Saturday, 10 December 2016


All Alt-Right sites get emails like this nowadays:
"For an article in my college journalism class, I am righting (sic) about the new movement of the Alt Right and what they stand for, not how the media depicts them. For this I was hoping you could answer a few questions about the Alt Right. This would be seen by my teacher only. It won't be published anywhere. This is just for my final."
Usually I am too busy to answer them, but occasionally, if there are not too many questions and things are a bit quiet, I sometimes shoot back some quick answers:

1. What is the mission of the Alt Right?
The mission of the Alt-Right is to create a space of objective rationalism, unclouded by Globalist and Leftist Liberal agendas, which are corrupt, manipulative, emotion driven, and destructively reductionist; and to allow the natural organic order of societies to emerge. This means placing more emphasis on race, culture, community, and gender as determinants of the social order.

2. How much has the movement grown in recent years?
There is no precise measure of this, but it has obviously grown at a tremendous rate despite constant attempts at suppression. Part of this is because there is an enormous ideological vacuum that only we can fill.

3. In what way is race important?
Race is important because it determines so much about how people act at a collective level. People of different races are simply not interchangeable. That said race is not absolute and economic and cultural factors can play an important part, but race is the paramount determinant of how a society behaves.

4. What do you hope to see President Trump accomplish during his time in office?
We hope that Trump will secure America's borders and help preserve the dominance of its core White population, as, without this, the country will fragment and fall apart in the same way that Yugoslavia did in the 1990s. We have already seen signs of this fate under the Presidency of Obama, and this may in fact be part of America's inescapable fate. We also hope that Trump will stop trying to export toxic American values around the World, as they have clearly caused chaos and destruction in many countries, particularly Europe and the Middle East.

5. What do you think about the accusations that the Alt Right is fascist?
Actually Fascism wasn't even Fascist - it was an opportunist hodge podge of contradictory ideas starting from anti-Slav Imperialism, republicanism, and anti-clericism, mixed with Leftist Syndicalism, that later compromised with the Monarchy and the Church. So your question is patently absurd.


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