kebab, as well as a large number of fake Chinese students. This sort of thing sometimes happens in Japan, but it is always off the books. Abe is essentially a Cuckservative tool of big business and, at least in the Tokyo area, they want to keep labour costs cheap. Outside Tokyo and a few tourist towns, however, the Japanese economy is slowly withering under the effects of demographic Winter. Japan needs a real nationalist party to reverse these trends.

pilleaterYTMND: Colin, You have been to Japan and taught Japanese (correct?). I think it is really interesting in the Alt-right that there is an "Asian-love" or "Japanophile" nature to it. I was an Asian Studies major and might consider it for a MA. My Japanese is Ok. I think I read somewhere to you did a review, or had an interest, in Trevor Brown's art? He does remind of the extreme, sadist, avant-garde art of Mishima and noiseband Whitehouse. Some Alt-right themes in there.

Typical Trevor Brown
-Now, to the point of the question, what do you think about "the asian question" in the alt-right? Meaning, what do you think about white-male asian-female pairings and how these white males are straight up WN, alt-righters, or eccentrics? They can't just go back to their blue-haired fems and respect that in the white ethnostate. Where are they to go? Is it ok to have anime girlfriends that are real? And speak Japanese too?

Colin Liddell: I hung out with Trevor Brown a couple of times. His art is cool but essentially degenerate. As for the Asian question, I think it's actually a bit cruel to create mixed race kids. They often seem to suffer toxic identity issues. But, yes, White women, raise your game - cats and purple armpits are no substitute for a nice White man, even if he does belch and fart a bit.

Thefashy: What are your views on white men marrying Asian women?

Colin Liddell: Asian women have been unwittingly evolved to hack our White male sense of sexual attraction, but try to remember that much of this attractiveness is due to four factors - their neoteny, androgyny, thicker face fat, and more traditional upbringing. If you are attracted to Asian women you are essentially attracted to childlike boyish women with chubby faces, who love their daddy. If one's infatuation with Oriental women goes beyond a certain point, you are likely to create people with rather toxic identity issues. Short version: handle with caution.

1AmJohnGalt: I've only recently been drawn to the alt-right right because of my disdain for the leftist sjw types. I've always found it odd that the subsets of the left are ideologically opposed - homosexuals Vs Muslims, trans Vs feminists, etc. Since the election I'm starting to see infighting as each subset cries 'poor me'. What does the alt right need to do now to avoid ideological fracturing a decade away?

Colin Liddell: The Left is a hodge-podge of shrill victimhood used to distract us from the political and financial schemes of the globalists. Considering its function, the contradictions may well be there by design. As for the Alt-Right, there are a number of tactical and ideological differences, but I think there is a general underlying harmony because our ideas are based on objective and realistic thinking and aim towards ideas of health and strength. This is the golden rule in my opinion and anything that deviates from this should be critiqued. I gave a reasonably lucid exposition of these issue in this cosy chat with Millennial Woes from last Winter.

Cirqued: Its been said that all politics is local. How can the Alt Right organize locally so our ideas now infiltrate our local political offices?

Colin Liddell: Find issues that people in your town or neighbourhood care about, that have an Alt-Right slant. In Europe opposition to mosque building and “rapefugee” centers. In the US campaign against companies employing illegals. A certain degree of entryism is probably required.

Reactionarytree: Do you have any projects in the work? Do you have any improvements you like to make to New Alternative Right?

Colin Liddell: Andy Nowicki has published about 50 books - damn him! And I haven't got one. Would like to get a book or two out.Also, the Alt-Right is relatively naive about how economics works. I have quite a lot to say there, but it is a slippery subject and requires a lot careful writing and research.

Andy Nowicki: everytime he sneezes books come out of  these now legendary nostrils.
Reactionarytree: do you plan on moving away from blogspot?

Colin Liddell: It's worked better than I expected and is actually better than most other big Alt-Right sites. I always imagined that we would get shoahed at some point, and then we would have to go through all the trouble of setting up a new site and reposting loads of stuff. As someone with plenty of normie work I try not to create too many time sinks.


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