The dialectic of politics.

We on the Alt-Right are decent people, and what's more we can respect a worthy opponent, even if we disagree with her 1,488%. So, with the defeat of Hillary Clinton, we will remain gracious in victory.

We will not, alas, drag her out from some drainage ditch in a scorpion-infested desert and bugger her with knives and assault rifles until she is dead, as happened to one of her former political opponents. No, that's not who we are, America. Hillary can safely toddle off to her retirement home in the sure and certain knowledge that the Alt-Right―and President Trump―will magnanimously allow her to eke out her days in a halo of hairspray as the grande dame of what might-have-beens.

Indeed, rather than brutal vengeance, I would like to thank her.

Think about it: the great irony of Secretary Clinton's life is that she has ultimately been a force for good. With the election of Trump, America now has a chance―just a chance, mind you―of maintaining its cohesion (yes, that is code for "remaining a mainly White and civilized country").

It's early days, but, yes, Trump may live up to his promises―explicit and implicit―by building a wall, shutting down sanctuary cities, deporting illegals, ending the absurdity of anchor babies, and making it easier for hard-working American families (more code) to raise families.

Combined with other events around the world―the forthcoming Putin Bromance, Brexit, the possible election of the Front National in France, the demoralization of SJW's and their dysgenic narratives. etc., etc.―his election may be an important part of a possible peaceful restoration of the European race to its rightful place of global dominance and security.

I still remain skeptical, and think that the "rough beast" of our people's redemption will have to "slouch towards Bethlehem" to be reborn through a time of crisis, collapse, and epic violence. But if we can do things the nice way, all the better.

Trump's victory at least opens up a possibility of this. And who do we have to thank for this? Trump himself, of course. But, considering all the forces arrayed against him―the liberal left, the mass media, the majority Cuckservative tendency in his "own" party, the financial elites, etc., etc.―Trump's victory remains nothing less than a miracle.

In short, with his triumph, Trump has defied the slow, inexorable march of history in a certain specific direction that augured ill for us and the world in general. But he was only able to achieve this victory thanks to his opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It seems to me that almost anyone else would have had a much better chance of beating Trump, and given the narrowness of the victory, Hillary's complementary candidacy was a key and necessary condition for Trump's victory.

If Hillary had not stood, or had stood down due to health issues or Satan coming to collect her soul a few years too early, we would probably have got someone like Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders as the candidate. Not exactly Fourth-of-July-Fireworks in the candidate stakes, but there would have been no Wikileaks (maybe just a Wikidribble), no Bill Clinton rape-and-pedophile-island narrative to offset the "pussy grabbing" tape, no weird and twitchy body language, no grating sound of Hillary's harpy voice, no insufferable smugness, and no charisma-less rallies attended by a few busloads of paid attendees.

Without Hillary's hedgehog ball of bad points, Trump would have been swinging in the wind and would have been hit for everything he's got. He would have gone down fighting, but he would have gone down.

So, let us admit it here on the Alt-Right, that whatever Providence oversaw the rise of Trump through the ranks of the Great Cuckservative Party, a similar Providence also oversaw the rise of Hillary Clinton as the one necessary weakness―the Achilles' heel of the establishment―the foil that Trump could strike to such fatal effect.

In essence, without Hillary there could have been no Trump. So, as she toddles off into the sunset with the glass ceiling still ringing unbroken above her head, let us raise the dregs of the champagne we have drunk to Trump, and drink a final toast to the Hildebeast.


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