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The NPI logo on the hat had me fooled for a few seconds—was this an attempt to make amends for Heilgate? But this is actually an attempted "comedy" video by the publicly funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The message is twofold: (1) Whites (and other races) are going to be mixed down into a deracinated beige mass, and (2) This is incredibly funny because it'll piss off Alt-Righters, ha ha!

Of course, the humour doesn't work on any level. Even if one is a White-hating leftist liberal, who fully endorses the message, the only laughter evoked is the unfunniest kind, namely the harsh cawing of derision and scorn. What it boils down to is crass, unfunny propaganda exulting in White genocide, and you, the still largely White Canadian taxpayer, is supposed to pay for it.

But is there even any sense in the message, namely that we are all headed to the "beige horizon" mentioned in the lyrics, and is this, as the lyrics also attest, entirely natural and in keeping with the nature of things?

Well, to answer the second question first: If it were true, wouldn't we already all be beige and thus blind to all our differences? We aren't, of course, because the global beiging that the song celebrates is predicated on a foundation that the song makes no attempt to address—namely modernity and globalism—which in turn is predicated on White power, the very thing that the song is attacking. 

Race mixing is undoubtedly happening, but the song is blissfully ignorant of how it is happening. The pattern is very simple though: High functioning White societies, like Canada, built by Europeans adapted to the harsh conditions of the last Ice Age develop overactive economies that then create degenerate societies that are unable to successfully reproduce. (Note: I use "degenerate" here in a strictly technical sense, to merely indicate a society unable to maintain a birthrate of 2.1 per woman among its core population). 

Unable to reproduce, these societies, in order to maintain property values, customer and client base, and taxpayer numbers, then, with the connivance of the ruling class, suck in lower functioning populations attracted by the higher living standards they are unable to achieve in their own lands. 

This leads to two possibilities: the process is superficially successful, or the process is an immediate disaster.

In the first case, the incomers are socialized and largely adopt the values and lifestyles of the founders as they breed together. With the aid of technology, the new beige hybrid people is able to maintain the society and the turbo-charged economy of those whom they have replaced.

In all respects, except skin colour, this represents a continuation of the Canadian status quo.

The problem here, however, is blatant. The beige society, as a simulacrum of the original, has exactly the same problems that forced its forerunner to create it. It too is technically degenerate. This means that it too has to continue the process of topping up its population from the more economically unsuccessful parts of the world.

Sade: not the future.
In short, it never just stops at beige.

The arrow of demographic change swings irrevocably towards the most fertile populations on the planet, which, by some cruel jest of Fate, just happen to be the most corrupt and dysfunctional ones, and the ones that repress their women the most.

Finally, inevitably, all roads lead not to Rome, Ottawa, or Stockholm, but to Niger, the Congo, or Somalia.

But of course, they don't, because there is no reason to suppose that you can maintain the "global beiging machine" with the staff of a Sub-Saharan tribe, or even non-Europeans in general.

While a modicum of diversity probably economically stimulates an overly cozy all-White society like Canada by making its people irritated, uneasy, and Sub-Racist (motivating them to work harder to pay for their White Flight, for example), it soon reaches a point where it leads to ever greater dysfunction and eventually societal collapse. 

Even if staved off in the short term, disaster finally makes its belated appearance, and, when it does, the opposite of the beiging process kicks in with a vengeance. It will be a good bet that no one will be using public funds to make funny videos about that.


Here is RamZPaul's take on the video:


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