Even as the plight of Syrians continues to make headlines, Yemenis being decimated by Saudi Arabia arouse no sympathy. Well, I shouldn’t say no sympathy. Just recently, liberal interventionist Samantha Power decried Saudi depredations. How noble!

Unfortunately, there’s one little problem: America is the chief enabler of the onslaught, which is why most of the world thinks Power is full of shit; they recognize that American foreign policy belies her moral rhetoric. Of course, it’s always been blindingly obvious that American elites are lying when they wax eloquent about “human rights” and “democracy.” Instead, imperial interests inform their decisions. Why else would they make such cozy deals with the devil Saudi Arabia (or for that matter, the various other dictatorships they’ve propped up)? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to answer that one.

It also doesn’t take great insight to see that the American Empire continues to decline by the day. Whether it’s the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries pivoting to China (say what you will about the Chinese, but they at least don’t shed crocodile tears over human rights) or the U.S. losing influence to Russia in the Middle East, it’s abundantly clear the Uncle Sam doesn’t command the same fear or respect as before. This amounts to a double whammy for American neocons and other chickenhawks – including the esteemed Hillary Clinton – who are now recklessly promoting anti-Russian hostility. Needless to say, these hawks are nuts. Fortunately, such lunacy hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Similar to immigration, “free” trade, and other globalist sacred cows, growing numbers of people – here or worldwide – are rejecting our elites’ insatiable thirst for wasteful wars of aggression. Consider it yet another blow to the suicidal Invade the World/Invite the World paradigm. That’s why, as I’ve said before, regardless of how the Hillary vs Trump slugfest plays out, I am thrilled with how 2016 has played out. The current globalist, donor class platform increasingly lacks legitimacy, and fewer people will be fooled when the 1% tries to resume business as usual.

Instead, they will recognize that our decadent empire, like virtually every other diseased American institution, has no clothes.

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