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Pizza Kate: Katy Perry models a pizza-print onesie 

Many have derided the current #pizzagate conspiracy craze, calling it a sham, a "trap," a hoax, a "psy-op," and other, similarly dismissive epithets.

Among the establishment press—better known these days as the “Mockingbird media” or by the colorful German handle Lugenpresse, (“lying press”)—the true scandal of #pizzagate has nothing to do with elite child sex trafficking allegations, but with the promulgation of so-called “fake news,” a new and quite obnoxious meme hypocritically pedaled by the very gaggle of well-paid phonies and flatulent frauds whose rampant dishonesty has been so savagely exposed of late.

Yet it appears that #pizzagate is too legit to quit. Despite being supposedly “debunked” (I put the term in quotes because the said “debunking” has generally consisted of little more than declaring “Fake news, fake news, these charges aren’t true, these people are crazy, nothing to see here, folks, fake news, fake news!!!” as many times as possible rather than actually addressing the evidence assembled by researchers), #pizzagate is gaining greater traction every day. It has grown to the point where it’s even being mentioned in that quintessentially “normie”-attended world of network television.

Of course, it goes without saying that these mentions have been smarmy, mocking, and generally content-free. Still, the fact that these mainstream sources dare speak pizzagate’s name at all shows that they are aware of its formidability as a phenomenon. Even if they don’t wish to acknowledge that its adherents possess any vestige of credibility, they still can't afford to ignore it.

In other words... they’re afraid.

I don’t mean to suggest that everything being said concerning #pizzagate is true or even credible, of course. A good researcher must be discerning, as well as maintaining an ever-active bullshit detector; most importantly, he should refrain from making irresponsible claims that cannot be backed up. But the all-too common characterization put forward by lazy self-proclaimed, “skeptics” would-be "debunkers," and mediocre-intellected, to the effect that #pizzagate can be reduced to a silly claim that “Hillary Clinton is running a child trafficking ring out of a DC pizzeria,” is deeply disingenuous.

#Pizzagate is in fact, a broad gestalt of intersecting lines of inquiry, not all of which relate to the alleged nefarious doings at the Comet Pizza Ping Pong eatery in Washington DC, but all of which concern connections between prominent members of the American political establishment and criminal exploitation of children.

My purpose here, however, is not to delve into these investigations (I have already discussed them here and 11 Comments, and many others are vigilantly working on uncovering all things #pizzagate-related here.). Instead, I wish to share certain deeply discomfiting observations about the apparent esoteric symbology at play surrounding “pizza” when considered in a broader cultural context.

Put frankly, it now seems quite likely that "pizza" has long been the code word of choice for those among us who enjoy raping children. Armed with such queasy awareness, we are enabled to connect dots and make connections which had previously remained oblique, particularly as these connections relate to children groomed from a young age to become movers, shakers, and opinion-makers, who were quite likely molested, in every way imaginable, by their unscrupulous groomers.


Hollywood has been exposed as a nest of depravity, and a veritable playground for pedophiles in high places. Those exposed to stardom at a young age seem inclined to lose their minds, betraying many symptoms of abuse. Yet their abusers are hardly ever brought to light, enjoying as they do great power and influence in this fetid “swamp” that will seemingly never be drained. But now it seems that many of them have been trying to tell us something, if in a hidden manner.

Or perhaps in many cases, it is more typically these powerful perverts themselves who are smirkingly revealing what they’ve been up to. Let us begin with this music video, in which, as adorable tykes, the Olsen twins of Full House fame and a few of their friends sing enthusiastically about... pizza.

Note the seeming randomness of this little sketch. Why are the girls putting all of these inappropriate toppings on a pizza? What is being celebrated here?

Next, let us examine Macaulay Culken, most famous for his role as the cute little boy in the Home Alone series back in the early 90s. Culken, now fully grown, recently posted a video of himself eating a piece of pizza on Youtube, offering no accompanying explanation for this act.

Culken also recently started a novelty band called the “Pizza Underground,” whose schtick is to play Velvet Underground songs with a “pizza” twist:

Again, is this all just a weird and utterly random jest, signifying nothing? Or is the choice of topic deliberate, considering Culken’s own harrowing Hollywood experiences with pernicious predators?

Now consider that Miley Cyrus, who, after a long career as Hannah Montana, conspicuously flew off the rails three years ago and still shows little sign of regaining her sanity. It seems that she has developed a curious infatuation with… pizza, including having a bizarre pizza-print bedspread in her room. She even apparently fantasizes about giving birth to pizza:

Finally, observe this expose of Katy Perry’s video for her 2014 single “This Is How We Do.” (Perry started out as an adolescent Christian contemporary singer before, in her own words, “selling her soul to the Devil.”) The video features a dancing piece of pizza and in it, Katy sports a bathing suit with a pizza design. She also sprawls atop an, ahem, ping pong table:

The song seems to be a standard-issue tune about partying hard and having, yet the repetition of the lines “It’s no big deal… It’s no big deal… it’s no big deal…this is what we do!” are a bit cryptic. They almost sound defensive, in fact. Just what sort of behavior is she trying to sell as normal here? Considering the pizza and ping pong motifs, (and the fact that the words "It's No Big Deal" are even flashed before our eyes in pizza font) we might have a clue.
As seen in Perry's video: Pizza code for pedophilia acceptance?

Sprawled atop a ping-pong table. No big deal?

Also, it seems that Katy loves to hand out boxes of pizza to young girls at her shows, an odd and seemingly random act of kindness... but is it truly random, or kind?


The Olsen twins, Culken, Cyrus, and Perry all entered show business, where unbounded depravity prevails, scarring many innocents for life, if not outright killing them. And they have all made strange homages to pizza over the course of their careers, each in his or her own way.

Given that we now know what “pizza” represents to a certain perverse sector of our society, is the reiteration of this motif mere happenstance… or a repeatedly sinister instances of a kind of “revelation of the method” on the part of those who rule us?

Andy Nowicki, assistant editor of Alternative Right, is the author of six books, including Lost Violent Souls, Heart Killer and The Columbine Pilgrim. Visit his Soundcloud page.


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