Sunday, 27 November 2016


Americans are fine. No problem. They might lose their jobs for being Alt-Right, but they have a constitutional right to free speech and bear arms, so not much else can go wrong. And, let's face it, American antifa are mainly frustrated gay mime artists working as baristas and unwashed females with colourful armpit hair. It is quite a different matter in Europe, where you can be thrown in jail for all manner of subjectively determined thought crimes and where the antifa, while on the decline, are still capable of considerable violence.

So, spare a thought for Millennial Woes, who, following the unfortunate spin the media was able to put on the latest NPI conference, is now the subject of a witch hunt by elements of the Scottish and UK media.

What makes this surprising to many, but not to us, is that they should pick on Millennial Woes, who is one of the sanest and most reasonable Alt-Right voices out there. But of course that is the very reason they are trying to silence him. If he had been making the Alt-Right into an Anglinesque parody of itself, they no doubt would have thought twice before trying to close him down.

The only thing to conclude from this is that they fear Woes, and the reason they fear him is because of his enormous normie appeal. That is something they know they need to stop, especially the dying Scottish press. And so they have jumped on the opportunity given them by the latest NPI conference to launch an attack on him and, through him, on all of us.

It is important therefore that the Alt-Right rally round this brave young man and do what we can to help him out in his hour of need. There are several things that would immediately help:
  1. Donate. This will help give him the means to survive financially and stop pure monetary pressures and domestic considerations coming into the equation. You can donate to him at his YouTube page or through us. We will pass all the money on to him - plus 10 cents on the dollar.
  2. Give false leads to the media. The press have asked for information on Woe's identity and address. The more people that reply with false information that sounds plausible the greater difficulty they will have in checking out any real leads. So no Mickey Mouse names. This is a great opportunity for a Spartacus moment. You can email the Daily Record  at:
  3. Contact the newspapers in question and threaten to contact their advertisers with complaints of their frankly Gestapo-like behaviour.
On a more general level, this sad state of affairs reminds us how important it is to move the Alt-Right away from any attempt to Nazify it or besmirch it with Naziism, to which Spencer's close connections with TRS and his own aesthetic proclivities, along with an overdeveloped sense of irony, laid him partly open.

While ironic Nazism of the Daily Stormer/ TRS variety may or may not help to move some mythical window here or there, there can be no doubt that it has a deeply stigmatizing effect on White nationalism or European Identitarianism, and divides what is still a tiny movement from the vast numbers of people whose interests we serve and who should by the logic of events join us.

Nazifying elements within the Alt-Right, which certainly exist in our porous movement, also make it extremely easy for our enemies to justify totalitarian excesses and random acts of violence against us, because these were exactly the same tactics that the Nazis used. So, help Woes as best you can, while also thinking about how we can make the Alt-Right into the kind of movement that will be increasingly difficult to attack in every way.


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