If you have not seen the video of MTV News’ “New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys”, here it is (prepare to be triggered!).

MTV News has deleted the video from their Twitter, but numerous copies are circulated, in order that this nauseating bit of anti-white agitprop may be preserved for future generations. The video went pretty viral last week and generated a lot of attention; but not for the reasons that MTV News had hoped it would. It was actually a disaster for them.

I don’t know how much you have followed MTV in recent years, but the network seems to have become a pretty aggressive promoter of anti-white propaganda. And while many of their previously produced videos have gained the attention of conservative commentators for their anti-white bias, this most recent video seems to have really jumped the shark. The new video was overwhelmingly criticized as ridiculous and racist by MTV’s own twitter followers and viewers. By the time MTV deleted the video it had over twenty thousand dislikes and only a few hundred likes. And it seemed that virtually every share or comment on the video was blasting it as terrible and racist – against white men! Wow! Can you imagine large numbers of people on the internet actually defending white men? This is why the video is so unintentionally fantastic.

The video features a cast of what appears to be MTV interns making their suggestions for what white men could “do a little better” next year. And of course every member of this cast of not ready for prime time players is a tired stereotype of the diversity group he or she represents. The lines appear to be scripted, and it is not hard to imagine what was as going on in the producer's mind. 

Hey white guys... this gal wants y'all to do better in 2017!
We start off with a stereotypical gay white guy to saying, “Hey fellow white guys.” This, I suppose, is intended to shield the non-whites that follow as they deliver their diatribes. And of course the video features the stereotypical black guy, who is supposed to be hip with his carefree and affable nature; his underlying simplicity and street-smarts are supposed to lead white people down the right path and realize that “White Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” are just “not a thing.” Throw in a few more non-whites with complaints and one more white guy to round out the cast. Then of course you have to have a pissed off Latina to make an allusion to Trump and a white feminist to really lay on the white guilt. Each character is basically a walking stereotype with no originality or characteristics that distinguish them as individuals of the group that each represents.

A pissed off Latina scowls in your general direction, white guys.
MTV News did not delete the video because they disagreed with it of course, or because this was a case of a few interns going rogue. On the contrary, the lines appeared to be scripted and this 90 second cluster-fuck of video was carefully produced and approved by the network. MTV deleted the video, not because they disagreed with it, or because it crossed a line, but because it was not working! 

Instead of shaming white men into being "better" (i.e., more compliant to politically correct correction), it was causing their own viewers to step back and say, ‘This is bullshit!’ The video was like a magician fumbling an illusion and accidentally giving away the secret of his trick. It was as if the magician was trying to levitate an object but the cables lifting it were visible and the trick was fully exposed, fooling no one. People are pointing and saying "This is stupid; I see the cable right there!"

But these “tricks” that MTV News is trying here are going on all the time; usually the “performers” are just more skillful and better able to craft their illusions. The audience usually cannot detect the trickery and is completely fooled by the illusion, thinking it is real. We don’t usually see the magician’s secrets so easily as they are seen in this video. 

Of course, to most readers here these tricks are all old hat. We know how they are done, and we recognize them as tricks in whatever form they appear. And they appear everywhere, from the classroom to the nightly news to the movie theater and television shows. But to most people these tricks are the real thing - this is their reality. And to these people, the mere suggestion that there is some mental sleight of hand going on right under their nose is likely to provoke anger and disbelief. 

 This is a conditioned response, no doubt. Because the greatest deception is accomplished when we are made to believe that questioning the deception is a nefarious or ignorant act. And this is what is so great about MTV’s recent video. If they can see how the tricks are done by watching a flawed performance like this, they will then be more equipped to resist being fooled again by masters at the art. So this is my “resolution” for white men. Let more of us learn from MTV’s work here. And it is up to us who see to help others see as well.


What follows here is what I hope more people can learn - or at least start to see.

I will list each of the six “resolutions” suggested in the video for “White guys” and then provide my own “resolutions” as to what each of their resolutions can teach us. And of course their “resolutions” are not really resolutions at all, but just expressions of contempt and a call for conformity.

These were their “resolutions”:
  1. Recognize that America was never “great” for anyone who wasn’t a white guy.
  2. Stop saying All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter – it is stupid and offensive to people of color
  3. Stop bragging about being woke.
  4. Learn what mansplaining is and then stop doing it.
  5. Don’t prioritize the well-being of an Ivy League athlete over the woman he assaulted.
  6. Never mention it if you have black friends and you are accused of being racist. Black friends or not; you are racist if they say you are.
My own “Resolutions” for white men are each based on each of theirs. As you go through these, I recommend that you go back and read each of their resolutions and then read my corresponding take home lesson for each one. Perhaps this is all very obvious to you – I hope so. This is basic stuff here. But they provide suggestions on how to talk about the video to someone who may not necessarily get it yet. 
  1. Recognize that there are powerful people in media and academia who generally despise you, merely because you are a white male. Not you personally, but the demographic you represent. They will therefore demonize and find fault with anything accomplished by the demographic you represent, and they look forward to a day when there are less of you around.
  2. Acknowledge that any group or movement that is not in complete harmony with their view of minorities being victims of white oppression will be presented as ignorant and/or hateful.
  3. Recognize that no matter what you do, the goalpost is always going to move and they will find fault – you are always to defer to non-whites, even when you are trying to express you are on their side.
  4. Recognize that to these people “feminism” is largely being used to create friction between white men and women, to create a larger coalition to oppose white men.
  5. Recognize that one method used by these people is to promote certain news stories and minimize others. If a white man so much as touches a woman inappropriately, the story will be promoted and racialized in some way. If a group of non-white men gang rape a woman, the media will try to keep it as a local story with as little coverage as possible.
  6. Recognize that to these people you will always be viewed as racist if you deviate from their approved views.
I've tried to keep the explanations brief above, because I assume the reader here is well versed on each point. A more effective discussion with someone less aware would of course be expanded with more detail and examples, e.g., "You know, if America is so terrible for nonwhites, then why do so many non-white immigrants want to come here?...." This kind of talk will usually get a hardcore liberal progressive pretty agitated. But with MTV's video providing a little grease to the wheels, you might actually get some of them agreeing with you on some points. Take it slow and be kind. "Don't you think this hyper focus on race in videos like this just makes things worse?" "Isn't this video really kind of stereotyping EVERYONE based on race and gender?" "Isn't this video kind of making white men scapegoats?" 

 The video is really something of a “Christmas gift” to us because of how poorly it was done. People see it for what it is. This is actually a bit of a trend I’ve noticed post-election in general. The anti-white/Western racism that has grown so prevalent on the left has become more blatant and easier for many who could not see it before to see it now. This video is the pentacle of this trend, and it has gone viral not for the message, but because people have overwhelmingly criticized it as hateful and racist. And once people see this as the anti-white propaganda that it is, they will begin to recognize anti-white propaganda more generally as well.

 After saying everything above, I believe I would be remiss if I did not leave you with one last point here. I want to be clear that, despite the psychic war waged against us, we must not develop a "victim" mentality. Instead,we need to be aware what is going on so we are capable of more accurate thinking and to avoid policies or actions that are ineffective or harmful to us. We should let our awareness energize us with determination, not lead us down a road of excuses. We must never sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. And we must not let our enemies define us. It is the sole responsibility of each of us to lead by example and obtain success in our own lives. And as we achieve success in our lives we should do what we can to help each other as well. This is a true resolution for white men.


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