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This is a comment made by RamZPaul's in the debate kicked off by Greg Johnson's latest article "Punching Right." Its particular subject is RamZPaul's suspicions regarding Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer, which are worth keeping in mind given the history of identitarian movements and the tactics used to subvert and ghettoize them.

It is my opinion that Anglin is either a Fed informer and/or funded by the ADL. Anglin acts as the front man for the Daily Stormer (DS), but most of the site is updated with anonymous writers. I had a female acquaintance who is friends with one such ghostwriter for DS.

The quality of writing on DS is quite good and funny. This is in sharp contrast to Anglin’s public interviews. As an example, listen to his latest interview on the Alan Combs show. To paraphrase Anglin, he is not exactly the sharpest shill in the shed.

The history of the ADL and the government funding false opposition is not limited to Hal Turner. Below is a site that lists some of the examples over the last 50 years:
It is important to understand that FBI informers and ADL shills are two separate categories with different objectives.

FBI informers are paid to provide tips of potential criminal behavior. A couple of recent examples of confirmed FBI agents (that was revealed in court) included Hal Turner and Brian Holland of the NSM. According to Mr. Holland, he was paid $80,000 a year to act as an FBI informant.

ADL shills are used to perpetuate the Hollywood image of Nationalists. This includes the usual Nazi imagery as well as over the top anti-Semitism. The Jewish lobby has spent millions of dollars to keep the Nazi brand toxic and, as such, they find it effective to associate Nazism with any sort of White Identity or Nationalism. The goal is to discredit popular and grassroots movements by associating such movements with Nazism. And to give the Jews credit, they have been very effective with that strategy over the past 50 years.

Common red flags of informants/Shills include:

  • Coming out of nowhere with the most extreme positions imaginable
  • Time in prison
  • Seemingly well-funded without the need to have gainful employment
  • Associations with sketchy people

I believe that Anglin fits many of these categories.

Just a few short years ago, Anglin was recorded saying that the "white race should be bred out." Of course, people do change their views over time. But it is very strange for someone to go from anti-White to extreme 14/88 overnight. Such a rapid and radical change is a red flag.

When Anglin suddenly appeared on the scene he started a web site called "Total Fascism." Once that site failed he started Daily Stormer. Initially he had a bio on DS where he claimed to have become a "neo-nazi" from bonding with Aryan gangs in prison. That verbiage was later scrubbed from the site.

If Anglin is an ex-con, that raises a huge flag. Many informers/shills are recruited from prison in return for a reduced sentence. Most serious political organizations would never trust a person once they did prison time. I had a friend that was in the IRA. He made it clear that the IRA considered all members who did time in a British prison to be potentially compromised.

The rhetoric of the DS is also the cliché Hollywood Nazism that was formerly used by Frank "Collin" (real name Cohen) in the 1970s and Davis Wolfgang Hawke (real name Andrew Britt Greenbaum) in the 1990s. As an example, in a recent flier that DS sent to random printers they advertised their site complete with swastikas and the claim that they were fighting for "Global White Supremacy." "Supremacy" is a well-known Jewish slur for any sort of White identity. Hardly anyone that is serious calls themselves a "White Supremacist." Yet another Red Flag.

If Anglin was released from prison (as he once claimed on DS) it is odd that instead of pursing a real job he would just go Hollywood Nazi. Unless you have some outside funding, it is quite difficult to make a living by calling everyone a "Kike." Yet that seemed to be of no concern to Anglin.

However, I must admit I was always suspicious of Anglin due to his prior association with a character named Mike Delaney. Delaney started the same time as Anglin with a very similar past. Delaney created a competitor to YouTube called TruTube. (Amazing that he got funding for that.) Anyway, Delaney stole one of my videos and put it on his Nazi video sharing site. I asked him nicely to remove it and he refused. So I filed a complaint against him to force him to remove the video. He got mad and drove to my home and threatened me (crossing state lines in such a manner is a Federal offense).
This was raised to a Federal prosecutor and he informed me of Delaney’s compromised past including brokered deals. The fact that Anglin was pals with Delaney (they were grinning together in a YouTube video) raised a huge Red Flag.

So can I PROVE that Anglin is a shill? No. But who could have PROVED that Hal Turner or Brian Holland were shills until it came out in court? You can only make an educated guess based on the evidence and patterns of behavior.

People can believe me or not, I don’t really care. But I do find it disheartening that the Daily Stormer was able to successfully co-opt the Alt Right as nothing more than a new name for Neo-Nazism. I was worried that would happen. But I am just one guy. What could I do to stop it? Only thing I can do is to refuse to use the label.

The Daily Stormer is funny and they have talented writers. However, they will always associate their Nazi/Anti-Semitic brand to try to discredit what is good for our people (Trump, the Alt Right, etc.).

Unless we can eventually have a movement that has a firewall that prevents such Hollywood Nazi infiltration, we will never get anywhere. We will just be the stereotypical Nazi clowns that the media loves.


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