Tuesday, 20 December 2016


German police diligently guarding a piece of tape.

Damn! I hate these terrorist attacks that have now become the "new normal." I hate them for the usual reasons—the horror and tragedy of perfectly innocent people, especially children, being mowed down at random—but I also hate them for more unorthodox reasons, because I am a White Inferiorist.

What exactly does that mean? Well, if you're in the Alt-Right and somebody who isn't knows it, there is a good chance they will call you a "White Supremacist" among other things.

White Supremacist? Don't make me laugh. The chance would be a fine thing. White Supremacy, at least in our own ancestral lands, would be wonderful. But, even in Trump's America and post-Brexit Europe, that's just a pipe dream.

Even aspiring to that is not even what the term means. The Left defines "White Supremacist" through their moralizing lens of false victimhood. For them—and almost everyone else—it means someone who thinks that Whites are supreme, not someone who thinks that Whites should be supreme. A very important difference that.

Now let's consider this further. What I happen to believe—and what events like Berlin drive home to me time and time again—is the fact that Whites, despite their many talents and virtues, are also inferior in so many ways.

And it's not just Berlin. Look at the pathetic way we responded to the systematic raping and whoring of our children in Rotherham. Where, I ask you, was the supremacy in that?

Look at the pathetic way we have reacted to every single terrorist attack of recent years—by accusing ourselves of "racism," begging random Muslims for forgiveness and hugs, and by letting even more of them in, because we really don't want to "let hate win." We do all this in the reasonably certain knowledge that the next batch, just like the last batch, won't adapt to our societies and will simply blame us for all the free housing, welfare, and affirmative action we lavish on them.

Germany now reaching levels of cucking
 that should not even be possible.
Right now in Germany they are giving them lessons in how to seduce German girls and for the ugly ones there are even plans afoot to stop them raping women, children, and family pets by hiring professional sex workers to service them. "Fake news," you say. Maybe, but in this mad world, today's "fake news" has a nasty habit of becoming tomorrow's new normal.

Let's face it Whites are simply despicable.

Look at the case of Richard Spencer. The guy was a little indulgent with sieg heilers at the recent NPI conference but did nothing else except put forward the tamest Alt-Right notions about aspiring to a country where our majority status would be secured. Taking their cue from the subsequent media frenzy, some Jews in his hometown of Whitefish decided that he should be attacked through his mother's property, and accordingly did so, forcing her to sell, and even pocketing part of the proceeds into the bargain.

What did the overwhelmingly non-Jewish White population of Whitefish do? Of course, absolutely nothing, or else they offered their services and support to the completely unjustified attack on the Spencer family.

You couldn't make it up.

Whites are talented people and have done great things in the past. We actually were kangz (and scientistz, explorerz, conquerorz, etc.) But, my, how we have fallen!

White Supremacy is a patently absurd idea in the modern West. Anyone with eyes to see must admit that the only Supremacy is non-White Supremacy. Every single non-White group knows exactly how to look after their ethnic and racial interest, the Jews of Whitefish being only the latest example.

Spencer: under attack
They organize, they back each other up, they donate, they put in the hours, and choose the weak points of their enemy to attack, be it the rental property of the mother of a White Nationalist or a Xmas market in a country that they wish to intimidate and colonize—and in that latter case they are fully prepared to risk their lives.

On our side, no one seems prepared to risk anything.

Of course, you might say that things are stacked against us, and they are, but then whose fault is that? Yes, ours. If you lie down like a doormat, don't blame people for walking over you. Our weak point is our individualism. This means that even in towns like Whitefish, (96% White) and countries like Germany (still overwhelmingly White) we end up being an effective minority, so that we can be easily bullied.

Any objective estimate of our nature, capabilities, and condition has to start with the fact of our own effective inferiority. From this, we have to then look at ways of compensating for this weakness, rather than resting on the absurd assumption of our supremacy and strength.

While it is justly humiliating being a White Inferiorist, it puts you in a much stronger position than being a White Supremacist. First and foremost because the former is true and the latter is false.

An atomized society is a dead society.
It also allows you to argue our case and interests more persuasively, as one of the peculiar weaknesses of our people is to build their own pride on attacking that of others in their group. Your fellow Whites love nothing better than to hear that you are a "White Supremacist"—that is why the word is bandied about so much—because it then gives them the opportunity to take you down a few notches by (a) reminding you of the sporting prowess of Blacks (or some other spurious non-White distinction), (b) mocking you for taking pride in the achievements of White people who are not actually you yourself, and (c) stating that you have a pathological need to feel "superior" to other races because of your own personal failings.

Either way, because of how our culture is now structured, they will have little difficulty in finding ways to attack your pretensions to White Supremacy.

The way to counter this is to simply admit the truth, and say that, far from being a Supremacist, you are in fact an Inferiorist, pointing out that Whites are poor, weak, feeble creatures, with a terrible deficit of solidarity and other necessary group survival characteristics, and that this therefore puts them at a tremendous disadvantage with regard to other groups. That is all you have to do, as your fellow Whites will run out of steam if they see you are not defending your false pride, and it may also get the wheels turning in their own minds.

Being White, they have a tremendous instinct to help the so-called downtrodden at the cost of their own interests. Now if we could just get them to see themselves as the downtrodden, that self-destructive instinct might actually become their salvation.


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