Tuesday, 13 December 2016


No, really, stop it!!!!

by Daniel Barge

There is a spectre haunting Britain's political establishment, the spectre of Thomas Mair and Jo Cox, namely the spectre of a looming presence with nothing to lose and a reduced awareness of what he is doing, coming up at those awkward moments when Members of Parliament are forced by convention to interact with members of the public, and sticking them like a pig.

Every MP has these nightmare visions, and if they are well-informed they probably racially profile their own paranoia to see only Muslim assailants. But they also sense the anger among the indigenous and the lone-wolf case of Thomas Mair proves that the dangers can come from any direction.

But the interesting fact is that while many normal Muslims are capable of acts of extreme violence—there is plenty of evidence for that—it seems that only unhinged Whites are liable to act in this way, which means that any "political assassination" carried out by a White man is a de facto mental health issue. At least at the present day.

This is because Whites and Browns deal with the pressure-cooker stresses of multicultuarlism in different ways—sane Muslims, in full accord with a strong strand of their imported culture, go on jihad. Sane White people not so much, although you might have someone from Generation Pepe post a lame "Deus Vult" meme. And of course, many Whites like to LARP harmlessly—or even self-harmingly—as Nazis (although most swastika graffitti still seems to be done by rabbis, Leftists, and other Hakenkreuz illiterates).

Ban this now!!!!!!

This brings us to the recent banning of the supposedly dangerous terrorist organization National Action, an overtly Neo-Nazi collective of embarrassingly young merry pranksters, who some believe are actually state-sponsored, but whom the state, in the person of Britain's female Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has now taken the decision to ban:
A neo-Nazi group that celebrated the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox is to become the first far-right group to be proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the home secretary.
Support or membership of National Action, an antisemitic white supremacist group, will become a criminal offence under the Terrorism Act 2000, pending approval from parliament.
National Action has held demonstrations in UK cities with banners that say “Hitler was right”, and speakers have been filmed telling a small group of supporters about “the disease of international Jewry” and that “when the time comes they’ll be in the chambers”.
The group has also been filmed training supporters in hand-to-hand combat, and putting up posters across Liverpool and Newbury declaring them “white zones”. The slogan on its website is “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain,” which was the only statement given in court by Cox’s murderer, Thomas Mair.
After the order comes into force, arranging meetings or wearing branded clothing from the group will also be illegal, with breaches of the order carrying a possible maximum sentence of 10 years in prison or an unlimited fine.
As a side note, this also shows the danger of having female politicians in positions of power, as it makes banning things for "safety reasons"—fake or real—all the more acceptable to the public. But this ban is odd, whichever way you look at it.

If NA is a shill organization set up by Her Majesty's Government to play mind games with ethnonationalists and make White Nationalism look generally a bit fashy and scary to the Normies, then shutting it down looks pointless and contradictory. But, of course, that can be easily explained, as such an action therefore gives the group (now defunct) and the people associated with it (not defunct) a certain legitimacy and even a martyr effect in the eyes of the more radical side of British nationalism, thus enhancing rather than devaluing the Government's investment in infiltration and psy-ops. And similar groups can sprout up overnight like mushrooms.

If it is a sincere organization, then shutting it down looks rather heavy-handed because aren't terrorist organizations supposed to have actual blood on their hands and National Action have more puppy fat than shaving cuts. Their most famous action, after all, was a rather embarrassing "march through Liverpool," where they succeeded in being completely kettled, outnumbered, and roughed up behind a cordon of police. Hardly turning the nation's knees to jelly.

Thomas Mair the killer of MP Jo Cox has nothing whatsoever to do with National Action it should be pointed out, but then again that is the point. Rather than being a terrorist organization or even a potential terrorist organization, National Action is simply a group of Cosplay LARPers and IRL trolls, who have clear affinities with political masturbation websites like the Daily Stormer, which serve the dual function of both venting and discrediting White Nationalist urges at the same time.

Thomas Mair: Born too late to march
with Mosley, born too soon to be a
Stormerfag, born just in time to nearly
fuck up the Brexit vote.
Thomas Mair, as a 53-year-old unemployed gardener was the wrong generation to have that option. If he had been a lot younger and more online savvy, he could have joined up and worked off his impalpable White rage with a few under-attended marches, stunts, sticker drops, and cheeky tweets to Luciana Berger (helping to bolster the case for heavy-handed internet censorship). He could then post a few masked or Pepe-ed images on social media, looking all fearsome and fashy.

Through these essentially therapeutic but politically impotent actions, he could have reached a point of personal catharsis, instead of actual political violence.

So, is there a need for groups like NA in the political ecosystem? That is like asking do we need blow up dolls to get off in an age when we have infinite pornhub and infinite stormhub. There are lots of perfectly safe ways for young nationalistically frustrated White males to LARP harmlessly online, and maybe keeping everything away from IRL is the safest bet, but there is always going to be those who want to take things 3D—the stubborn realists who reject German Idealism—so groups like NA could still have a role to play.

Also, it's clear that the British government, with its close links to the Islamic world, doesn't like to ban just Muslim groups. Having harmless but spooky-looking groups of cosplay kids like NA to ban, allows them to "offset" the regrettable inter-ethnic unpleasantness of banning several hundred actual Islamic terror groups every few months.


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